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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Loudspeakers (Beverley HU17) Withdrawn - Pair of Speakers, aprox 44 x 28 x 19.5 ( been stored for many years!)
Photo of free Loudspeakers (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Typewriter (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Portable Typewriter with carry bag, seems to work OK but may need a ribbon as not used for a long time
Photo of free Typewriter (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Ring Binder Folders (Beverley HU17) Withdrawn - 5 x Ring Binders Folders, 3 with polypocket inserts. Would be good for school or college!
Photo of free Ring Binder Folders (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Camera Tripod (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Camera Tripod, old but in good condition, carry bag torn.
Photo of free Camera Tripod (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Slide projector (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Boots 2400RF Slide Projector with spare magazine - excellent condition
Photo of free Slide projector (Beverley HU17)
Offer: 6 x Document Folders (Beverley HU17) Withdrawn - 6 x Document Folders, 5 with plastic 'Polly Pocket type' inserts. 1 just with dividers.
Photo of free 6 x Document Folders (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Small Cabinet (Beverley HU17) Withdrawn - Small cabinet, began life as a Video Tape store but can accommodate CD's or DVD's. Approx size 60 W x 52 H x 32 D.
Photo of free Small Cabinet (Beverley HU17)
Photo of free Small Cabinet (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Panasonic Ink Film Rolls (Beverley HU17) Withdrawn - Unused Panasonic KX-FA55X Ink Film Rolls (pack of 2). Replacement rolls for Panasonic Fax/printer machines KX-FP81; KX-FP85;KX-FP151;KX-FP155;KX-FP181; KX-FP185 and KX-FM189 Offer: Baking Stuff (Beverley HU17) Gifted - 2 x unused Spring-form cake tins (24cm and 26cm); spring-form pan set (Rabbit, cake and teddy-bear); plus a 16cm soufflé dish.
Photo of free Baking Stuff (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Portable BBQ (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Small portable BBQ, never been assembled. Will arrange contact-less pick-up
Photo of free Portable BBQ (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Pressure Cooker (Beverley HU17) Gifted - We do not use this as it will not work on an induction hob so hope someone else can make use of it.
Photo of free Pressure Cooker (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Ironing Board (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Ironing Board in good condition and comes with new cover (right click and 'view image' to see all of the item). Collect from Beverley.
Photo of free Ironing Board (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Cat Bed/shelf/scratching pole (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Cat Bed as photo. We have shielded for 12 weeks so must have a contactless collect.
Photo of free Cat Bed/shelf/scratching pole (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Moses Basket(s) (Beverley HU17) Gifted - 2 x Moses baskets plus one wooden stand. From a virus free house as been 'shielding' for last 12 weeks!
Photo of free Moses Basket(s) (Beverley HU17)
Photo of free Moses Basket(s) (Beverley HU17)
Offer: 4 x Chairs (Beverley HU17) Gifted - These old chairs (utility furniture following the war) have been in storage for a long time so need a good clean or a paint job to smarten them up. I think they are made of oak.
Photo of free 4 x Chairs (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Rhubarb Plant (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Well established in a pot, grown for a neighbour who no longer wants it. Ready to plant in the garden.
Photo of free Rhubarb Plant (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Car Ramps (Beverley HU17) Gifted - Now getting past doing car repairs so my last pair of wheel ramps is available. Beverley area, first come first served!!
Photo of free Car Ramps (Beverley HU17)
Offer: Wheel Ramps x 2 pairs (Beverley HU17) Gifted - 2 x pairs of metal car wheel ramps surplus to requirements (sorting garage out!). Collect only from Beverley - can take individual pair or both!
Photo of free Wheel Ramps x 2 pairs (Beverley HU17)
Request: fire guard (Beverley HU17) Expired - Expanding Fire Guard to shield our Fire Surround