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Request: Pet carrier (Nepean) Received - Hi my friend is looking for a small pet carrier as she just adopted a 10 week kitten, Request: Baby gate (Nepean) - Hi would anyone have a baby gate they are not using , I could certainly put it to good use, thanks Request: Magic bullet (Nepean) Withdrawn - Hi does anyone have a magic bullet that is just in the cupboard collecting dust? Request: Walking stick/Seat (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a walking stick that turns into a seat, which would be beneficial for more mobility. Thanks Request: Tricycle (Nepean) Expired - Looking for an adult tricycle die to I have balance issues so need training wheels..lol :) if you have one not being used I can put it to use. Thanks Request: Chiminea (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a chiminea for my patio can pick up at your convenience. Thanks Request: Excercise bike (Nepean) Expired - Looking for excercise bike, not interesting in going back to a gym with the pandemic we are all dealing with, thanks Request: Snow pants (Nepean) Expired - Hi looking for a pair of mens xl snow pants, to be able to go for long walks. Thanks. Request: Christmas tree (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a 4 -6 ft christmas tree for my porch. Thanks Request: Magic bullet/Nuri bullet (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a magic bullet or nutri bullet, thanks Request: Magic bullet (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a magic bullet, thanks Request: Exercise bike (Nepean) Expired - Hi looking for an exercise bike . Thanks Request: Exercise stepper (Nepean) Expired - Hi, looking for a stepper to get a leg workout, a small one or one with handle to hold doesn't matter as long as it functions. Thanks Request: Patio umbrellas (Nepean) Expired - Looking for 7 ft beer logo umbrella or anything pub related for our patio. Thanks Request: Outdoor small chimney (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a small outdoor chimney or fireplace, not a firepit, if you have one not being used, could put it on patio. Thanks :) Request: Hostas and ferns (Nepean) Expired - Anyone splitting up their garden, looking for hostas and ferns. Thanks Offer: Training dog pads (Nepean) Gifted - Box of 100 dog pads 23inches x 24 inches Request: Card game (Nepean) Expired - Hi, wondering if anyone has the card game cards of humanity they no longer use. Thanks Request: Walking poles/sticks (Nepean) Expired - I am looking for 1 pair of walking poles/sticks. Request: Bakers rack cart (Nepean) Expired - Bakers rack with wooden top and top rack you can hang pots and pans from Request: Bakers rack cart (Nepean) Expired - Bakers rack with wooden top and top rack you can hang pots and pans from Request: Christmas Tree (Nepean) Expired - Looking for a 4, 5, ft Christmas Tree, with or without lights.