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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Dog crate (Fairmont) - Looking for a large wire dog crate RUST FREE Larger than 30” Offer: Entertainment center (Meriden) Gifted - Back panel needs tacked back on in spots. Nothing structural. Tv available as well.
Offer: Entertainment center (Meriden) Gifted - Some loose nails that need tacking back in on the back panel, but nothing that stops it from being usable. Bottom two doors open and contain 6 cubbies. Tv available as well.
Offer: TV (Meriden) Gifted - 25” Zenith tube tv Pick up only Request: Milk crates (Meriden) Received - We’re moving out of state at the end of the month and are looking for plastic milk crates, ideally with the built in dividers, but in no way picky. Thanks in advance! Offer: Queen mattress and box spring (Meriden) Gifted - Moving out of state and don’t feel like renting a bigger truck just to bring them. No frame. No rips or giant stains. Available for pick up at the end of the month. Request: Mason Jars/ Canning Jars (Meriden) Received - Have a bunch of old mason jars laying around taking up space, in your basement, or in your garage? I’ll happily take them off your hands and use them to preserve food for my family for the winter. Request: Fruit (Meriden) Received - Do you have a fruit tree in your yard that is loaded down with ripe fruit that you just don’t want to pick? Hate seeing it all on the ground rotting? Peaches, apples, plums, pears, nectarines! I’ll pick as many as you’ll let me and put them to good use feeding my family this winter. If you’d like some of it canned or dried and brought back to you, I can happily do that as well after some negotiation. Offer: Books (Meriden) Gifted - Hard cover and paper back Dean Koontz books in various condition. A great start for an avid fan. Would prefer to give to someone who will read and enjoy them. Must go together! Pick up only- Meriden
Request: Canning Supplies (Meriden) Received - Looking for anything canning related. Old mason jars, cookbooks, pressure canners(NOT cookers!), jar lifters, headspace gauges, food mill, pectin, ANYTHING related to canning/food preservation. I’m actively learning how to preserve our food so we can be more self sufficient once our garden comes in. Request: Sewing Machine (Meriden) Received - Looking for a WORKING complete sewing machine. The one you bought or were gifted and has sat in your garage, basement, or hall closet for years because you were “going to learn eventually.” I actively sew, and lost my machine in a recent break up. TIA! Request: Fertility Books (Meriden) - Looking for Taking Charge of Your Fertility and any similar books on natural family planning. Request: Leather Working Tools (Meriden) - Looking for any and all leather working hand tools and supplies, leather included. Willing to travel. Thanks!!! Request: Sewing Machine (Meriden) Received - Looking for a WORKING portable sewing machine. Preferably something that can handle heavy fabrics. Request: Pet gate, ramp, dog crate (Meriden) - Looking for a large wire dog crate, ramp or two, and gate for our cat who had a stroke and can’t be allowed to climb or jump. Seeking a door frame style gate and a ramp for INDOORS so she can get onto the bed. If you have any of the above items, please message me. Request: Produce (Meriden) - Anyone with a garden and extra produce? I’m starting to can and am looking for anything and everything. Know that it will all be used personally for my family and not sold in any way. Request: Cucumbers&Other Produce (Meriden) - Looking for anyone who has too many cucumbers this summer and is looking to get rid of them. Will happily take other extra garden produce. Preferably anything but squashes. Request: Cucumbers (Meriden) - Looking for small cucumbers for pickling. Preferably leftovers from someone’s garden. Offer: Chicken (Meriden) Gifted - 6 frozen vacuum sealed boneless skinless chicken thighs and a 20oz container of fresh Perdue chicken liver. Nothing wrong with it. Bought for cat food, but cat refuses to eat. Request: Yarn (Meriden) Received - Looking for any machine washable yarn. Making crocheted blankets for shelter animals and their springtime babies.