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Offer: brushed cotton fabric (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - brand new brushed cotton fabric. Pink with hello kitty on (hello kitty wording is in different language ). this would be great for nightdress or pjs for little girl for winter. I have two one metre pieces and one three metres piece. Bought for another project but never used. collection wv11 Offer: large bag full of stickers for crafting. (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - large bag full of stcikers for crafting . Good for either children or adults. Cardmaking, pictures, fun play, scrapbooking, endless possibilites as every style in there from an old hobby . wv11 collection from porch no contact Offer: Bags of fabric (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Sorting my stash after being gifted some fabric. I have a few bags of different fabric , stretch, polyester non stretch and cotton. Some is very large pieces for clothing and others are smaller for clothing or crafting. Wv11 collection tomorrow Offer: Bags of fabric (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - I have been fortunate to be gifted some fabric and am therefore sorting out my current stash. I will have bags with stretch fabric suitable for clothing or any other projects and also non stretch and cotton which is,also suitable for clothing as,well as other craft related items such as bags, toys, masks, etc. None s!loving home but I do have two dogs so cannot promise pet free. Bags will be ready tomorrow for collection Wv11 area. Request: sofa bed or day bed (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - if anyone has a sofa bed or day bed (single) that they no longer need I would be very grateful please. thank you for your time and consideration joolz Offer: bag of upholstery style and canvas fabric pieces. (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - black bag of strudy upholstery style and canvas fabric. some large pieces , some smaller offcuts. great for crafting or making sturdy shopping bags. wv11 collection from porch Request: cobbles or similar stones for rock painting (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - if anyone has a small amount (or larger) of cobbles that we could use for rock painting i would be very grateful. after seeing these left around the local area when we went away we have started to enjoy this ourselves and plan to put them in local areas for people to enjoy as random acts of kindess. collection no problem thank you for reading Request: small amount scottish cobbles or similar for rock painting (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - if anyone has a few scottish cobbles or similar stones I would love them please. My daughter and myself have started painting these type of rocks (med - largish size) and leaving them around parks and places for people to find to enjoy as a random act of kindness. There are various facebook groups where these are enjoyed and it brings us closer together. collection to suit thank you for reading. Offer: Bag of fabric bits for crafting (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Bag of scraps and offcuts of different fabrics. Great for crafting . Wv11 collection from porch for no contact . Offer: Tess gerritsen books (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - Selection of books by Tess gerritsen. All excellent condition. Wv11 collection from porch for no contact. Offer: harlen coben books (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Selection of books by harlen coben. Six single titles and two with double titles. Excellent condition. Wv11 collection from porch for no contact. Request: Skateboard (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - If anyone has an old skateboard they no longer use or need could you please consider my daughter for this. She is hoping to kearn from her boyfriend and take it on holiday for them to use. Collection no problem Request: Small piece of carpet or flooring. (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - If anyone has a piece of carpet or lino etc approx 6 foot by 18 inches I would be very interested please. Collection no problem to suit. Offer: Mahogany wood bureau (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Great upycle project . Solid wood bureau with drawer and double cupboard underneath. Sadly flip down front missing but great condition. Housed a tv and games system but no longer needed. Outside 9 Fairview Grove for immediate no contact collection. Offer: James Patterson and Lee child books (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Apple box full of books by James Patterson.( Lee child books taken). In porch for no contact collection from wv11 1bz number 9 Fairview grove Offer: Photo paper for printer (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Carrier of photo paper packs A4 and 6x4 . All unopened and made by kodak. Collection wv11 Offer: Carrier of baby bedding (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Few fitted sheets for Moses basket and cot bumper Offer: Baby girl clothes (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Bag of baby girl clothes from birth to 18 months. Wv11 collection. Offer: Carrier of baby boy clothes (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Bag of baby boy clothes including sleeping bags from Newborn upwards. All freshly washed. wv11 collection. Can be left in porch for no contac t Offer: Baby girls clothes (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Bag of baby girls clothes from newborn upwards. All washed and clean. Contactless collection from porch Offer: Baby walker (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Excellent condition baby walker. Sit in type . Bright colours .cleaned with antibacterial . Will leave in porch for no contact collection Offer: Quilting book with templates (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - The complete book of quilting by Diana hill. Excellent condition with templAtes Wv11 collection from porch Offer: Sewing magazines (The Scotlands WV11) Gifted - Job lot of sewing magazines Wv11 collection from porch Request: Birthdays props / decorations (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - My father in law is 80 soon and the place we were having his party has lost the license. We have found a new venue but now have to sort everything out quickly. If anyone has any props or decorations they no longer need I would be very grateful. Thank you for reading Offer: mystery jigsaws (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - small lot of mystery jigsaws. the type that does not give you the picture but gives you a booklet story to read to work out what the picture might be. Loads of fun in this rubbish weather. WV11 collection Request: footstool or pouffe (The Scotlands WV11) Received - looking for a small footstool or pouffe please . Any Condition as can recover it . collection no problem . thank you for reading Request: Any cotton duvet, sheets of fabric (The Scotlands WV11) Received - I am currently working on pouches for the injured and burnt animals in the horrific use fires in Australia. These will be taken to a collection point when I have a few to be shipped over for their crisis. I have the patterns for them and a couple of duvets but need as many as possible so I can make all different sizes for the different animals. If you are having a new year clear out and new bedding please consider me for the old no matter what condition as these babies need as much help as we can give them. Anything considered as there is almost of fabrics suitable for different needs. I can give you more info if needed to prove this is real Thank you for reading . Request: overlocker for sewing (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - A big ask but if anyone has an overlocker machine they no longer use or need or maybe have upgraded for christmas I would love to be considered for it please. I sew for a hobby to ease mental health and nedical issues and this is my next item to get. Cannot afford new at moment so anything considered even if there is a fault as I could get it serviced maybe. Request: Padded footstool or pouffe (The Scotlands WV11) Expired - If anyone has a doorstop they no longer need I would love to give it a,new home. Any condition is find as I want it as a project to cover with some fabric I have. Thank you for reading . Request: Computer chair please (The Scotlands WV11) Withdrawn - If anyone is upgrading or recycling a computer type chair I would appreciate it. My daughter's has decided to 'retire' after many years of constant use. Thank you