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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Tape Walkman (Ringmer BN8) - I would love to be able to listen to some old tapes whilst walking my dogs Offer: Christian cassette tapes (Ringmer BN8) - A box full of Christian teaching tapes....capenwray Bible school and Kingdom faith teaching
Request: Football boots and chin pads (Ringmer BN8) - My daughter wants to be able to play football at school but cannot do so unless she has football boots and chin pads Many thanks if you can help Offer: Folders (Ringmer BN8) Gifted
Offer: Clock not working (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn - Gorgeous clock
Offer: Skirt (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn - A guides skirt age 8-12
Offer: chest of drawers (Ringmer BN8) - 97 cm high 44cm deep 5 drawers Can be painted white Missing top shelf
Offer: Ikea silver blind 160 cm wide (Ringmer BN8) - Very good condition
Offer: Sleep eye mask (Ringmer BN8) - Used once
Offer: Toy squishy human body (Ringmer BN8)
Offer: Guides skirt (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn
Request: Vinyl Records (Ringmer BN8) - I didn't think I would be so lucky as to find a record player! So I gave my collection to charity!!! Just wonder please if anyone has some unwanted records please? Thank you! Offer: Large plastic storage box (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - No lid
Offer: Collection of cds (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn
Offer: Video player and videos (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn
Offer: Hm armed forces (Ringmer BN8) - Lego. New Offer: Ikea bin (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn
Request: Record player (Ringmer BN8) - I have lots of records from the 1980s that I would love to play!!! If anyone has a record player please can I put it to good use? Thank you Offer: Tomato ketchup holder (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn
Offer: clothing (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn - Ballerina skirt age 1-3 years old Request: Advice for garden (Ringmer BN8) - I have a small garden. I need advice about how to design it. I have two dogs. Two children. Is there anyone out there that might know what I can do to make this a lovely space? Thank you Offer: LG screen (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn - The screen is a bit fuzzy on one side but does work
Offer: canvas photo art (Ringmer BN8) Withdrawn
Offer: X2 kompliment 50 x58 shelves ikea (Ringmer BN8) Gifted
Offer: Various tape cassettes (Ringmer BN8) - I have a lot of music cassettes to give away Offer: Curtain Rings (Ringmer BN8) - Bag of them
Offer: CD Player (Ringmer BN8) - Cd and cassette player with radio all in one
Offer: Iron fire (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - Innards are taken out...sitting outside house today ready for collection
Offer: Vintage bush radio (Ringmer BN8) Gifted - Not working now
Request: Football boots (Ringmer BN8) - my daughter needs some football boots please. she is a size 38 (size 5) thanks