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Request: Little Henry vacuum cleaner pipe (Anlaby HU10) - We have a little Henry vacuum cleaner just reversed the car over pipework squashed the plastic pipe flattened the metal pipe , if you've got one it would get me out the dog house with the wife Request: Power washer (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - Power jet washer working or not I prefer red with lance mine has packed up pump ceased up past repair May thanks roy Request: Electric cable for karcher window washer WV2 (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - Help ,HELP WV2 Electric mains lead for KARCHER Window cleaner went to clean window at daughter houseleft lead think builders have thrown away Can it must be WV2 lead CAN YOU HELP Many thanks for reading Still hoping some one has a electric lead for a Karcher window washer,WV2 Offer: York stone (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - Quantity of yours stone ,must be able to collect from Hessle Request: Electric fire coal or log effect (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - We are looking for a electric fire only as a focal point we have central heating but would like to stand a coal or log effect in the original fire place opening must be tidy and if it light up that would be good enough it dose not matter if the heating bars don't work it the focal point of the. Log or coal effect that wanted can you help can collect Request: Small compact living room chair (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - Looking for an Cream ,Brown Or Beige in colour any style to put in a small room. Can collect Many thanks Dot Request: Garden shed (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - Looking for a small garden shed to put 3 bikes in something like 6ft x4ft or 6ft x 6ft can do small repair and take down Many thanks Request: Top soil (Anlaby HU10) Received - If you live near. ANLABY and have 4bags of top soil I could collect. Must be local please contact me Offer: Walking Frame (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - This is suitable for inside and outside use it has a detachable tray clean and tidy
Photo of free Walking Frame (Anlaby HU10)
Offer: Walker (Anlaby HU10) Gifted - Ideal for elderly people to assist walking and when you want a rest in between it has brakes it folds down to put in the car. Place for you shopping good condition
Photo of free Walker (Anlaby HU10)
Offer: Baby High Chair (Anlaby HU10) Gifted - We are offering a baby high chair and a child's training potty a the high chair is clean and tidy in good condition, the potty is likely new Both fully cleaned with Milton onlygenuine mothers or mothers to be (no carbooters) Request: Wooden plaque with talking fish (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - I am more than desperate to find a singing fish that is on a wooden plaque It must sing Don't worry Be happy, this is for a bereavement it would be well looked after wanted for funeral on 12 December MAny thanks to all can collect please NOTE. only one with the song DONT WORRY BE HAPPY SANG.BY THE FISH **Message edited by moderator to remove mention of borrowing** Request: Small car wheel hub with or with out tyre (Anlaby HU10) Withdrawn - Iam looking for a SMALL wheel hub I want to make a Base for a swing ball so we can stand it on our concrete yard with or without a tyre, my friend made one ,so you can play with it when the grass is to wet, and it proved a success can collect any time Many thanks Dot/ Roy Request: space hopper (Anlaby HU10) Received - My grand son is visiting for 4weeks at xmas and wheniwas younger we had A SPACE HOPPER it was like a big ball with ears on and I would like to try and get one for him he is 5yrs old one of the best toys we got in our sack please have a look if you could help,please contact Dot they are a bit old fashion but great Request: High back wing chair (Anlaby HU10) Received - This is for my sister inlaw she is constanton oxygen she has very poor lungs and suffers from. COPD ,so we are looking for a compact High Chair with arm rests can collect anytime Thanks very much for reading this Offer: Wood fire suround (Anlaby HU10) Gifted - Brand new flat pack cream in colour free for collection before sat night, smarten up your home Offer: Fire surround (Anlaby HU10) Gifted - We bought a electric fire from B&Q it was complete with wooden fire surround small size and compact cream in colour never been out of box as we only needed the fire yours to collect Contact roy Request: Toilet (Anlaby HU10) Received - Can you help looking for a White toilet and cistern one with a pea trap-would help can collect ASAP-please email me ,need urgently Many thanks Roy/ dot Request: Electric oven (Anlaby HU10) Received - Looking for a electric oven must have control knobs on and in working order if you can help can collect anytime just email me this s for my nephew Request: Electric oven & hob (Anlaby HU10) Received - Looking for electric oven and Hob can you help must be working order maybe you are having a new kitchen fitted and have one you won't be using, If you only have one item it would help many thanks roy Request: Chest of Draws (Anlaby HU10) Received - My nephew has just got a house but needs some Chests of draws if you have ican collect as Iam retired don't throw away E-mail me thanks Request: External Door And Frame (Anlaby HU10) Received - Wood or plastic PVC. Any type would like to put in a passage along side house to stop access and protect privacy to residents hope you can help can collect e-mail me roy Request: Re Born dolls 1or 2-3 (Anlaby HU10) Received - Still looking for for large plastic dolls must be all plastic we can cut the cloths of cut their of any large plastic doll we need this for a care home for Alzimers patients if you have one ican collect Or if you ring me or e-mail me I will give the name of the home so you can take it down to them Please help if you can I have been round most local charity shops to no avail ask you friends many thanks to all Request: Re born dolls (Anlaby HU10) Received - I have now found out the name of the dolls Iam looking for they are called RE BORN Dolls Iam looking for 3 of these dolls if you have 1 ,2,3,of these dolls please contact me by e-mail I can collect or if you want I can give you the name of the home that houses people with alzimes illness and you can take it there yourselfthese dolls are quite large and you can cuddle them/. Will be interested in other large dolls that is fully made from plastic no cloths at all and we could cut hair off Please tell your friends ,looking inyour cupboards contact if you see any in charity shops have been round most.many thanks try helping people who have no life Request: 3 large dolls (Anlaby HU10) Expired - Iam looking for 3 dolls must be large and life like it for a care home for alsimers not fancy type so patient can cuddle them if you have one you can ring me I will collect OR ring me and I will give you the care home where you can deliver your self Only a large type doll no hair or cloths would be great but large enough to cuddle CAN YOU.HELP Ring Roy or dot for more information tel PHONE NUMBER REMOVED BY MODERATOR FOR SECURITY REASONS. or E -mail me Request: Wheel chair (Anlaby HU10) Received - Have you got a wheel chair that you can move yourself in light weight one and folding if possible urgently needed Request: Calor gas heater (Anlaby HU10) Received - Hi there my brother inlaw calor gas fire is broken have you got one you don't use he just filled his bottle and tried to lift into his kitchen over a step and bottle fell out and damage the fire and unit please have a look if you can help would be greatfull Request: Portable gas heater (Anlaby HU10) Received - Thanks to the chap who offered one but cost to much to put it right Still desperate mobile calor gas heater urgently wanted with or without gas bottle ,ask your friends ask your neighbour ring roy Phone number removed for safety reasons by moderator or e-mail Thanks for reading Request: Calor gas heater (Anlaby HU10) Received - Mobile calor gas heater,with or without Gas Bottle need one asap please Would be welcomed if you can help just broke mine by accident ,here is hoping thank to anybody who reads this tell your friends Offer: School trousers (Anlaby HU10) Gifted - 5 pair of school black trouses 30 waist size, Good condition should fit 13-15yrold ( no car boosters) these was my grandsons.