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Request: Parcel post box (Taunton TA1) Expired - hi it wanted as looking for box for postman put parcel in box if cant fix the letter box and with lock it thanks Request: Tall fridge/freezer (Taunton TA1) Expired - Wanted an tall fridge/freezer for my daughter as her gone and warm inside thanks Request: ford focus lx 1.8cc 1999 haynes manual book (Taunton TA1) Expired - It wanted as do anyone got an ford focus lx 1.8cc 1999 haynes manual book thanks cheer for my daughter due her front heater not working thanks and anyone got the heater fan motor ? Thanks Request: Old Hard Drives (Taunton TA1) Expired - WANTED: Old Hard Drives Any unwanted hard drives would be of much help to me for a personal project. and tell me what gb size its it got . Thank you Request: Small Chest freezer (Upper Parkstone BH12) Expired - want small size chest freezer not large size thanks. Asking for a family member in the area. Request: small chest freezer (Upper Parkstone BH12) Expired - wanted an small size chest freezer not long size one thanks Request: Clear plastic sheets (Taunton TA1) Expired - want an bigger clear plastic sheets thanks Request: Clear strong plastic sheets (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted clear stronger plastic sheet and strong ground sheet for greenhouse as don't want glass many thanks (Taunton) and 4 or 5 tier pvc greenhouse mini cover Offer: clear plastic sheet (Taunton TA1) Expired - it wanted want an clear plastic sheets could be from new bed etc and strong plastic sheet for greenhouse thanks Request: Hoover (Taunton TA1) Expired - Want any working hoover due my grandson his broken as Taunton Area thanks Request: Wanted: Stabs (Taunton TA1) Expired - Wanted: looking for Slabs for my daughter as Taunton Area thanks Request: double memory foam (Taunton TA1) Expired - hi do anyone not use the double memory foam for my granddaughter as she got sofa bed but need on top of it cheer thanks Request: Condenser tumble dryer or normal dryer (Taunton TA1) Expired - anyone got unwated spare working condenser tumble dryer or normal tumble dryer as my daughter her motor burn out and gone many thanks Request: Cot bed mattress (Taunton TA1) Received - anyone got unwanted cot mattress thanks Request: Wooden Chair (Taunton TA1) Expired - anyone want get rid of wooden chair, picture please thanks Request: outdoor electric cable (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted outdoor electric weather cable thanks Request: Carpet underlay (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted any underlay for carpet many thanks Request: gas regulator (Taunton TA1) Expired - want an gas regulator for BBQ many thanks cheer and photo of it too (Taunton) Request: Garden tools (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted any garden tools for my two daughter's and tall reach branch cut too Thanks Picture please too, Taunton Request: TV wall bracket 50" (TA1) Received - Wanted a swing TV wall bracket up to 50" if anyone doesn't want it, many thanks. Cheers, picture too thanks. Request: metal pole (Taunton TA1) Received - looking for 1 inch x 2mm up to 6 feet tall metal flat pole thanks (Taunton) Request: Belt sander (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted an belt sander thanks (Taunton) Request: Garden shed (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted an garden shed many thanks (Taunton) Request: Hose reel cart with telescopic handle (Taunton TA1) Expired - wanted an Hose reel cart with telescopic handle many thanks