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Free: Kids soccer cleats (Hillsborough) - Size 3, just worn this season. Pick up near UNC hospital Hillsborough
Photo of free Kids soccer cleats (Hillsborough)
Free: Mulch/assorted toys/h-hold objects (Hillsborough) - (last pic)1.Mulch is wood chips (definitely leafy) from trees cut on our property. (1st pic) 2.Pre-K activity book (2nd...etc.) 3.Adult non-skid socks 4.Necklaces 5.Recorder with cleaner and book 6.Motor with spinner from summer camp project 7. Cabinet liner 12 in x 3-4 ft 8. International outlet adapter plug 9. Outlet protectors 10. Poppy doll missing a shoe 11. Scanner sheets 12. Puzzle where shapes are placed on picture 13. Ribbon 14. Puzzle 15. Rolling office chair 16. Whistle bath toy 17. Slip mat for bath tub/shower floor
Photo of free Mulch/assorted toys/h-hold objects (Hillsborough)
Photo of free Mulch/assorted toys/h-hold objects (Hillsborough)
Photo of free Mulch/assorted toys/h-hold objects (Hillsborough)
Photo of free Mulch/assorted toys/h-hold objects (Hillsborough)
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Request: Clothing for *really free* market (Hillsborough) Expired - Anyone up for a Spring cleaning clothing (and accessories) purge? New Hope Elementary PTSA is hosting a *really* free clothing market tomorrow, where families can bring clothes or take clothes. If you have clean clothes ready to pass on to new owners (all sizes) that you'd like to get to the market, please drop them at 902 Kennesaw Dr by NOON SAT. Please ring the bell so we can get them in to safety. Thank you!
Photo of Clothing for *really free* market (Hillsborough)
Free: Hanging lamp (Hillsborough) Gifted - Bulb included. It's kind of papery material and needs to be hung probably from the ceiling
Photo of free Hanging lamp (Hillsborough)
Free: Over range microwave - stainless (Hillsborough) Gifted - It's convertible indoor/outdoor venting model. Fits in 30 inch wide cabinet opening. Cross-posting on Facebook Buy Nothing page. Will randomly choose if multiple folks interested. Pick up near UNC Hillsborough.
Photo of free Over range microwave - stainless (Hillsborough)
Free: 2 Toilets, white 1.6 Gal w/ seats (Hillsborough) Gifted - Working order, but probably 10-15 years old. Color is white and a 1.6 Gallon tank. Sorry the pic has lids upside down. Seats came with new toilets, but we aren't using them, and they will fit these.
Photo of free 2 Toilets, white 1.6 Gal w/ seats (Hillsborough)
Free: Huge Mirror (Hillsborough) Gifted - Huge mirror. I'm attaching pictures of the wall it was on to hopefully help with scale. The 2nd pic is where it's stored, so you see the reflection of the garage wall. 3rd pic is the back side. We're trying to protect the good side. The only problem is that there's some spots at the bottom that were above the back splash that have lost the mirror effect to moisture. I don't think it can fit "inside" any vehicle except maybe a utility van. I guess there are places that can cut things like this, but we aren't in a position to pursue.
Photo of free Huge Mirror (Hillsborough)
Photo of free Huge Mirror (Hillsborough)
Photo of free Huge Mirror (Hillsborough)
Request: PK-5th Grade Books in Spanish (Hillsborough) Expired - New Hope Elementary is getting ready for Readathon next month! Books will be given as prizes to students for reaching their reading goals. Do you have any gently used books in Spanish appropriate for Pre-K-5th grade cluttering up your space? Thank you!