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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Display cabinet. (St Michaels TQ3) Gifted - Characterful, wood cabinet/sideboard with drawer and cupboard.
Photo of free Display cabinet. (St Michaels TQ3)
Free: Armchairs (Wolstanton ST5) Expired - 2 green velour armchairs. 1 reclines.
Photo of free Armchairs (Wolstanton ST5)
Photo of free Armchairs (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Kitchen cupboard. (Wolstanton ST5) Expired - Melamine-top kitchen cupboard. 2 drawers & 2 shelves.
Photo of free Kitchen cupboard. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Freezer (Paignton TQ3) Expired - Good working condition. 5 compartments. Free: Fridge-freezer. (Paignton TQ3) Expired - Pale blue fridge-freezer available for collection end of March.
Photo of free Fridge-freezer. (Paignton TQ3)
Photo of free Fridge-freezer. (Paignton TQ3)
Free: Table(wood) (Paignton TQ3) Expired - Table with slide-out extending leaves.
Photo of free Table(wood) (Paignton TQ3)
Free: Tv stand. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Light beige-coloured modern tv/dvd unit. 4 display shelves below. Good condition.
Photo of free Tv stand. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Recliner sofa. (Paignton TQ3) Expired - Comfy recliner sofa with leg-rest. Reclines both ends.
Photo of free Recliner sofa. (Paignton TQ3)
Free: Large sofa (Paignton TQ3) Expired - Large comfy grey sofa.
Photo of free Large sofa (Paignton TQ3)
Free: tv unit. (Paignton TQ3) Expired - 1 low tv unit with drawers.
Photo of free tv unit. (Paignton TQ3)
Free: Lamp. (Wolstanton ST5) Expired - Table lamp with purple shade. Chrome base.
Photo of free Lamp. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Bed-risers. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Sturdy, adjustable height & width metal bed-risers.
Photo of free Bed-risers. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Picture. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Large, framed Vernon Ward print. Harbour scene.
Photo of free Picture. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Ornamental teapots & plates (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Ornamental teapots & plates (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Wardrobe. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Large oak mirrored double wardrobe. 4 shelves & hanging rail.
Photo of free Wardrobe. (Wolstanton ST5)
Photo of free Wardrobe. (Wolstanton ST5)
Photo of free Wardrobe. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Covid tests. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - 6 new boxes covid tests.
Photo of free Covid tests. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Rollator (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - 4-wheeled rollator. Seat with compartment below. Brakes. Good condition.
Photo of free Rollator (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Ornamental teapots & plates. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - 4 ornamental teapots plates & alarm clock.
Photo of free Ornamental teapots & plates. (Wolstanton ST5)
Photo of free Ornamental teapots & plates. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Stool (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Wooden stool.
Photo of free Stool (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Chair/daybed. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Wooden chair/daybed.
Photo of free Chair/daybed. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Cupboard. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Wooden cupboard with compartments.
Photo of free Cupboard. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Lampshade. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Large red lampshade for tall, floor-standing lamp. Good condition.
Photo of free Lampshade. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: 2 walking frames. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - 2 walking-frames. Wheels at front.
Photo of free 2 walking frames. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Armchair. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Good condition. Comfortable armchair.
Photo of free Armchair. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Mobility stool. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Mobility stool. Adjustable height.
Photo of free Mobility stool. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Office chair. (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Adjustable office chair. Good condition.
Photo of free Office chair. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Cane chair. (Wolstanton ST5) Expired - Comfortable cane armchair with cushions.
Photo of free Cane chair. (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Foot-stools (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Small black vinyl-covered wooden footstool with shelf below.
Photo of free Foot-stools (Wolstanton ST5)
Free: Small wardrobe. (Paignton TQ3) Gifted - Small white wardrobe.
Photo of free Small wardrobe. (Paignton TQ3)
Free: Tv Unit (Wolstanton ST5) Gifted - Black, hand-painted tv stand with 3 shelves.
Photo of free Tv Unit (Wolstanton ST5)