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Request: Pocket calculator (battery) (Lichfield WS14) Received - My daughter has just started as a nurse and it is handy to have a calculator on her person! We have a couple of pocket ones but they need light to function and when she works night shifts then it is not light enough to power it. If anyone has a little one that is battery powered that they are no longer using then that would be appreciated. Thanks Offer: Turf - contains moss (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - About 3 square meters of grass that we have dug up to widen a bed. It will have moss in it too but could be of use just to cover a rough ground or something rather than for a golf course standard lawn!
Photo of free Turf - contains moss (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Perennial garden plants (Lichfield WS14) Promised - I have dug out all sorts of things - mainly ones which spread easily - some pink and some lilac geraniums, Michaelmas Daisy, white Phlox, day lilies, mint, orange montbretia, pink sedum, small euonymus variegated shrub, ground spreading euonymus and a few other bits and pieces. Offer: Ralph Lauren Polo Red aftershave (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Half a bottle if anyone likes it. My husband has gone off it!! Offer: Exercise pull up bar (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - I collected this via Freecycle but sadly it does not fit well in our doorways so perhaps someone else might like to try it? The pole is 81cm when it is extended to its full width so perhaps check your doorframe width first. It slipped from ours as could not get it tight enough.
Photo of free Exercise pull up bar (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Silica Gel pouches (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Bag of around 60 silica gel sachets.
Photo of free Silica Gel pouches (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Trulites Hair Bleach (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - An almost full pot of Trulites Rapid Blue Powder Bleach and a small amount of Truzone Cream Peroxide (enough for a couple of mixes?) plus brushes and measure spoon.
Photo of free Trulites Hair Bleach (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Alarm Clock (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - About 5" high. Battery operated. Bell part is just for the 'look' - it actually has an electronic alarm when it goes off!
Photo of free Alarm Clock (Lichfield WS14)
Request: Baking stone (Lichfield WS14) Withdrawn - Just in case anyone has a baking stone that they are no longer using, I would like to try it for bread and pizza making, now that I have a decent oven that gets good results! Thank you. Offer: Tefal Clipso pressure cooker (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Steel pan so it works fine on induction hobs. Needs a new rubber gasket seal I believe as not keeping pressure in. Can order those online cheaply enough. Metal basket for veg included.
Photo of free Tefal Clipso pressure cooker (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Fruit cutter/corer (Lichfield WS14) Withdrawn - Handy for cutting apples up for the kids. In very good condition.
Photo of free Fruit cutter/corer (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Silica Gel pouches (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Bag of around 30 silica gel sachets.
Photo of free Silica Gel pouches (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Mattress topper for kingsize bed (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Good quality mattress topper. Will need wash at launderette to freshen it up.
Photo of free Mattress topper for kingsize bed (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Cushion/toy stuffing (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Bag of stuffing/wadding that can be used for range of things (bin liner size bag) Offer: Personal safety alarm (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Small device to keep in your bag/pocket. Very loud!
Photo of free Personal safety alarm (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Biology textbooks (Lichfield WS14) Withdrawn - Might be a bit old but then does biology change all that much?!
Photo of free Biology textbooks (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Hosepipe with wall mounting (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Rotating wall mounting for hosepipe, and hose included. Offer: Pine picture/photo frames (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Smaller ones are 27x20cm and large one is 26x50cm - frame needs gluing at one corner though. Nice wood. Smaller ones have a stand so can be used on a shelf rather than on wall.
Photo of free Pine picture/photo frames (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Bill Bruford Autobiography (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Unused, other than sitting on our bookshelf! Famous drummer in case you are not familiar!
Photo of free Bill Bruford Autobiography (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Now TV smart box and remote control (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Not sure how this could be used but if anyone knows and can make use of it then please come and get it! Instructions included.
Photo of free Now TV smart box and remote control (Lichfield WS14)
Photo of free Now TV smart box and remote control (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Hosepipe lengths (Lichfield WS14) Withdrawn - Lots of pieces of hosepipe that can be attached together using connectors (I am including the connectors) and wall mounted winding holder for the pipe. Take as much as you want. Offer: Chilli Plants (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - I was given loads of seedlings - need potting on now but 5 varieties of chilli and got about 4 of each so would be happy to give a couple to a few people. Offer: TV Stand (Lichfield WS14) Withdrawn - Black glass 2 shelf TV stand with chrome legs. Apologies that I did not get a photo before it was dismantled. It is angled at the back of the shelf corners so that it fits into the room corner, if you see what I mean! Shelves are 31" wide, 16.5" deep. Height probably around 18". Offer: Jam jars (Lichfield WS14) Withdrawn - 10 or so jars for anyone doing jams/chutneys. Offer: Desktop computer and keyboard (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - Unbranded. AMD Athlon X2 250 @ 3GHz 4Gb RAM 32-bit Windows 10 Home Keyboard - Cherry brand. Will need a converter bit as the connector is a circular one rather than the usual USB style. Does not include screen. May be useful for parts/extra hard drive space. All working fine but being an older computer, might take a bit longer to load things. Offer: Grundig M15 HiFi Stereo system (Lichfield WS14) Gifted - 2 cassette players, 1 CD drive and radio. Separate speakers. Very good sound and very good condition. Speakers are 30cm high, 18cm wide and hifi unit is 24cm wide by 18cm high.
Photo of free Grundig M15 HiFi Stereo system (Lichfield WS14)
Offer: Double glazed door with leading (Lichfield WS14) Expired - In working order but was part of a bigger window/door set. If not of use as a door then perhaps can be used for a cold frame or just the glass for something? 193cm x 82cm for door part, 200cm x 93cm incl frame.
Photo of free Double glazed door with leading (Lichfield WS14)