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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Large sheet of MDF (Cooden TN39) Gifted - This was the back of a wardrobe and is cream on one side. 914mm x 2140mm x 5mm thick Offer: Double glazed glass panels (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Two units 555mm x 1115mm without frames Offer: Wine rack (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Wooden wine rack about 855mm x 400mm x 250mm deep
Photo of free Wine rack (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Sander (Cooden TN39) Gifted
Photo of free Sander (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Drone (Cooden TN39) Gifted - This drone landed in my garden. It is damaged but maybe good for spare parts.
Photo of free Drone (Cooden TN39)
Request: Sisal rope (Cooden TN39) Received - I am making cat scratching posts for charity so would be grateful for any sisal rope that you don’t need. Thank you Offer: Chandelier (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Two pendant light fittings- please see photo. You can have one or both.
Photo of free Chandelier (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Chair (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Two arm chairs with high seats and strong arms - please see photo
Photo of free Chair (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Spice Rack (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Wooden spice rack with 18 empty and clean jars - please see photo
Photo of free Spice Rack (Cooden TN39)
Offer: chair (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Parker Knoll wood framed chair - please see photo
Photo of free chair (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Metal shelves (Cooden TN39) Gifted - 6 Dexion shelves, 3ft x 1ft. Grey painted, no uprights Offer: Built in refrigerator (Cooden TN39) Gifted - 600mm wide refrigerator, working well when taken out.
Photo of free Built in refrigerator (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Range Cooker (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Freestanding duel fuel - gas job / electric ovens and hot plate 1100 mm wide. The fan oven works but some elements have failed. The elements are available as it is a Smeg, model SY4110.
Photo of free Range Cooker (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Drill stand (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Horizontal stand for electric drill. Please see photo
Photo of free Drill stand (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Soil sifter (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Rotary sieve, please see photo
Photo of free Soil sifter (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Workmate (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Black and Decker portable bench. A bit stiff but with some lubricant should be ok. Please see photo
Photo of free Workmate (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Rat trap (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Trap for catching rats. It does not kill them!
Photo of free Rat trap (Cooden TN39)
Offer: staple gun (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Black and Decker electric stapl gun. Please see photo
Photo of free staple gun (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Garden Hose (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Expanding hose, please see photo
Photo of free Garden Hose (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Plastic guttering (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Thin grey plastic gutter with a few fixings
Photo of free Plastic guttering (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Pvc door (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Door and frame 2100mm x 940mm
Photo of free Pvc door (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Door closer (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Heavy duty Newman Tonks spring door closer. This is for a large / heavy door or gate.
Photo of free Door closer (Cooden TN39)
Offer: Paint (Cooden TN39) Gifted - 1 litre basecoat and 500ml graincoat for creating grain effect on many surfaces. Unopened and has plastic graining tool in box
Photo of free Paint (Cooden TN39)
Offer: mitre saw (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Metal construction mitre saw jig with spare blades
Photo of free mitre saw (Cooden TN39)
Offer: paving slabs (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Slabs are about 450 x 450, some pink and others pale brown Offer: Vacuum cleaner bags (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Box of 5 Panasonic dust bags AMC-B1EP Bag type U-20E These fit upright cleaners models MC-E500, MC E40, MC-E50, MC-E400 and MC-E3000 series. Offer: curtains (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Two pairs of full length lined curtains plus pelmets if required. Beige in colour some fading on edges. See photos for detail of print. One pair is 2184cm deep, the fabric of each curtain is 3175cm wide but because of fixed pleats pair will fit window up to 5484cm wide. Second pair is 2184cm deep, the fabric of each curtain is 2565cm wide but because of fixed pleats the pair fit window up to 4540cm wide. You are welcome to come and see curtains before deciding to take them. Offer: White shelving (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Three lengths, slightly bowed and dirty as used as garage shelves. 12” wide, 2’8”, 2’11, and 3’4” long Offer: White aerial cable (Cooden TN39) Gifted - Two lengths, each about 12m long Offer: venetian blinds (Cooden TN39) - Two silver colour blinds, 1120mm wide x 1000mm deep. Please leave a landline if you would like them.Thank you, Vernon