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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Scissors with patterned blade (Elmonica) - If you have a pair of scissors with a scalloped edge (one that cuts in curves instead of in a straight line), please throw them my way. Sharp ones are preferred as I intend to use them for fabric. If now is not the time to be crafty, then I do not know when will be! Offer: Pots, pan, and steamer (Elmonica) - A handful of non-stick cooking pots. To be honest I don’t recommend you cook your food in non-stick, but it could come handy for craft or other project. Also a steamer I don’t have use for.
Request: Berry plants (Elmonica) - There’s an empty spot in front of where I live and plenty of kids who could benefit from some freshly picked berries! Looking for small plants/off shoots of gooseberry, lingonberry, bearberry, currant, juneberry, etc... thanks fellow gardeners! 💚 Offer: Shells (Elmonica) - Manilla clam shells, fairly clean. Don’t smell too fishy, just smell of the sea 😁 Could be good for aquarium, chimes, school projects, and what nots... Request: Circular needles (Elmonica) - Looking for all and any knitting needles, but especially circular ones. Thanks! Request: Folding screen (Elmonica) - Hey all, have a folding screen (or clothes rack for that matter) to pass on? Would like to make privacy for upcoming guests. Thanks! Request: U pins (for hair) (Elmonica) - Hi you all, Looking for opened pins, which are very practical to make buns and other hair-dos.
Request: Kitchen cloth (Elmonica) - Hi people, do you have any cotton or linen kitchen cloths that displease you or that aren’t being used? I will make use of them! I do not mind some stains or rip, I am just looking for them to be sturdy and absorbent. Thanks!
Request: Florist wire (Elmonica) - Looking for basically any and all wire than is rather thin and rather malleable, preferably green, to make flower arrangements that last :) Thanks!
Request: Perilla Frutescens (Elmonica) - Looking to have some perilla growing so I can use in Korean cooking. The plant is also called Sesame leaf, beefsteak plant, shiso... Grows like a weed so a cutting is all I need really. Of course can use seeds and rooted plant as well. Looking for a green variety, not dark purple. Let me know if you can spare some or have seen it growing anywhere. Thanks!
Offer: Rug (Elmonica) Gifted - Roughly 9 by 6 feet. No tear. No bugs. No smoke. Simply hasn’t seen the light in a while...
Request: GoPro to borrow (Elmonica) - I’d like to make a small movie about farming in a farming environment, which is why I could well use a GoPro (or another camera of that type). Borrowing for a couple of weeks is all I need. I will be happy to share the video with you when it’s done. Thanks Request: Red worms (Elmonica) - Have the bin but no worms... Can you help me start up a small vermicompost on my patio? A few hand-fulls would be a wonder. I promise to treat them well! Offer: Foldable cane (Elmonica) - Really stable, it has a tripod type bottom. Great condition!
Request: Compost/dirt/sand (Elmonica) - As you can guess, I’m looking for soil for my pots. If you have any of the above, as well as peat moss and coco peat, in whichever quantity, I will gratefully come take it—or some of it. Thank you Request: Wooden chest or trunk (Elmonica) - Have any such a box hanging, unused, in your attic? I will come pick it up now!
Request: Ceramic flower pots (Cedar Mill) - Looking for simple flower pots of different sizes to fill up my concrete patio with greenery. Thanks! Request: Sewable press studs (Cedar Mill) - Hi there! Looking for a couple of press studs, or snap fasteners—those that can be sown. I’d like to close up a sweater with them. Request: pH strips (Cedar Mill) - Pretty self-explanatory, right? Request: Ikea screws (Cedar Mill) Received - Any simple Ikea screws hanging around? I’m looking for some of about 1 inch to 1/2 inch in length. Mine broke! Thanks
Request: Many colors of thread (Cedar Mill) Received - I am looking for cotton (ideally) threads of diverse colors to mend some garment. Any thickness and strength will be appreciated. Thanks! Request: Small wooden trunck (Cedar Mill) - I am in search of a wooden truck with a lid, ideally it would be 2x2 feet large and deep and around 1 foot in height. Thanks! Request: FLOWER POTS no plastic (Cedar Mill) - Looking for pots of all sizes and shapes to fill up my balcony. Request: Flower box for balcony (Cedar Mill) - Hi there, I am trying to start a little garden on my balcony with no budget. If you have any old flower box, preferably one that can hang, I would make good use of it! Request: Thin colored WOOL (Cedar Mill) - Hi everyone, I am in search of relatively thin, brown or bue (or else) wool to finish a slipper project. If you have any hanging around in your attic, let me know! Thanks Request: portable stool (Cedar Mill) - Hi everyone! My good friend does a lot of drawing outdoor and I would love for him to have a stool to draw in better conditions. If you have one to spare, you will make someone really happy. Thank you