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Free: Bosch Universal mixer - Used (and loved!). Works. Bowl shows wear. Scroll down to see photo. Lois in Fremont
Photo of free Bosch Universal mixer
Free: Booster Highchair Expired - Booster seat straps to standard kitchen chair Child can be buckled in Highchair tray slides onto arms of seat. In good condition See attached photo To address Covid concerns and as an alternative to unfeasible laundering, Freecycle Moderator suggested that I bag/seal this item and offer it as being bagged for a period of time. Per that suggestion, this chair and tray set has been bagged and sealed (with tape - no air exchange) since June 9. Will remain sealed for receiver to open. Lois in Fremont
Photo of free Booster Highchair
Free: portable fire pit Gifted - Square portable fire pit See attached photo 33 inches by 33 inches Stainless steel pan rests on separate square frame with legs Metal spark arrestor lifts off Small pan attached below center catches ashes (thru small hole) Lois in Fremont Free: small patio table Expired - Good condition See attached photo Metal frame with plastic top The top's diameter is 20.5 inches across. Lois in Fremont Free: canning lids Gifted - Brand new in-the-box canning lids (by Choice) for home canning. No rings. Eight dozen (96) regular mouth size Twelve dozen (144) wide mouth size I ordered them by mistake. Lois in Fremont Free: Rowenta iron Expired - Rowenta iron: Clothes iron in good condition except for a hole in plastic water reservoir - caused by sun-fatigue. (That side of the iron has been exposed to the sun coming thru a window for years.) I've used this iron (with water in the reservoir and duct tape covering the hole) to iron our clothes and for sewing projects for the past two years. Works well! Excellent for dry ironing, waxing skis & snowboards, crafts, etc. Lois in Fremont Free: Puppy Milk Replacer Expired - Seven unopened brand new 12 oz cans of Esbilac by PetAg. For puppies ages 2 days to 6 weeks. I received someone else's order - a Dog.com mistake. Lois in Fremont