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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Plastic cutlery (Central Nanaimo) - Assorted plastic cutlery. Mostly used once before but clean of course.
Photo of free Plastic cutlery (Central Nanaimo)
Free: Tent canvas (Central Nanaimo) Expired - Tent Canvas fabric- Some rips but a large section that is intact. Free: Canvas Bag only (Central Nanaimo) Gifted - Canvas bag from a gazebo. Could be used as a tent bag etc.
Photo of free Canvas Bag only (Central Nanaimo)
Free: Tent shelter frame (Central Nanaimo) Expired - Needs repair! But free if someone wants it! I do have the canvas which also needs repair.
Photo of free Tent shelter frame (Central Nanaimo)
Free: Box of garden lantern stakes (Central Nanaimo) Expired - They don’t have the solar lid covers but perhaps someone could use these for some kind of project?
Photo of free Box of garden lantern stakes (Central Nanaimo)
Photo of free Box of garden lantern stakes (Central Nanaimo)
Free: 19’ monitor (Central Nanaimo) Gifted - 19’ monitor. Last time it was used it works, it just doesn’t have a plug in cord or mount. Could be mounted with screws to a wall and if you can find a new plug in cord for it you will be good to go.
Photo of free 19’ monitor (Central Nanaimo)
Free: Battery powered lawn mower (South Nanaimo) Gifted - Gardena battery powered lawn mower. It was recently working but now it won’t start. I suspect it is the battery as it is older.
Photo of free Battery powered lawn mower (South Nanaimo)
Free: Bread maker (South Nanaimo) Gifted - Cuisinart breadmaker- needs some repair. It starts but then pauses part way through, needs some nudging to get it going again.
Photo of free Bread maker (South Nanaimo)
Free: Inflatable boat (South Nanaimo) Gifted - Needs a good wash and oars
Photo of free Inflatable boat (South Nanaimo)
Free: Cat scratch post (South Nanaimo) Gifted - Could use some new carpet
Photo of free Cat scratch post (South Nanaimo)
Free: Foamie (South Nanaimo) Gifted - Foamie- has some staining.
Photo of free Foamie (South Nanaimo)
Photo of free Foamie (South Nanaimo)
Free: Mosaic supplies (South Nanaimo) Gifted - Mosaic supplies- a bunch of broken dishes/pottery
Photo of free Mosaic supplies (South Nanaimo)