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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Pastel ceiling fan (Broadlands) Gifted - Ceiling fan with pastel colored blades and a flower design where the blades attach. The blades are approximately 18 inches long.
Photo of free Pastel ceiling fan (Broadlands)
Offer: Twin loft bed and built-in desk (Broadlands) Gifted - This is a metal, twin loft bed (mattress not included) with a ladder, desk, and shelf all built-in. It's currently disassembled for easier transport.
Photo of free Twin loft bed and built-in desk (Broadlands)
Offer: Wood book shelf (Broadlands) Gifted - Size is about 33.25 inches wide, 32.5 inches tall, and 13.25 inches deep. It's pressboard with a dark, wood finish. You can adjust or even remove the middle shelf. It was in a kid's room and has a few marks here and there.
Photo of free Wood book shelf (Broadlands)
Offer: White, metal shoe rack (Broadlands) Gifted - Approximately 36.5 inches wide and 17 inches tall. It's meant to be adjustable widthwise, but one of the bars is slightly bent. You might be able to put some muscle into and get it to glide again.
Photo of free White, metal shoe rack (Broadlands)
Offer: White ceiling fan (Broadlands) Gifted - Free ceiling fan- works perfectly fine, we just redecorated a room and replaced it with something that matched the new decor. Blades are reversible (other side has pastel colors). Each blade is approximately 17 inches long.
Photo of free White ceiling fan (Broadlands)
Offer: Wire Top Shelf and Rod (Broadlands) Gifted - We have an 87 inch long, 12 inch deep top shelf with the rod for hangers. This does not include the little hanging basket and stacking shelf shown in the pictures.
Photo of free Wire Top Shelf and Rod (Broadlands)
Photo of free Wire Top Shelf and Rod (Broadlands)
Offer: Wire shelving (Broadlands) Gifted - We have three sets of these triple shelves. One set is 49 inches tall with shelves 30 x 16. The other two are 60 inches tall with shelves 27 x 16. We have all the braces, brackets, and shelves.
Photo of free Wire shelving (Broadlands)
Offer: High calorie liquid for pets (Broadlands) Gifted - 16 ounces - expiration date of September 2021. It has been opened - our cat is a very picky eater and wouldn't take it. Other than that tiny serving we tried, it's a full bottle.
Photo of free High calorie liquid for pets (Broadlands)
Offer: Loopz toy (Broadlands) Gifted - This is an interactive music toy for kids. It still works - I gave it a brief test.
Photo of free Loopz toy (Broadlands)
Offer: Stevia individual packets (Broadlands) Gifted - Box has never been opened. Expiration date is in 4/2022. 400 individual packets.
Photo of free Stevia individual packets (Broadlands)
Offer: AP World History Exam Study Guide (Broadlands) Gifted - I flipped through the pages and it seems to be completely untouched.
Photo of free AP World History Exam Study Guide (Broadlands)
Offer: Bamboo cutting board (Broadlands) Gifted - Measures 14 x 18 inches and has 4 small bowls that sit in the board for holding your ingredients. The bowls just lift right out and are dishwasher safe.
Photo of free Bamboo cutting board (Broadlands)
Offer: Wine cork holder (Broadlands) Expired - This is a holder for wine corks - coppery colored and has a nail hole in the back to hang on the wall.
Photo of free Wine cork holder (Broadlands)
Offer: Christmas Train Set (Broadlands) Gifted - Small, 4-piece Christmas train set with train tracks - about 3.5 feet in diameter. I only set it up once and it just didn't match the style of my Christmas village.
Photo of free Christmas Train Set (Broadlands)