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Offer: Computer stand (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Compact black computer stand on castors. Suitable for home working. Fairly good condition though it has some marks on it. It would be fine if you suddenly find you need to work from home and haven't much space! It will hold a screen and keyboard on top. We kept our scanner, printer and paper on the shelves underneath. Top 2 shelves pull out, bottom shelf is fixed. Overall 74cm wide x 59cm depth x 72cm high. We kept out tower computer at the side. Must be collected.
Photo of free Computer stand (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Used stamps (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - I have a box full of used stamps that the children collected over many years. Plenty of English ones but also some foreign ones. Would anyone like them (before I put them in the paper recycling)? There is also a Stanley Gibbons Stamp Collecting pack with tweezers etc (pictured).
Photo of free Used stamps (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Keegle exercise device (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Keegle exercise device unused as far as I know. Adjustable pelvic floor muscle trainer can help reduce the pelvis, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, treat weakened pelvic muscles and relieve incontinence.
Photo of free Keegle exercise device (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Learn Spanish course (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Spanish course but with casettes if anyone has the ability to copy them.
Photo of free Learn Spanish course (Melbourne DE73)
Photo of free Learn Spanish course (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Children's Bible Stories (Melbourne DE73) Withdrawn - Old books of Children's Bible Stories.
Photo of free Children's Bible Stories (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Inflatable single mattress (Melbourne DE73) Expired - Inflatable single mattress suitable for a child. Offer: 12 CDs (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - 12 CDs – 2 x Incubus, 3 x Silverchair, 3 x Joy Division, 1 x Elbow, 1 x Nirvana and 2 x Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Offer: Folding Wheelbarrow (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Folding Wheelbarrow. Used once so excellent condition. In its box.
Photo of free Folding Wheelbarrow (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Storage jars (Melbourne DE73) Withdrawn - Green Coffee, Sugar and Tea Jars with rubber seals. Good condition.
Photo of free Storage jars (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Aliens and Exorcist DVDs (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Aliens and Exorcist DVDs. Also Galaxy Quest. Offer: Sandwich Toaster (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Sandwich Toaster used but good condition
Photo of free Sandwich Toaster (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Ladies Slippers Size 3 (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Four Seasons ladies slippers size 3 (35) in Burgundy. Excellent condition. Unwanted present and unworn.
Photo of free Ladies Slippers Size 3 (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Hotter Ladies Shoes Size 3 (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Hotter “Donna” heeled shoes size 3 (35½) in Navy. Excellent condition. Worn once.
Photo of free Hotter Ladies Shoes Size 3 (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Mole trap (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Mole or Vole Trap with instructions
Photo of free Mole trap (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Food Processor (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Food Processor. Well used but still working.
Photo of free Food Processor (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Coffee maker (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Espresso Stove top Coffee Maker.
Photo of free Coffee maker (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Metal Casserole (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Metal Casserole with removable handle so can be re-attached not hot after cooking. Used but good condition.
Photo of free Metal Casserole (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Kenwood Blender (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Kenwood blender / food processor. Well used but working condition.
Photo of free Kenwood Blender (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Lava Lamp (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Lava lamp in very good condition.
Photo of free Lava Lamp (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Mandoline (Melbourne DE73) Withdrawn - Feckelmann mandoline / slicer. Hardly used.
Photo of free Mandoline (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Steamer basket (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Kitchen Craft plastic steamer basket.
Photo of free Steamer basket (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Cacti (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - 2 large cacti. Inherited but unwanted!
Photo of free Cacti (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Futurama DVDs (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - 10 Futurama DVDs of seasons 1, 2 and 3 Offer: Teach Yourself Romanian Book (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Teach Yourself Romanian Book unused
Photo of free Teach Yourself Romanian Book (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Large Teddy bear (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Large Teddy bear. Outgrown and faded as kids now grown up but good condition and was very loved! 12" ruler to show size.
Photo of free Large Teddy bear (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Car Wash Sprayer (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Kingfisher Car Wash Sprayer. Hand pump, unwanted present.
Photo of free Car Wash Sprayer (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Food Warmer (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Metal food warmer with tea lights for warmth. Unused, unwanted present.
Photo of free Food Warmer (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Grilling machine (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - George Foreman fat reducing grilling machine. Unwanted present.
Photo of free Grilling machine (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Software books (Melbourne DE73) Gifted - Software books - Java, AI, Concurrency, Networks, ASP ADO & XML, OO see photo.
Photo of free Software books (Melbourne DE73)
Offer: Amiga Format magazines (Melbourne DE73) Withdrawn - Amiga Format magazines 1997 to 1999 if anyone is interested.
Photo of free Amiga Format magazines (Melbourne DE73)