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Request: Working Floor lamp w/3 settings (Stockbridge-GA) - I only care that it works. It’s for my classroom Request: Working Sander (Stockbridge-GA) Expired - Need a hand held sander to refurbish a wood dresser Request: 4 cube organizer (Stockbridge-GA) Expired - Do you have a 4 cube organizer that you don’t need anymore? I can pick up. Please let me know… thank you! Offer: Treadmill (Stockbridge-GA) Gifted - Excellent Condition!! Please be advised, I’m unable to help you load it nor pick it up. Thank you! Offer: Treadmill excellent condition (Stockbridge-GA) Gifted - Black, folds upright & great condition. I’m in Stockbridge. Please be advised, I cannot bring it to you or help you load it.
Photo of free Treadmill excellent condition (Stockbridge-GA)
Photo of free Treadmill excellent condition (Stockbridge-GA)
Photo of free Treadmill excellent condition (Stockbridge-GA)
Request: Tall Bar Stools & Wood Bookcase (Stockbridge-GA) Expired - Trying to furnish my new home. I’d truly appreciate someone donating three barstools that need to be approximately 47-50 inches tall & a wooden bookcase. Thank you in advance!! Offer: Size 5-7 Boys clothes / shoes (Atlanta - Howell Mill Rd) Gifted - Assorted clothing for boy size 5 -7 Shoes/sneakers too! Request: Printer-Fax-Scanner (Atlanta) Expired - Happy Holidays! Since I’ve started teaching at home, I’ve had to print more documents than I care to remember. Should you have a newer model of a printer scanner fax machine that you no longer need (In no way do I want to appear ungrateful but a machine with drivers that are unavailable in hand or online is quite difficult to hook up to my laptop), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Zee Request: Working treadmill (Atlanta) Expired - Hello, I hope this message finds you safe and in excellent health. A while back, someone offered me a treadmill and I had to turn it down at the time. If you or anyone has a working treadmill, I’m able to pick it up with my SUV. I need to walk daily, keep weight off of my back. It’s getting too cold outside. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you for your response. Offer: Rice Drinks (Atlanta) Gifted - I’ve five 32 oz, the expiration date is 11/3/20
Photo of free Rice Drinks (Atlanta)
Request: Heavy 4 cubby organizer (Atlanta) Received - Hello, first I hope this message finds you safe & in excellent health. I really need a heavy solid 4 cubby organizer. PLEASE & THANK YOU! Request: Large White Board (Atlanta) Received - I would really appreciate a large white dry erase board! I desperately need it for my grandson who is participating in digital learning at home! Request: Working treadmill (Atlanta) Expired - In dire need of a Working treadmill, I must walk daily due to back issues. Request: Desk for 1st grader (Atlanta) Expired - Hope this message finds you safe and in excellent health! Do you have a 1st grade desk I can have? My grandson needs it to sit in since he’s staying home for school.... let me know your thoughts Z Request: ELA/Reading Posters (Atlanta) Expired - Good Morning: This is for my fellow Educators; I’m desperately seeking Reading/ELA/Writing posters for my classroom!!! Examples: inferencing, prepositions, similes, determiner, pronouns, adverbs, main idea....I am willing to come and pick them up wherever you are! I’m truly grateful for anyone who replies with assistance. Thank you in advance, Zina Request: Child size desk (Atlanta) Expired - Desperately need a desk for 6 y/o child!!! Request: Dressers (Atlanta) Expired - Hello Friends! If you happen to have a dresser you no longer want, please let me know. I just moved & need at least 2, one for me & one for my grandson, Thank you!