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Request: Tumble dryer (Sudbury, suffolk) - Hi! Has anyone got a tumble dryer that works? Long story... Our washing room has leaks, so our washing isn't drying... Trying to patch this up in the meantime. But If you know of anyone getting rid of one please let me know. I can collect from Sudbury, bury, Braintree, Ipswich, Chelmsford, and surrounding areas. Thanks so much for reading. Regards Offer: Boot sale bag (Sudbury, suffolk) - Bag of goodies, some kids books, clothes, toys, skateboard,canvas Collection ASAP please
Offer: Dog crate (Sudbury, suffolk) - Rusted in places and afew bars bent but still has a base. Collection from CO10
Offer: Wood unit (Sudbury, suffolk) - Little water damaged, but at the back where its not visible. Quite large. Has two drawers and two cupboards. Collection from CO10
Offer: Wood storage cabinet (Sudbury, suffolk) - Two drawers and two cupboards. About 4ft long and knee level tall! Some water damage on the back, but perfectly fine on the front and inside drawers and cupboards. Please let me know when you can collect Offer: Degu food (Sudbury, suffolk) - Three bags different brands. The blue bag expired last month but it will be fine. Don't have a degu anymore so won't be using it :(
Offer: Degu food (Sudbury, suffolk) - Not much left but if it can be used by anyone local that would be great, otherwise unfortunately going in the bin : Offer: 25 lidless jars for tumblers (Sudbury, suffolk) Gifted - All the same size. 25 glass jars, perfect to use as tumblers with straws if you have any parties coming up. Please collect ASAP (first to collect will get the jars as I need them gone!) collection from Pentlow
Request: Hutch for Guinea pigs (Sudbury, suffolk) - Hi, I have rescued Guinea pigs and am needing an outdoor hutch for them. Ifyou have any hutches that might work or know anyone getting rid of any, please let me know. I don't mind if they need work done on them. Thanks so much in advance Offer: Oval blue chair for child (Sudbury, suffolk) Gifted - Suitable for a young child. Chair swivels and has a sun cover. The picturejust has some leaves on it -they aren't black stains
Request: Toys (Sudbury, suffolk) - Any toys you don't need anymore would be greatly appreciated! Baby toys as well would be great. I can collect from Colchester, Sudbury, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Ipswich, Bury, etc. Thanks so much in advance Request: Wooden child/baby toys (Sudbury, suffolk) - Any wooden toys your little one has outgrown that I can pass on to my children would be much appreciated. They love the wooden puzzles and the caterpillar you pull along the floor with a piece of string! Request: Pebbles for fish tank (CO10) Received - Looking for pebbles for my tank. Its 4ft,so need quite a few, happy to travel and give them a wash! Request: Fish tank (CO10) - In need of a large fish tank to house a yellow belly slider that needs rescuing asap. He was found in a tiny tank with no space to swim or bask. If it comes with a stand that's even better! 4ft would be great, and quite tall. Thanks in advance Request: Tropical plants/ cuttings (CO10) - Looking for seeds, plants or cuttings from tropical fish tank plants. If you have any please let me know! Can travel to Colchester, Cambridge, Sudbury, Bury, Braintree, Chelmsford. Thanks so much Request: Furniture (CO10) - Looking for furniture for my family who are moving to England. They have only a few things at the moment and would love to be able to make their house feel more homely. Can collect from Cambridge, Colchester, Bury, Chelmsford, Sudbury... Thanks in advance Request: Rat cage (CO10) Received - UPDATED 03/31: Received: Cage Looking for a rat cage to house two rats in need of a home - I don't mind if it needs to be fixed, just anything that would work. If you have one you don't need please let me know. I can collect from Chelmsford, Sudbury, Ipswich, Colchester, Braintree, Cambridge, bury. Thanks in advance Request: Small freezer (CO10) - Hi I'm looking for a small freezer, need it to keep animal supplies in. If you have one you don't need please let me know. Willing to travel. Thanks so much Request: Small animal toys or cages (CO10) Received - I run a rescue centre for small animals and am a non profit business. If you have any toys or equipment or even cages to house animals please let me know. Thanks so much in advance Request: Reusable bag A4 size?? Or zip (CO10) - Anyone got any zipper reusable bags?? Like sandwich bag type things... Any size... Thanks :) Offer: Chinchilla degu cage need tlc (CO10)
Request: Glass tank (CO10) - Looking for a tank for my gerbils. Ideally lidded. Can be an old fish tank Request: Hamster ball (CO10) - Anyone got a hamster ball they don't need? Thanks!! :) Offer: Chinchilla degu cage need tlc (CO10)
Request: Vacuum cleaner (CO10) Received - I run an animal rescue centre and my vacuum cleaner has packed up - if anyone has a working vacuum cleaner you don't need please let me know! (resorting to dust pan and brush at the moment, which is proving difficult as you can imagine!:)) Request: Jars (CO10) Received - Jars of any size with lids would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Request: Hamma beads (CO10) - Need to finish off a project. If you have any pegs or beads please let me know. Thanks so much Request: Kitchen items (Sudbury) - Desperately need a microwave, toaster, kettle - anything for a kitchen. Thanks so much Request: Bird boxes (Sudbury) - Recently rehomed birds and am trying to find finch nesting boxes. If anyone has any please let me know. I ideally need 4... Request: Electric sander (Sudbury) Received - Has anyone got an electric sander they don't use anymore? Don't mind any make, as long as it works :)