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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Empty egg cartons (Mandeville) Gifted - I have about 20 empty egg cartons. Good for people with chickens, or for crafts. Pickup off Hwy 59, north of I-12, south of Harrison Ave. Offer: Bottle corks (Mandeville) Gifted - I have a plastic grocery bag full of used wine and bottle corks -- some synthetic, most actual cork. Good for crafting projects and other things, so I'm told. Pickup off Hwy. 59, north of I-12 and south of Harrison Ave. I will hang the bag on the front gate so you don't have to knock on the door. Offer: HOMEBREWERS: lots of empty bottles (Mandeville) - I have several dozen empty beer bottles (the kind without a screwtop, so can be used for homebrewers to put beer in and recap). Offer: Dozens of used VHS tapes (Mandeville) - Acquired dozens of used VHS tapes from an institution that is replacing all of them with DVDs. Many classics (Camelot, Lion in Winter, for example), some more recent movies (Braveheart, for one), some nonfiction offerings. I can send a list to anyone interested. Or you can just come by and dig through them, and take what you want. Offer: A big bag of T-corks (Mandeville) - I have a big bag of T-corks (maybe 100? I didn't count). All used, but in really good shape. They came from liquor bottles (scotch, gin, etc.). I use them to re-cork an unfinished bottle of wine, or to cork bottles of infused olive oil that I give as gifts. Take all or some. Pickup off Hwy. 59, north of I-12. Offer: Mediven compression calf hose (Mandeville) - One pair, never used. Closed toe, size III (13"-15 3/4" calf circumference). Camel colored (tan). Pickup north of I-12, south of Abita Springs, off La. Hwy. 59. Offer: Alternative feminine products (Mandeville) Gifted - Offering three different alternative, eco-friendly feminine products: 1. One box of 5 Instead softcups, in original sealed packaging. 2. One unopened (in original packaging) package of Sea Pearls / 3. An assortment of never-used GladRags. / You can take all, or just what you want. Pickup north of I-12, off Hwy. 59. Offer: 2 used bass drum heads (Mandeville) - I have two used 28" marching bass drum heads, clear acrylic. They are shot, musically, but could be used for art or science projects, or some other creative venture. Pickup north of I-12, off Hwy 59. Offer: 14 used 3-ring binders (Mandeville) Gifted - I have 14 used 3-ring binders (various sizes, although most are pretty wide). Most are in good condition, a few are a little beaten-up in appearance, but completely functional. You can take all of them or some of them. Offer: Used manila file folders (Off Hwy 59, north of I12, Mandeville) - About to recycle a whole bunch (Dozens? Hundreds?) of used manila file folders. Unless you want them. You can take all or part. Let me know. Offer: Glass bottles (Off Hwy 59, north of I12, Mandeville) - We have 2 large boxes of attractive glass bottles (wine and whiskey) that are up for grabs. Offer: Glass Bottles (Off Hwy 59, north of I12, Mandeville) - 36-40 empty wine and scotch bottles are available to anyone who wants them. Pickup off hwy 59, north of I-12, Mandeville Offer: Manilla File Folders (Off Hwy 59, north of I12, Mandeville) - Large number of used manilla file folders of varying sizes Offer: Empty Bottles (Off Hwy 59, north of I12, Mandeville) Gifted - I have a lot of empty wine and scotch bottles that I would love to give to someone to use rather than just dumping them in the recycling bin. Some of them (mostly the scotch bottles) are really pretty. Pickup north off I12, off Highway 59 in Mandeville.