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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Offer: Wooden Pallets RG24 (Chineham RG24) - A bit damaged so although could be used as pallets, you might prefer to break them up and use as bonfire wood? Can be collected at any time as they are outside.
Offer: Broken decorative wall tiles (Chineham RG24) - May be of use to somebody for a craft project?
Offer: Dyson Vacuum - for spares or reparis (Chineham RG24) - Dyson DC24 Still working, but the motor in the brush has gone so doesn't pick up the dirt as well.
Offer: Lyca Mobile Top-up Voucher (Chineham RG24) - £5, unopened. Could simply send you the code to top-up, so no need to collect
Request: Water butt (Chineham RG24) - To collect rain water. Preferably with a tap to attach a hosepipe to/ put a watering can under. Thanks for reading. Offer: Wooden pallets (Chineham RG24) - X 4 as per photo Offer: Insect Costumes (Chineham RG24) - Adult size ladybird and bee "3D" costumes. Simple World Book Day costume as just pop over head and rest on shoulders.
Offer: Salt water powered car (Chineham RG24) - Very small model. We unfortunately never managed to get it working, but maybe somebody could use the components.
Offer: Baby Bouncer (Chineham RG24) - The "water feature" and vibration aspects do not work, but we have been using it as a simple bouncer and it still has plenty of life left in it. From smoke and pet-free home.
Request: Pebbles (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - A large amount of pebbles required to cover a section of the garden. Thanks for reading.
Request: sleepers (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - For using as edging around flowerbeds and footpaths in the garden. Thanks for reading. Offer: Bed Tray (Chineham RG24) - x 2 White Ikea Klipsk as seen here: / Request: Compost bin (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - For the garden, please. Ideally with a lid on top to put the green/kitchen waste in and a flap at the bottom to access the compost. Thanks for reading. Offer: Footstool (Chineham RG24) - Brown (although fabric has discoloured a bit from the sun) From Ikea
Offer: English Course (Chineham RG24) - Videos and books from a BBC series Aimed at French speakers (translations are given in French). Suitable for either learners of English or possibly also learners of French as the exercises in the books could also be used as practise of the French language.
Offer: Vacuum cleaner spout (Chineham RG24) - It's a long shot, but maybe this spout might be of use to somebody? Unfortunately, we don't know what make or model vacuum cleaner it comes from.
Offer: French magazines (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - Large pile of old French magazines Genres: Property, lifestyle and gossip (from several years' ago) Good for somebody wanting to practise/improve their French.
Offer: Toilet roll holder (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Silver One on the right is a bit rusted, but could probably be cleaned up.
Offer: Lace window netting (Chineham RG24) Gifted - White From smoke and pet-free home Two "sheets" of: More than 400cm (wide) x around 145 (drop) Around 300cm (wide) x 145 (drop)
Offer: Audio Cassette Tapes (Chineham RG24) - Mixture of pre-recorded and recordable. Two bags full
Request: Large Radiator (Chineham RG24) - Double panel Between around 1200 1400mm Request: Sparring/ boxing gloves (Chineham RG24) - For a child. If anybody has some which they no longer require, we'd be most grateful. Offer: Moses basket with stand (Chineham RG24) Gifted - As per photo, but also with a wooden stand. From smoke and pet free home
Request: Where's Wally Costumes (Chineham RG24) Received - If anybody has a/some red/white stripped t-shirts, hats, black round glasses etc. which they no longer want, then our school would be most grateful for them for dressing up in. Thanks for reading.
Offer: 2D Lightbulb (Chineham RG24) - 4-pin
Offer: VHS Video Tapes (Chineham RG24) - A mixture of videos
Offer: Plastic Sweet Containers (Chineham RG24) - x 2 with lids Good for transporting cakes, etc. to summer fetes.
Request: Lino/ Thin plywood (Chineham RG24) Received - Two pieces of around 140 x 65cm of wood-effect lino or thin plywood to cover the back of two shelving units which are against a window and have holes in and so don't look very pretty! Offer: Remote Control Car (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Steering doesn't seem to be working, but maybe somebody could fix it?
Offer: Hosepipe (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Blue, as per photo