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Offer: Apples (Joppa EH15) - Russets, looking good this year!
Photo of free Apples (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Standard lamp (Joppa EH15) Gifted - In great condition. Just a slight kink at top but of course you can turn it round so no one sees it.
Photo of free Standard lamp (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Fir tree (Joppa EH15) Withdrawn - Huge, nurtured it from a wee thing! You'll have to dig it up though. Pretty solid. Keeps on growing. 9ft.
Photo of free Fir tree (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Leads, phono, SCART, RV, TV aerial connectors (Joppa EH15) Withdrawn - Loads here, have a look and see if you need anything.
Photo of free Leads, phono, SCART, RV, TV aerial connectors (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Cardboard, packing material (Joppa EH15) Withdrawn - Habitat stuff, loads of it
Photo of free Cardboard, packing material (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Table lamp (Joppa EH15) Gifted - In very good condition
Photo of free Table lamp (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Garden hose (Joppa EH15) Gifted - In good condition, fitting at one end.
Photo of free Garden hose (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Plant pots, ceramic & hard plastic (Joppa EH15) Gifted - In good condition, just emptied after years of service!
Photo of free Plant pots, ceramic & hard plastic (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Open fire grate and surround (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Some surface rust but otherwise solid
Photo of free Open fire grate and surround (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Rose bush (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Just dug it up. Another one on way too! It grows like mad no matter how much you trim it.
Photo of free Rose bush (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Small fir tree (Joppa EH15) Gifted - With roots, needs a good home soon!
Photo of free Small fir tree (Joppa EH15)
Request: Cassette and/or CD player for stereo system (Joppa EH15) Withdrawn - Needed for my hifi system. Deck works! Offer: Fireside tools and fireguard (Joppa EH15) Gifted - In good condition.
Photo of free Fireside tools and fireguard (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Paint (Joppa EH15) Gifted - I've got a whole heap here, mainly matt, various colours, plus wee tin of undercoat. Tins range from a quarter to ⅔ full. Plus other tins with less, going to dump Thursday, so get in quick!
Photo of free Paint (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Glass jars with lids various (Joppa EH15) Withdrawn - Half a dozen, clean!
Photo of free Glass jars with lids various (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Ikea sofabed (Joppa EH15) Gifted - In great condition. Double mattress and frame, no fitted cover. We threw it out! Put a blanket or throw on it, see pic.
Photo of free Ikea sofabed (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Bagels fresh! (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Just picked them up on Too Good To Go offer, all burgers and ham.... I'm vege! Offer: Mojo music mags (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Too many on my pile now. There may be the odd CD to go with them. Offer: We User computer mags (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Lot of tips and news there, nothing too complicated. Offer: Glass Jars (Joppa EH15) Withdrawn - Average size, for coffee, jam etc. All clean. Offer: Electric kettle (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Bosch, a few years old, showing its age so we bought a new one. Works perfectly.
Photo of free Electric kettle (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Apples (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Russet, nice sweet nutty flavour. Too many for me to eat! Offer: Rhubarb (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Somebody was looking for some a few weeks ago. Anyway I've got plenty to spare. Offer: Pillows x 2 (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Good condition. Offer: SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 player 2GB (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Black, see pic. Looks like an iPod.
Photo of free SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 player 2GB (Joppa EH15)
Offer: clothes airers (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Two sizes, very adjustable, folding out and in. I had four people interested in these but they never followed up my replies, which I found strange. Seemingly replies can go into Spam, so please check there! Thanks
Photo of free clothes airers (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Garden table & Chairs (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Hard white plastic. In good condition, just need clean up.
Photo of free Garden table & Chairs (Joppa EH15)
Offer: Belfast sink (Joppa EH15) Gifted - It's been in the garden for 20 years, used for plants, but my wife is fed up looking at it! In pretty good condition, solid. One 3-inch chip near the top, easily painted. Offer: Russell Hobbs iron needs element (Joppa EH15) Gifted - Top of the range iron which lights up ok but needs an element I think. OK for spare parts too. Offer: Frozen chicken and salmon (Joppa EH15) Gifted - One of each, been in freezer since the day they were bought.