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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Orchid Potting Mix & Food (Wilmette) Gifted - Orchid potting mix and orchid food
Offer: Fire starters (Wilmette) Gifted - Fat wood fire starters. Made of pine wood. Use 2 or 3 to start a fire.
Offer: Interdental tooth brushes (Wilmette) Gifted - Interdental toothbrushes for between the teeth. For medium width gaps between teeth.
Offer: Tooth picks (Wilmette) Gifted - Interdental toothbrushes for between the teeth. For medium width gaps between teeth.
Offer: Soil meter (Wilmette) Gifted - New. Measures moisture and ph content is soil and helps you determine if plant is getting enough light.
Offer: Wool rug (Wilmette) Gifted - 5x8 rug with black, green and tan colors. Has one small bare spot where candle wax was removed. From a pet free home.
Offer: Shredder (Wilmette) Gifted - This is an Amazon heavy duty shredder. It works if you put papers in the center of the opening. Have to cut 8x11 papers in half.
Offer: Canon inkjet cartridges (Wilmette) Gifted - For printer models listed in photo.
Offer: Red Chinese food containers (Wilmette) Gifted - 25 containers good for making holiday cookie gifts.
Offer: Shredder (Wilmette) Gifted - Needs blades sharpened but it works. Paper is not completely shredded but it puts holes in it.
Offer: Spindrift Lemon Tea sparkling (Wilmette) Gifted - Tea and lemon sparkling water. I have 2.5 cases. I ordered the wrong flavor.
Offer: Grey tone paint samples (Wilmette) Gifted - Ben Moore samples.
Offer: 4 year old grill cover (Wilmette) Gifted - This is an excellent heavy duty cover. It is somewhat dirty but in good shape.
Offer: Duvet and shams (Wilmette) Gifted - Approximately 84“ x 84“ brown and white duvet and pillow shams regular size. I think they’re about a full or queen size. Good condition.
Request: Air O’Swiss Himidifier (Wilmette) - This humidifier actually works well but always says it needs to be cleaned and it has been thoroughly cleaned. Comes with a new disc and is from a smoke and pet free home. We got a new furnace with humidifier so we don’t need this anymore.
Offer: wood chips (Wilmette) - These are from a tree removal-Siberian Elms. Not dieased trees. Offer: cranberry colored rug (Wilmette) Gifted - 10 x 10 with some fraying around edges. Must be gone by Monday.
Offer: 10x10 rug cranberry (Wilmette) Gifted - Cranberry color with small white dots. 10x10. Some wear on edges.
Offer: Nebulizer for asthma (Wilmette) - 20 years old.
Request: Operation board game (Wilmette) - Looking to acquire the board game Operation. Thanks. Offer: Futon chair and couch (Wilmette) Gifted - White chair. Couch has green slipcover and blue floral slipcover. Solid wood frames and mattresses have cotton and wool filling. Couch is about 6 ft long and chair is about 3.5 ft wide.