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Free: Empty huge water bottles (20910) Gifted - 5-gallon size plastic water bottles Free: Rolling Suitcase (20853) Gifted - 16” x 11” x 24” Missing handles but extendable handle works Brand: Mia Toro
Photo of free Rolling Suitcase (20853)
Photo of free Rolling Suitcase (20853)
Photo of free Rolling Suitcase (20853)
Free: Small cardboard boxes (20853) Expired - Approx. in inches 6 x 6 x 16 10 x 6 x 1.5 12 x 6 x 1.5
Photo of free Small cardboard boxes (20853)
Free: Cooler with a hole in the cover (20853) Expired - Body intact except for hole in cover. See photos.
Photo of free Cooler with a hole in the cover (20853)
Photo of free Cooler with a hole in the cover (20853)
Photo of free Cooler with a hole in the cover (20853)
Free: Packing paper (20910) Gifted - A big plastic trash bag of used but clean packing paper. Photo shows sample. In Rockville Aspen Hill area 20853 Pick up today.
Photo of free Packing paper (20910)
Free: Black shelf or stand (20853) Gifted - About 40” wide, 23” high, 14” deep. It’s made of particle board but not heavy. Has some scratches but functional and sturdy. Need to go by Saturday early afternoon or it’s going to the transfer station. Need to carry downstairs 21 steps . Aspen shill area. One strong person can carry it. Tell me what approximate time you will pick up. My condo association does not allow stuff to sit in the hallway. Thanks for recycling.
Photo of free Black shelf or stand (20853)
Free: Printer that scans only (20910) Gifted - HP Office jet 6970 does not print but scans. An error comes up when print function is used. Maybe someone might be able to fix it. I have another printer same model that comes up with an error when turned on. If no one wants it or them by Saturday, they are going to the transfer station for recycling. Location: one mile from downtown Silver Spring. Free: insulated packaging - many uses (20910) Expired - Can be used for vehicle windshield cover to provide shade, for cushioned packing/mailing, carrying cold foods from grocery shopping. These are bags in which frozen meals came in. Size approximately 26" X 18, some a little smaller. Silver Spring or Rockville pick up possible.
Photo of free insulated packaging - many uses (20910)
Free: Pads of "Important Message" slips (20910) Gifted - See attached photo. For use in the office.
Photo of free Pads of "Important Message" slips (20910)
Free: Flexible water tubing (20008 Cleveland Park) Gifted - Several black, flexible garden/downspout drainage pipes in good condition available. In tree box in front of 3029 Ordway. Hoping there’s an opportunity for reuse of all that plastic! Request: Paint samples (20910) Expired - like in photo
Photo of Paint samples (20910)
Request: Clean paper grocery bags (20910) Expired - Grocery bags to be used for food giveaway Request: beads or pellets (20910) Expired - I need small Plastic or resin beads or pellets for a project. Willing to pick up within 10 miles of 20853 or further if accessible by public transportation. Free: Working box fan needs cleaning (20910) Gifted - I rescued this from the curb. It works fine but the grill and blades need to be cleaned. For someone patient enough to disassemble the casing and wash it with soap and water or spray cleaner. Pick up in Silver Spring or in Aspen Hill.
Photo of free Working box fan needs cleaning (20910)
Request: 26 inch light bulb tube (20910) Expired - The part number is T26T8CW4 Request: Clean Pest free Paper bags (20910) Expired - Need paper bags to hold food for distribution to the needy. Free: 2 Cardboard boxes (20910) Expired - 12” x 12” x 7.5”
Photo of free 2 Cardboard boxes (20910)
Photo of free 2 Cardboard boxes (20910)
Free: Circuit breaker box cover (20910) Expired - Metal cover for circuit breaker
Photo of free Circuit breaker box cover (20910)
Photo of free Circuit breaker box cover (20910)
Free: Used Pet carrier (20910) Gifted - Used Pet carrier with broken door. About 22” x 15”.
Photo of free Used Pet carrier (20910)
Free: Liquid Glucosamine l (20853) Gifted - Liquid Glucosamine & Chondroitin 16oz see photos
Photo of free Liquid Glucosamine l (20853)
Photo of free Liquid Glucosamine l (20853)
Free: Walker and came by recycling bins (20853) Expired - See photo. Address: 12716 Veirs Mill Rd. Rockville MD. Park Terrace Condominiums. Across St. Jude Church.
