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Request: Click laminate flooring (Penrith CA11) - We have just done our bathroom with oak coloured vinyl flooring , we are 1 strip short, if anyone has one going spare, thankyou Request: Single slat bed (Penrith CA11) Withdrawn - We have one but have lost the side bits, if anyone has one Request: Slimline dishwasher (Penrith CA11) - Slimline dishwasher if anyone has one they don’t need Request: Dressing desk/table (Penrith CA11) Expired - For 13 year old girl Request: Christmas tree (Penrith CA11) Expired - Fibre optic Christmas tree, Free: Carpet offcut (Penrith CA11) Gifted - 3.m 100, x 2m 300, but creased in the middle would need pulling out
Photo of free Carpet offcut (Penrith CA11)
Request: Mobile phone (Penrith CA11) Expired - My husbands phone had just died Request: Red Fascinator (Penrith CA11) Expired - Ian looking for a red Fascinator, I have looked everywhere, mg wedding is next week so getting desperate, changed my outfit , thank you Request: Slimline dishwasher (Penrith CA11) Expired - Ours has just broken Free: 2 light fittings (Penrith CA11) Gifted - 2 White light fittings
Photo of free 2 light fittings (Penrith CA11)
Free: Front Door (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Wooden Front door we took of the house, can’t find the keys
Photo of free Front Door (Penrith CA11)
Request: Chimney cowl (Penrith CA11) Expired - Chimney cowl please if anyone has one they don’t need Request: Double Mattress (Penrith CA11) Expired - Double mattress, in good condition please Free: Facial spa (Penrith CA11) Expired - Got this off here but then found mine as moved house
Photo of free Facial spa (Penrith CA11)
Free: Double mattress (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Double mattress, we have just got this off here, but do not need it now
Photo of free Double mattress (Penrith CA11)
Free: glass chopping board (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Large glass chopping board no longer needed
Photo of free glass chopping board (Penrith CA11)
Free: Pink Rug (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Pink light weight rug, washable
Photo of free Pink Rug (Penrith CA11)
Request: Large mirror (Penrith CA11) Expired - Large mirror for my daughters bedroom if anyone has one thankyou Free: Cowl for chimney (Penrith CA11) Expired - chimney cowl please Free: Small Aloe Vera plants 5 (Penrith CA11) Gifted - I split my aloe Vera plant, so 5 small ones if anyone wants them
Photo of free Small Aloe Vera plants 5 (Penrith CA11)
Request: Kitchen unit doors (Penrith CA11) Expired - Looking for kitchen unit doors for utility Free: 3 red cushions (Penrith CA11) Expired - 2 the same and one with Beige embroidery
Photo of free 3 red cushions (Penrith CA11)
Free: 4 burnt orange cushions (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free 4 burnt orange cushions (Penrith CA11)
Free: Red and cream cushion (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Red and cream cushion (Penrith CA11)
Request: Square of this worktop (Penrith CA11) Expired - Square of worktop to finish kitchen
Photo of Square of this worktop (Penrith CA11)
Request: Camper Van (Penrith CA11) Expired - To do Free: Stool (Penrith CA11) Gifted - Wooden stool, needs re covered, in the house when we moved in
Photo of free Stool (Penrith CA11)
Free: IKEA chair (Penrith CA11) Expired - Lovely little pink and white chair from IKEA , little faded on the arms but lovely little chair, could be covered
Photo of free IKEA chair (Penrith CA11)
Photo of free IKEA chair (Penrith CA11)
Request: Indoor window sills (Penrith CA11) Expired - We are looking for two white indoor window sills Request: Cowl for Chimney (Penrith CA11) Expired - I need a couple of Cowls for chimney pots if anyone has any