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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Push lawnmower (Launceston PL15) Promised - Not electric, battery or petrol - just needs pushing! Cuts well, small grass collecting basket.
Photo of free Push lawnmower (Launceston PL15)
Free: Guide books (Launceston PL15) Withdrawn - Collected over the last 40 years. Mostly National Trust but some other stately homes and royal palaces as well. May be of interest to someone?
Photo of free Guide books (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free Guide books (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free Guide books (Launceston PL15)
Free: Bag of fabric remants (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Might be useful for a crafter. Pieces of curtains, dressmaking fabrics and general odds and ends!
Photo of free Bag of fabric remants (Launceston PL15)
Free: Cotton duvet covers (Launceston PL15) Gifted - I have 2 sets of king size 100 p/c cotton duvet covers that aren't quite good enough to take to a charity shop - one has some small spots that won't come out, the other has broken poppers at the bottom. They are therefore destined for recycling but someone might like them for a craft project? They have been thoroughly washed but not ironed.
Photo of free Cotton duvet covers (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free Cotton duvet covers (Launceston PL15)
Free: Canna (Launceston PL15) Expired - Coming out of dormancy now but will need to stay frost-free before planting (ground or large pot). Reaches about 4 foot high, dark leaf and red flower. Will need to be collected by Thursday this week.
Photo of free Canna (Launceston PL15)
Free: King size pine headboard (Launceston PL15) Gifted - To fit 5.00 foot wide bed.
Photo of free King size pine headboard (Launceston PL15)
Free: 2 pairs wardrobe/cupboard doors (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Sapele doors. Pair 1 to fit gap approx 1980mm high, 1078mm wide; hinges excluded. Pair 2 to fit gap approx 1860mm high, 1532mm wide.
Photo of free 2 pairs wardrobe/cupboard doors (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free 2 pairs wardrobe/cupboard doors (Launceston PL15)
Free: Carpet (Launceston PL15) Expired - Lifting this from a bedroom. A few "track" marks near door and may be a darker colour under the bed. Also some indentations where furniture has stood. Would make a rectangle approx 420cm by approx 320cm. Can cut it up smaller if required. Brown and beige fleck. Underlay not included.
Photo of free Carpet (Launceston PL15)
Free: Large Teddy bear (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Looks a bit grumpy, but nice to cuddle. A few marks that should clean off. It does not have a CE safety label but was purchased in the UK (Asda in the 1990s). I would prefer it to go to a child rather than a dog as too nice to be torn apart!
Photo of free Large Teddy bear (Launceston PL15)
Free: Breadmaker (Launceston PL15) Gifted - In full working order, some internal marks from use but baking tin clean and intact. I think there may be some interest in this so I am not going to accept the first response, and will wait a couple of days to be fair to people who might not see it immediately. If you are interested please let me know why you would like it to help me decide who to offer it to. Thanks.
Photo of free Breadmaker (Launceston PL15)
Free: Old wool blanket (Launceston PL15) Expired - Single size Witney woolen blanket, very worn and marked but possible someone might be able to use it for a project. 2.00 x 180 cm.
Photo of free Old wool blanket (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free Old wool blanket (Launceston PL15)
Free: Large cotton throw. (Launceston PL15) Gifted - 100 per cent cotton, size 2.00 x 2.2 metres. Some discolouration which could be from the sun but might wash out. Cream colour.
Photo of free Large cotton throw. (Launceston PL15)
Free: Small cotton throw (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Cream colour, some minor discolouration I think from sunlight but might wash out. Size 125 x 150 cm.
Photo of free Small cotton throw (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free Small cotton throw (Launceston PL15)
Free: Plastic flower pots (Launceston PL15) Expired - Assorted sizes and shapes, in good condition. Although rinsed will probably need further cleaning.
Photo of free Plastic flower pots (Launceston PL15)
Free: Roller blind (Launceston PL15) Expired - For aperture width 120 cm, max drop 170 cm. Cream colour with a light stripe. The bottom inch or so is a bit marked but if the full drop isn't needed it can probably be shortened by cutting this bit off and re-threading onto the lower rod.
Photo of free Roller blind (Launceston PL15)
Free: Canna tubers (Launceston PL15) Gifted - I have kept these over winter and now that they are starting to grow again I find that I have too many to keep. I do not have a photo of the flower but if you look on Google you will see that they are quite big and blowsy! The colours of these are probably orange or red. Please note that these are tender plants and MUST be kept frost-free for at least another month before going into pots or the border. If you would like some I would be grateful if you could bring an empty pot or bucket to put them in.
Photo of free Canna tubers (Launceston PL15)
Photo of free Canna tubers (Launceston PL15)
Free: Pair of pine kitchen chairs (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Two identical chairs. Sturdy and in good condition apart from some small splashes of paint (emulsion) which will come off.
Photo of free Pair of pine kitchen chairs (Launceston PL15)
Free: Bathroom wall cabinet (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Measures 56 x 46 x 14 cm. Single shelf. Both doors are mirrored.
Photo of free Bathroom wall cabinet (Launceston PL15)
Free: Bathroom shelving (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Floor to ceiling stainless steel shelving unit, spring-loaded uprights keep it in position. A few small ring marks where a bottle has leaked.
Photo of free Bathroom shelving (Launceston PL15)
Free: LP storage cases (Launceston PL15) Gifted - 2 black LP storage cases in good condition.
Photo of free LP storage cases (Launceston PL15)
Free: Internal door handles (Launceston PL15) Gifted - Chrome internal door handles, as new. 7 are size 4x12cm, one is slightly shorter. Includes screws.