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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: "Justified" DVD Videos (Fairway) Gifted - DVDs of the series "Justified," starring Timothy Olyphant. Complete Season 1, 2 and 3. Three discs for each season and total of 39 episodes.
Offer: large envelopes & mailing labels (Fairway) Gifted - 10 x 13 white envelopes with pull-off closure strip (Quantity: 10) 9 x 12 brown envelopes with metal closure clasps (Quantity: 15) 2 partial packages of 1 x 2 5/8 mailing labels 1 package of 4 1/4 x 2 3/4 self-adhesive FROM/TO lined red/white labels Also one 3-ring binder (flexible black plastic) TAxjx
Offer: HP #61 toner cartridges (Fairway) - My HP 2450 printer/scanner/copier went kaput right when I installed a new, just opened black HP cartridge. I had to buy a new printer, which of course uses different cartridges. Will also provide the tri-color cartridge – not sure how much is left ink is left in it. Hate to see them go to waste!
Offer: Bubble wrap (Fairway) Gifted - Large box of bubble wrap would come in handy for shipping or storing breakable items
Offer: Patio umbrella framework (Fairway) - Squirrels chewed the bottom edge of the cloth umbrella but the framework is in good working condition. I still have the cloth, which could be used as a pattern to sew a new cloth cover. Not sure if there is any other use for it.
Offer: Chaise lounge cushion (Fairway) - Cushion with ties to attach to standard-size patio chaise lounge. Good condition with no rips or tears but needs to be washed or cleaned (too large to fit in my washing machine).
Offer: walker & toilet paper holder (Fairway) Gifted - I have a sturdy walker from MedResources in Lenexa that is collapsible and has wheels. Also have a toilet paper holder from Target that can be set in easy reach for someone with a disability. Both were used by my late husband when he was a cancer patient. Would love to see them go to someone who really needs them, and I would be willing to deliver them if that would be helpful.
Offer: Washer & dryer: either or both (Fairway) Gifted - - GE dryer, front-loading, about 25 years old, white. Works fine and has not had heavy usage. - Kenmore washer, top-loading, same age, beige. For past 6 months it sometimes drips along rim at end of cycle. Can get it to stop by running another full or partial cycle. Can run spin cycle to drain any water buildup. I'm giving them away because I'm getting my niece's who is moving into a condo. They're in my basement and would need to be brought up one flight of steps and through garage. If allowed by Trash Nothing, I would be willing to help pay any moving cost since I would have to do that anyway... and want to keep them out of landfill.
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Offer: Women's Ferragamo shoes (Fairway) - Four pairs of Italian-made Ferragamo shoes, very narrow: 5 1/2 AAA to AAAAA. Also one pair of Ellen Tracy 5 1/2 B and one pair Ros Hommerson 6 1/2 S.
Offer: Artificial Christmas Tree (Fairway) Gifted - I would like to donate my Christmas tree to a charitable group or family in need. It's a good quality tree, about 6 ft tall that comes in a large box and assembles in 3 pieces. The tiny white (or clear) light are already on the segments and just need to be hooked together. I'll also donate the tree stand, decorated felt skirt, tree topper... and maybe some ornaments that don't have sentimental value. I didn't put it up this year because I have a new rambunctious cat.
Request: Large round glass fishbowl (Fairway) Received - Need a large fishbowl to use at Oz Comes to Kansas event Aug. 2-4 at Agricultural Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, Kansas. We'll use it for "Professor Marvel" to draw fortunes from for kids. Some stores are supposed to have them but they're not on the shelf. If it's allowed by trash nothing!, I could return it after our event.
Request: Glass microwave turntable (Fairway) Received - Need 18 1/2” glass turntable tray. Mine has developed a large crack 2/3 of the way across. (Photo)