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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: LG screen (Ringmer BN8) - The screen is a bit fuzzy on one side but does work
Offer: Guides skirt (Ringmer BN8)
Request: Record player (Ringmer BN8) - I have lots of records from the 1980s that I would love to play!!! If anyone has a record player please can I put it to good use? Thank you Offer: Folders (Ringmer BN8)
Offer: clothing (Ringmer BN8) - Ballerina skirt age 1-3 years old Request: Tape Walkman (Ringmer BN8) - I would love to be able to listen to some old tapes whilst walking my dogs Offer: canvas photo art (Ringmer BN8)
Offer: Skirt (Ringmer BN8) - A guides skirt age 8-12
Offer: Ikea silver blind 160 cm wide (Ringmer BN8) - Very good condition
Offer: X2 kompliment 50 x58 shelves ikea (Ringmer BN8)
Request: Advice for garden (Ringmer BN8) - I have a small garden. I need advice about how to design it. I have two dogs. Two children. Is there anyone out there that might know what I can do to make this a lovely space? Thank you Offer: Various tape cassettes (Ringmer BN8) - I have a lot of music cassettes to give away Offer: Curtain Rings (Ringmer BN8) - Bag of them
Offer: CD Player (Ringmer BN8) - Cd and cassette player with radio all in one
Offer: Iron fire (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - Innards are taken out...sitting outside house today ready for collection
Offer: Vintage bush radio (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - Not working now
Request: Football boots (Ringmer BN8) - my daughter needs some football boots please. she is a size 38 (size 5) thanks Offer: Wooden Venetian blinds (Ringmer BN8) - 56cm wide with 90cm drop
Request: Spanish person to share conversation and learning of Spanish (Ringmer BN8) - We need a Spanish speaker that would be willing to speak in Spanish and help a young person become better at speaking Spanish...any ideas welcome. Thank you Offer: The whole series of stargate dvds (Ringmer BN8)
Offer: Technology (Ringmer BN8) - Samsung sliding phone with charger and compatible headphones
Request: Pandora box packaging (Ringmer BN8) - I am buying my daughter a pandora bracelet for her birthday from Facebook market place. I need to find a pandora box please to present it nicely. With many thanks. Offer: Fake fila trainers size 4 (Ringmer BN8) Gifted
Offer: Footwear (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - Size 4 boys water proof boots Regatta
Offer: Metal mini child tea set (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - This is gorgeous. For a small child to role play kitchens
Request: VHS video Player (Ringmer BN8) Received - Hi there. I have been clearing out stuff from our loft and found lots of videos. They are great and I don't want to get rid of them. However I need a video player???? Might anyone have one please? Thank you Offer: dishwasher (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - 60cm wide. Cutlery basket. The seal needs replacing. Most of the time it does not leak but sometimes it does. The machine is over ten years old but is still in working order
Offer: Fireplace (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - Used but still has lots of function left
Offer: canon printer (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - In working order
Request: Moving Boxes (Ringmer BN8) - For moving house we urgently need more boxes...please if you can help us we would so appreciate it? Thanks. Carol