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Request: Outboard motor (Woolloongabba) - Maybe 20hp if you can spare it please cheers thanks in advance! Request: Rope (Woolloongabba) - Hi I want very long, very thick, very strong rope if you have it please. Thanks heaps in advance Request: Solar Panels (Woolloongabba) - Anything it’s for topping up batteries cheers and thanks in advance pick up anywhere Request: Golf cart or electric go kart (Woolloongabba) Withdrawn - Any condition just want motor and controls but will take the lot Request: Bicycle (Woolloongabba) Withdrawn - For my 11 year old boy please Request: Timber (Woolloongabba) Expired - 90x35 or 2x4 (old language) or similar, soft or hardwood, lengths over 1800 will pick up anywhere Request: Boat, tinnie, pontoon (Woolloongabba) Expired - Any size, condition, will remove Request: Shade cloth (Woolloongabba) Expired - Large amounts, happy to remove Request: Shade sails (Woolloongabba) Expired - Any size or condition Offer: Work lights (Woolloongabba) Gifted - Halogen 1 bulb not working
Photo of free Work lights (Woolloongabba)
Photo of free Work lights (Woolloongabba)
Photo of free Work lights (Woolloongabba)
Request: 3 seater sofa (Woolloongabba) Received - Must be clean will pick up Request: Waterproof barrier (Woolloongabba) Expired - Large and flexible Plastic sheeting, underlay, lino etc wanted for green roof barrier. Pond or pool liner would be ideal. Happy to dismantle and take away. Request: Gas kiln or oven (Woolloongabba) Expired - Any size working or not. I’m converting it for bread baking. Pick up anywhere. Industrial size ok. Request: Bricks (Woolloongabba) Expired - As per photo please, and I need lots
Photo of Bricks (Woolloongabba)
Request: Fibre cement sheeting (Woolloongabba) Expired - Obviously non asbestos, any size above 1 square metre, so for example 1800mm x 600mm would qualify, and so on. Big is better! Thanks ! Request: Louvre windows (Woolloongabba) Received - Any size age or condition, with glass louvres. Pick up anywhere. Request: Timber (Woolloongabba) Received - Framing softwood, 2x4 or similar. Lengths 2400mm or more. I need a trailer load, happy to de nail. Pick up anywhere. Request: Computer monitor (Woolloongabba) Expired - USB connector and working please, with power cable if possible!🙏 Request: Bicycle (Woolloongabba) Expired - Mans bike please if you have one, very grateful, will pick anywhere Request: Plastic chair (Woolloongabba) Expired - Prefer white or red, lightweight lattice backed or holes in back please Offer: Ryobi electric mulcher (Woolloongabba) Gifted - Working fine never used much
Photo of free Ryobi electric mulcher (Woolloongabba)
Request: Drum kit (Woolloongabba) Expired - Any condition, with bass drum pedal, cymbals not important, condition not important Request: Galvanised downpipe (Woolloongabba) Received - About 2 metres of 90mm or 100mm galvanised downpipe wanted, with or without weather cap. Using for pizza oven chimney. Thanks Request: Firebox door (Woolloongabba) Received - About 250mm to 300mm square or rectangular, hinges or swing fitting, cast iron Request: Compressed fibro (Woolloongabba) Received - 1200mm square or bigger, must be 19mm thick or close to it Request: Hardwood pallets (Woolloongabba) Received - Good condition please they are for a pizza oven base and compost bins base Request: Draughtsmans tilt desk (Woolloongabba) Expired Request: voice recorder (Woolloongabba) Expired - handheld for my Son Request: Small golf clubs (Woolloongabba) Expired - for my 9 yr old son please Request: Microwave oven (Woolloongabba) Expired - anything that works