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Offer: 5 slot knife block (Kirkby Thore CA10) Gifted - This is a wooden 5 slot knife block that has hardly been used. Offer: Manual treadmill (Kirkby Thore CA10) - I got this off here earlier in the week and it's not suitable for what I wanted. I've been in contact with the person I got it from and they don't want it back so I'm listing on here again. I was wanting a treadmill to run on and this is more suited to walking on. The lady had hardly used it so it is virtually new. It folds flat for easy storage. Request: Dumbbells (Kirkby Thore CA10) - My daughter and I are reluctant to head back to the gym at the moment so are looking for some dumbbells to train with at home. We are able to collect observing social distancing, thanks in advance. Request: Book - Holes by Louis Sachar (Kirkby Thore CA10) Expired - I'm looking for 2 or 3 copies of this book to use with a small reading group at school, if anyone has a copy they no longer need I'd be really grateful. I can collect from the Penrith/Appleby area. Request: Board Games (Kirkby Thore CA10) Expired - I am looking for any board games or other activities that would be suitable to use in a junior school (7-11 years) for wet play times. I can collect from Penrith, Appleby and Carlisle area. Thanks Request: grandpa's great escape (Kirkby Thore CA10) Expired - Does anyone have a copy of "Grandpa's great escape' by David Walliams. I'm wanting to read it with a small group of children and would ideally like them to have one between two. I can collect from Appleby, Penrith, Wigton and Carlisle area. Thanks in advance Offer: Three empty shortbread tins (Kirkby Thore CA10) Gifted - I'm clearing out my cupboards and have three empty shortbread tins ideal for keeping biscuits or cakes in. Request: Cool box (Kirkby Thore CA10) Received - We are going camping in a couple of weeks and are in need of a cool box. If anyone has one they no longer use we'd be really grateful. Many thanks Request: Wind breaker (Kirkby Thore CA10) Received - Does anyone have a wind breaker that is 6 foot or longer that they don't use please. We go away camping quite often and could really do with one to give us some shelter when cooking and general privacy. I can collect from Penrith/Appleby/Shap/Wigton areas. Many thanks Request: Roofing felt (Kirkby Thore CA10) Received - I'm looking for a small piece of roofing felt for the cover of my garden seat if anyone has any to spare I'm happy to collect from Penrith/Appleby/Shap/Wigton areas. Many thanks Request: Campingaz (Kirkby Thore CA10) Received - I'm looking for one of the small 1.81kg campingaz bottles. If it's empty that's not a problem I can get it exchanged on town for a full one. My daughter and I are going camping in a couple of weeks time and we know that we will struggle to get a refill if our gas runs out so would like to take a second bottle it doesn't matter if its empty or partly used. Many thanks in advance Request: Small amount of Sand and cement (Kirkby Thore CA10) Expired - I need a small amount of Sand and cement to block a hole in an exterior wall. Can collect, many thanks