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Offer: Bag of Postcrete (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Concrete for securing a post. It was new and unopened but has been in the garage for a few years. I opened the sack to see if it was still usable, which it is.
Photo of free Bag of Postcrete (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Drill press (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Drill press. Old but I think it's working and usable.
Photo of free Drill press (Sheddingdean RH15)
Photo of free Drill press (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Plant pots (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - 2 plastic and one ceramic (the one on the left). between 8" and 10" high.
Photo of free Plant pots (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Chest of drawers x 2 (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Old, suitable for storage in a garage. 24" x 24" x 12". Two of them.
Photo of free Chest of drawers x 2 (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Base for parasol (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Wooden. Slot the parasol into the base and tighten the screw and hey presto, you're all set for an afternoon's snooze.... ;)
Photo of free Base for parasol (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Pasting table (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Old but works fine.
Photo of free Pasting table (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Chest of drawers x 2 (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - Old, suitable for storage in a garage. 24" x 24" x 12". Two of them. Offer: Waterproof trousers (Sheddingdean RH15) Expired - Old and slightly tatty but fine for walking in. Slightly padded for extra warmth. Waist 30", inside leg 29" Offer: "Bike" motorcycling magazines (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - 15 old copies from 2017 and 2018. Offer: Bubblewrap (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - Small quantity Offer: Three left-handed black leather gloves (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - If you've only got right-handed ones left, this one's for you!
Photo of free Three left-handed black leather gloves (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Headset and microphone (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - For gaming?? They need the little spongy covers on the earpieces.
Photo of free Headset and microphone (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Japonicas (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - My japonica tree has produced a bumper crop this year but I don't have the time to do anything with them. They're a type of quince, you can't eat them but you can make a jelly; I made apple and japonica jelly a couple of years ago, it's very sharp and you eat it with a cheese board. I'd love to give them all to someone who'll make use of them. Offer: Headphones and mic (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - For gaming? Needs the little sponge pads on the earpieces.
Photo of free Headphones and mic (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Black leather gloves x 3 - all left-handed (Sheddingdean RH15) Withdrawn - ...because I've lost the right hands :
Photo of free Black leather gloves x 3 - all left-handed (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Coloured shampoo (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - I've decided to embrace the grey so am passing on two bottle of Superdrug coloured shampoo. They give a coloured tint, they don't entirely get rid of the grey but cover it up a bit. Wash in, lasts for about 3 washes. Copper gold and warm brown.
Photo of free Coloured shampoo (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: 8 small glass bottles with lids (Sheddingdean RH15) Expired - 5ins high.
Photo of free 8 small glass bottles with lids (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Fancy glass jar with stopper (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - 7ins tall. For storage.
Photo of free Fancy glass jar with stopper (Sheddingdean RH15)
Request: Small quantity black gloss paint (Sheddingdean RH15) Received - I have a very small job and need a very small quantity of black gloss paint suitable for wood. The dog end of a larger can would probably be fine if it's in usable condition. Thanks! Offer: Motorcycle gloves (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - One pair: man's (XL). Black leather, Helsapor make. Marked "windproof, waterproof, breathable"; old but in good condition. The other pair is ladies (Small/Med, I'm guessing). Old (gauntlet style) and stitched in places but thick, warm and protective. Would do for occasional pillion use.
Photo of free Motorcycle gloves (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Headphones with mic (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Stereo input.
Photo of free Headphones with mic (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Bubble wrap (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Five medium sized sheets. Offer: Christmas tree (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - 4ft high. Its branches are a little wonky but I've mended them with some string. Offer: Cutlery canteen (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Old wood veneer canteen for cutlery. It's broken, I'm afraid, but could be mended and/or possibly turned into a nice wooden case for something.
Photo of free Cutlery canteen (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Leather jacket (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Ladies, 36". Well-used for that street-cred look.... BUT - the main zip is broken and will need to be replaced. All other zips and buckles are fine.
Photo of free Leather jacket (Sheddingdean RH15)
Offer: Small dessert glasses (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - 7 small glass jars suitable for desserts. 7cm tall.
Photo of free Small dessert glasses (Sheddingdean RH15)
Request: Flagstones (Sheddingdean RH15) Received - Two or three flagstones needed - my front grass is becoming a mudbath where I have to cross over it : Offer: Old electric sewing machine (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Brother, treadle operated. The drive belt will need replacing as it slips on the spindle but the machine is in working order and comes with instruction booklet and accessories (different feet and an extended working surface). It's rather heavy. Offer: sewing machine (Sheddingdean RH15) Gifted - Old Brother sewing machine. Motor's working but the drive belt is stretched and slips on the spindle thing and would need to be replaced. Instruction book, other accessories, works by foot treadle, is rather heavy.