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Request: 50 gal. drum for burn barrel (Douglasville, GA) - 50 gal. drum. Need 3. Request: Dining table (Douglasville, GA) - About 6' long, any kind/color wood (no paint please) at least 4 chairs (but need 6). Would appreciate in good condition. Thanks. Request: 6 five gallon buckets (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Color doesn't matter. Request: 6 drawer dresser (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Not sure about dimensions. Don't really care about color, as long as it's not been painted. Need to be sure that the drawers work well. Mirror on it would be nice Thank you! Request: Deck wood (Douglasville, GA) Received - Anyone redoing their deck? I will be happy to come get the wood you remove. Request: 84" long curtains (Douglasville, GA) Expired - I need 6 pair. They are for my back deck. Not real picky about color.... They can either match or compliment. I am having to take down the ones I have as they have faded. Thanks! Request: Pavers or bricks (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Any size, any shape, any color. If anyone is re-doing a garden or flowerbed since Spring is here ... if you are replacing your borders ... keep me in mind. I will gladly come get them. Thank you!🌺🌻🌼 Request: couch/sofa (Douglasville, GA) Expired - About 7', prefer beige, tan, or brown. Solid color or pattern. Do not want microfiber. Free: Sue Grafton books (Douglasville, GA) Gifted - I have A thru V ... all hardcover. I got them from a friend. I intended to complete the set but never did. I also never read them all. If interested ... come and get them.
Photo of free Sue Grafton books (Douglasville, GA)
Request: Gas grill (Douglasville, GA) Received - If anyone out there possibly buying a new gas grill ... please keep me in mind if getting rid of old one. The guts in ours have fallen apart. Brand doesn't matter as long as it works. TIA. Request: Acoustic guitar (Douglasville, GA) Expired - I know I'm probably reaching here but ... My son has fallen on hard times (been homeless off and on for two + years .. more often than not) he has a talent for playing guitar but hasn't had one to play in a long LONG time ... I would really like to get another guitar for him. Request: Swivel bar stool (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Metal leg swivel bar stool with padded seat. Do not care what color. Just needs to be in fair/good condition. Request: Gas grill (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Needs to be in good condition. Not picky on what brand it is. Just good working condition ... no rust. Thanks Request: Microwave (Douglasville, GA) Expired - In good condition, please. Request: Used stair stringers (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Anyone out there rebuilding a deck? I need stair stringers and a few good deck boards for a project. Thank You!! Request: Camping Equiptment (Douglasville, GA) Expired - Anything camping related ... Stove, lantern, chair, blow up mattress, 12x12 tarp, and/or small propane tanks for stove or heater ... It's for friend who is homeless. Any thing will be greatly appreciated. Request: Canopy (Douglasville, GA) Expired - 10x10 preferably with sides. Color does not matter. Just need to protect something from the weather.