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Offer: Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD Television (Dobbsland BT38) Expired - Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD television in perfect working order. This is from 2007 and has an HD screen, but needs an external Freeview HD or Freesat HD box if you want to watch high-definition television. Remote and power cable. Include a reason why you need this TV! Request: Toilet Cistern Lid Only! (Dobbsland BT38) Expired - Hi All. I'm doing up a toilet at home and putting in a plain sink. The toilet cistern has a scalloped lid which is a bit 1980s for my liking and I'm on the lookout for a plain (commercial?) toilet cistern lid to match the sink. I don't want to replace the whole cistern if I can avoid it, so if any kind soul has a plain cistern lid of a standard size, could they consider donating it to me? I can collect from almost anywhere in NI. Thanks in advance Glenn Request: Obsolete or Broken Electronic Items (Dobbsland BT38) Withdrawn - This is my regular post looking for old and broken electronic items for spares, repairs, forwarding on and keeping out of the landfill or from polluting poor areas of Bangladesh and Nigeria. - LCD televisions, any size, no picture, no sound; - Old netbook laptops, tablet computers, smartphone; - Old computer spares, gear, vintage computers; - Anything odd or unusual! My repair and project blog is here (must update!) - Thanks in advance Glenn Offer: Carl Lewis Exercise Bike (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - In good order with variable resistance and electronic workout tracker. Collection from Carrickfergus. Request: Damaged Electronic Items, LCD Tvs Etc Antrim, Belfast (Dobbsland BT38) Expired - I'm on the lookout for more broken or out-of-date electronic items to repair, salvage for parts and tinker with. - LCD Televisions (no picture, cracked screen) especially with LED backlight because I'm running low on spare LEDs! - DVD players, set-top boxes, old Sky and Virgin boxes (salvage 500Gb hard drives from these) - Tablet computers, netbooks - Laptops - Radios, MP3 players, small electronic items I have a blog where I post my repairs and salvage here I do this for the fun of it, the satisfaction of making a broken thing work again (like Bagpuss) and to keep things from going off to China and Bangladesh to ruin their environment. I do not sell repaired items although I do give them away from time-to-time on Freegle. Thanks in advance. Glenn Offer: Plug-In Analogue Mains Timers (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - At least 3 analogue mains timers. These are the plug-in type that look like a little clock. Use for security lights, heaters etc. Collection from Carrickfergus. Offer: Dining Room Chair (Dobbsland BT38) Withdrawn - Dining room chair. See photo.
Photo of free Dining Room Chair (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Ikea Chair (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - IKEA chair, no covers but you could put a throw over it (IKEA no longer sell the covers for this type). The arms will be removed before collection, but I have the tools somewhere to reassemble it.
Photo of free Ikea Chair (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Four Radiator Thermostats TRV (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - 4 radiator thermostats, unused. These don't close off completely, they only go down to a frost setting so they didn't suit what I needed, but they might suit someone else.
Photo of free Four Radiator Thermostats TRV (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: HP Printer ink cartridges full set (Dobbsland BT38) Withdrawn - HP 933 XL set of 3 colur cartridges HP 45 black compatible cartridge Check if these fit your printer. Collection from Carrickfergus.
Photo of free HP Printer ink cartridges full set (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Canon MFC-640W Printer (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - I was given this printer on Freegle a few years ago and repaired a problem with the power supply. Since then it has worked well, but a few months ago the black printing went blurry and I wasn't able to fix it. It still prints really well in colour, has ink and a scanner and could be used as a colour photocopier. It is usable but can't print things like barcodes or QR codes because they are fuzzy and can't be read. Someone might have more time than me to sort out the black print head, could be something simple.
Photo of free Canon MFC-640W Printer (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Flat Screen LCD TV and Freeview box (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - I was given this television on Freegle a few months ago and repaired the backlight circuit which had failed. It is now surplus to requirements (for me anyway) so it is up for grabs. As it doesn't have Freeview I am throwing in an unusual set-top box shaped like a Toblerone bar (with Scart cable, power supply and remote) so all you will need is an aerial and it will be good to go. Let me know why you need this if you get in contact.
Photo of free Flat Screen LCD TV and Freeview box (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Camera tripod (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Sony camera tripod, probably from the 1990s. I was given this to repair, but never got round to it. It needs a new quick release plate because that's missing, but apart from that I think it is okay. Offer: Trouser Press (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - I was lucky enough to receive a bigger trouser press on Freegle recently so this one is going spare (my son just throws his school trousers on the floor. Inside out. With the pants still in them). Far from new, but works just fine.
Photo of free Trouser Press (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Body-board and Buoyancy Aid (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Cheap ASDA body-board going spare due to a holiday upgrade. The buoyancy aid (life vest) is a good-quality Triboard one which my son has outgrown. Good starter kit for a child up to about age 12.
