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Request: Floor lamp (Stondon Massey CM15) - i am looking for a floor lamp any colour as long as it is working ok prefer ta;; one thank you Request: Plasma TV (Stondon Massey CM15) - wanted any working Plasma TV of any size. with stand if possible yes they are heavy I have a very strong wife to help me pick it up ! I can pick up anywhere in Essex Request: fishing gear and tackle (Stondon Massey CM15) - anything from rods reels to luggage items to bait and bivvy. as long as in working use ! not looking for Trout gear Request: CB and amateur and recievers and radio equipment (Stondon Massey CM15) - wanted ! anything for the above ! Radios aerials cables ! this is for a project I am doing ! via ! xanadau96@yahoo.co.uk working or non working thank you ! Request: Amateur radio gear and any CB SSB wqipment (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for the above in working condition please ! rigs twigs psu,vswr meters ! and any books too on amateur radio also Request: Satellite reciever not sky or freesat (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for the above in working condition ie Echostar or similar multi satellite reciever ! with remote control please Request: clay plant pots (Stondon Massey CM15) - wanted as many as possible please even broken up ones ! as size please Request: Flower pots (Stondon Massey CM15) - wanted flower pots any size even broken up ones ! must not be plastic ! to be used to help the soil and water drainage ! prefer quite a lot of them please Request: Satellite reciver not sky box (Stondon Massey CM15) - Any make of satellite reciever ie echostar or better (not sky boxes) with or wothout hdmi but with usb if possible. Must be in working condition prefer if they can handle more than one satellite ie not freesat box ! Request: plasma tv or pioneer tv (Stondon Massey CM15) - Looking for in working condition the above tv ! must be plasma ! any make does not matter as long as working ! can collect no problem as they are very heavy !. Request: Amateur radio equipment (Stondon Massey CM15) - Pensioner looking for Amateur radio gear transcievers SSB multi CB rigs aerials,psu, vswr meters etc etc must be in working condition please. Request: Car battery (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for a s/h car battery or similar large 12 volt of at least 60 amps ! to power my radio equipment when camping ! a caravan battery would be great too. Request: Large rug (Stondon Massey CM15) - wanted 6x6 6x4 ft large rug in good condition dark colour please. hard wearing Request: car or leisure battery (Stondon Massey CM15) - Must be at least 60amps ! car or leisure battery for camping ! prefer be 90 amps. Request: HONDA CRV mk2 owners manual (Stondon Massey CM15) - i am looking for a owners manual for a Honda mk2 04 (02-04) or the haynes but prefer the owners manual that comes with the car Request: car battery or leisure (Stondon Massey CM15) - wanted a large car battery of at least 60 amps or leisure battery for camping ! Request: 12 volt Car battery Large ! (Stondon Massey CM15) - I am looking for a decent 60 amps or more or a leisure battery to connect to my tent and radio equipment ! while on camping holidays ! would prefer a leisure battery but any one over 60 amps please will do. Request: Railway books and magazines (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for British railways combined volumes 1950s 60s 70s ! similar Loco-shed books of the same era. railway mags of similar years ! and used train note books of similar era and 80s 90s with details of trains seen ! Request: Janes Aviation books (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for any edition in any condition of Janes all the World aircraft !also any Civil aircraft markings books Request: Railway books and mags (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for 1950s 60s 70s British railways combined volume and loco-shed books ! also note books of the same era. of trains seen ! also Underground trains combined volume (includes all uk railways ) same era please Request: Amateur radio books (Stondon Massey CM15) - I am looking for any amateur radio books .and magazines also British as well as USA ie RSGB call book RSGB handbook ARRL handbooks books on aerials ! also CB radio books and magazines also Request: Amateur radio magazines and books (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for any books on amateur radio ! or magazines such as RAD COM but later editions after 2016 please. Offer: RAD COM 2001 -10 magazines (Stondon Massey CM15) - have at least 120 issues of the magazine to give away Request: Amateur radio eqiupment (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for any CB or amateur radio stuff ! anything considered Request: S-VHS video recorder and tapes (Stondon Massey CM15) - I am looking for a working S-VHS video recorder. with tapes if possible they was popular around the 90s but the DVD recorder came out and blew them out of the weeds shame really as they worked well Request: fishing equipment (Stondon Massey CM15) Received - landing net feeder rod and reel thank you Request: Amateur radio eqiupment (Stondon Massey CM15) - looking for anything as long as it is in usable condition rigs recievers masts aerials meters cables etc etc and also CB radios transceivers only Request: Wanted Amateur radio or CB rdio gear (Stondon Massey CM15) Received - looking for anything suitable as long as working Amateur radio and CB radio aerials rigs and mast bits ! speakers mikes and Short wave radios receiver Can collect too. Request: fishing tackle (Stondon Massey CM15) Received - looking for fishing gear anything considered