Photo of free Walker and came by recycling bins (20853)
Free: Wheel barrow (20910) Gifted - See photo. Near Grubb Rd and East West Hwy
Photo of free Wheel barrow (20910)
Request: A working Audio receiver (20853) Expired - Receiver that works with a record player, CD player, etc. Request: DVI dongle -adapter (20853) Expired - Mac to TV or projector, DVI to VGA adapter . Willing to travel . Free: old Macintosh software (20910) Expired - lots of software on 3.5 inch diskette. near downtown Silver Spring Request: for Afghan resettlers (20910) Received - Good Evening, I am working with a group to sponsor the resettlement of several specific refugee families from Afghanistan + assisting with an event on Oct 9 open to any families in need to "shop" for free for clothing. CLOTHES We are in need of clothing for all ages / sizes -- details in the attached flyer. Clothing donations should be freshly laundered and labeled by size/gender. Primary donation location is 7601 Mowatt Ln, College Park, MD in the labeled boxes in the atrium, M-F 9am - 5pm, or porch drop off anytime at 10923 Breewood Road (Wheaton) or 2215 Osborn Drive (just on the other side of Brookville Rd.) by Thursday, October 7th. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS We have a list of other specific items (below) requested by the sponsored families. Any excess or duplicates will be given to other refugee and asylum seeking families. VOLUNTEERS We are looking for volunteers to help collect donations, set up for the clothing event on Oct 8, and to assist with running it on Oct 9. You can sign up for a wide variety of volunteer options here. We are also looking for volunteers to assist with translation, specifically Dari, Urdu, Pashto, and Spanish. I believe female translators are in especially high demand. Varying degrees of time commitment. I believe even remote connections outside of this area are welcome. Donation of time for intangible services as outlined below. Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions or the email address provided at the bottom of the message below. Warm Regards, Marijke McConkie marijke.mcconkie@gmail.com Here are some remaining items the families have requested: Clothing, shoes, and coats, including men's business attire. Women's clothing should be very conservative, think long sleeve long length dresses, and for girls think long sleeve, knee-length dresses, with leggings underneath. A handheld video game toy appropriate for an 8 year old Bikes/trikes/scooters for kids ages 2-12 Rugs, all sizes (all the families I've met so far cover every surface of the apartment with rugs, and sit on the rugs to eat rather than use a dining table). Two strollers One sewing machine Headscarves for the girls Here are some intangible things they need, for those who have some time and want to volunteer: Help with job searching. The dads are well educated and have experience in civil engineering, construction, procurement, business, etc., But they need help reviewing their resumes, understanding American business norms, preparing for job interviews, writing cover letters, etc. They need a network to find jobs. If you want to be part of that network, please reach out. Anyone who speaks Pashto. Do you speak Pashto, or do you know anyone who does who wants to help? Please let me know. Can you give rides during the day or on the weekend (to the store, doctor, or government office)? The families live in College Park/Hyattsville, about 20 min away. Do you know how to get these families a car for cheap? The dads want to work, but without transportation, their options are very limited. Do you know how to get these dads driver's licenses? Are you willing to help them get training and take their driver’s test? If you have any of the tangible items, would you let me know? Drop off points are my house, 10923 Breewood Road, and the other coordinator's house, 2215 Osborn Drive. If you want to help with any of the non tangible items, would you send me an email (amymariegrigg@gmail.com)? Again, thank you to everyone. _._,_._,_ Free: rusty tire wrench (20910) Gifted - Pick up in Silver Spring 20910 a mile from Silver Spring metro station.
Photo of free rusty tire wrench (20910)
Free: car battery charger in 20910 (20910) Gifted - Has been left outdoors. A little rusty. I don’t know if it still works. Pick up close to Grubb Rd.
Photo of free car battery charger in 20910 (20910)
Free: patio umbrella frame only (20910) Gifted - Needs some TLC, works. Pick up in Silver Spring close to downtown SS.
Photo of free patio umbrella frame only (20910)
Free: bright orange netting (20910) Gifted - Orange netting. Pick up in Silver Spring close to Grubb Rd.
Photo of free bright orange netting (20910)