Photo of free Body-board and Buoyancy Aid (Dobbsland BT38)
Request: Broken cordless drill 12v-18v Anywhere (Dobbsland BT38) Received - Hi folks. I'm looking for an old or broken cordless drill to make up a car polishing machine. I have a modified buffing head already made up, but the drill I was going to use turned out to be 6-volt so no use. One where the battery is missing or has died would be ideal as I'm going to wire it up to the car battery. Kind regards Glenn Offer: Vacuum and Steam Cleaners (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Oreck handheld vacuum cleaner with bags. Has a hose, strap to go over your shoulder and a long cable. Good for cleaning cars and so on. Also a Penguin small handheld steam cleaning unit for tiles, grout and so on with a bag of nozzles. Both work fine, I just don't need them anymore. Glenn Offer: Finlux LCD Television minor fault (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - 32-inch Finlux Television with a superb picture, HDMI and VGA inputs and a remote. I got the set off Freegle 3 or 4 years ago with a dead power board (bad capacitors), which I repaired, but it has a minor fault getting 5-volts to the control board so that changing channels, volume and menu settings is a bit sporadic. I was going to strip it out for parts, but decided someone else might want to have a crack at getting it working fully. It will require soldering skills to repair. Glenn
Photo of free Finlux LCD Television minor fault (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: LG LCD Television (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - 22-Inch LG LCD Television with Freeview in full working order with remote. The TV was wall-mounted for a few years and the original stand was thrown away, but I have fitted a stand from an old Acer monitor, so it is good to go. Glenn
Photo of free LG LCD Television (Dobbsland BT38)
Offer: Bathroom Scales (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Salter electronic bathroom scales, need a PP3 battery and a bit of a clean, but working fine. Offer: LED Uplighter (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Modified 1980s vintage up lighter. These originally used a 250W halogen bulb, but this one has been modified to take a 5W LED spotlight you can buy in Poundland for a pound (strangely enough). Request: Broken LCD Televisions, Tablets, Netbooks. (Dobbsland BT38) Expired - On trips to the recycling centres I have seen a growing number of LCD televisions being recycled, many of which must be repairable. If the screen is cracked then that's a dead one okay, but if none of the lights comes on or there is sound but no picture then there is a 50/50 chance this could be fixed using salvaged parts from other things. I'm on a mission to save a few of these TVs and see if I can get them going again as a challenge. I'm also interested in any other interesting old or broken electronics items like tablets computers, netbooks, anything really. All the best, Glenn. Offer: Aiwa Stereo Amplifier (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Late 1980s vintage Aiwa stereo amplifier. Model MX-90. Works fine, case a bit scratched. Looks like this one - Offer: Full length mirror (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Nice heavy full length mirror originally from MFI before they went bust. It has been carefully painted with grey chalk paint, but could be repainted or sanded down. Needs to be fixed to a wall. Offer: Two flat screen monitors (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - I'm coming down with these and need to make room so here are 2 15 inch LCD monitors in working order to go together. One is a Dell in black and the other is unbranded and silver. Request: Broken LCD Televisions (Dobbsland BT38) Received - On trips to the recycling centres at Carrickfergus and Larne I have seen a growing number of LCD televisions being recycled, many of which must be repairable. If the screen is cracked then that's a dead one okay, but if none of the lights comes on or there is sound but no picture then there is a 50/50 chance this could be fixed using salvaged parts from other things. I'm on a mission to save a few of these TVs, a 40-inch one for myself and any others I can get going I will put back on Freegle. I have a 32-inch one which is almost working and will go on Freegle in a few weeks if I can get it 100% right. I do not re-sell these and unfortunately I don't carry out paid repairs as I am not a qualified repairer with insurance (although I have a degree in electronics!). Here's hoping... :-) Offer: Goodmans Freesat HD Receiver (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Working fine, but surplus to my requirements. Has a habit of rebooting itself once while in use, might be a software update but I never figured out how to stop it doing this. Has a power supply and remote, but you will need a satellite dish (obviously!) and an HDMI cable. Offer: Computer Drives (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - 1 x 120 GB 3.5 inch IDE drive, security wiped and formatted for NTFS; 1 x DVD Rom Drive IDE; 2 x DVD R/W Drives IDE; All full-size drives for a desktop or tower computer. Offer: Kids walking boots size 3 (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Only used a few times, in good condition, but my son has outgrown them. Thick sole suitable for hill walking and trekking. Collection only from Carrickfergus. Offer: External 250 Gb Hard Drive (Dobbsland BT38) Gifted - Adapted hard drive enclosure with a blank 250 Gb drive installed. USB 2.0 and mains powered. Not state-of-the-art, but useful for back-ups. IDE interface and could be upgraded to a larger drive. Collection only from Carrickfergus.