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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Clean lidded jamjars (Eastfield) Gifted - Boxful of empty clean jamjars with lids - making marmelade or chutney?? Offer: 2.5m slide (Eastfield) Expired - Green plastic slide, lower section allowing change of slope to land on grass etc. It had been attached to a wooden framework, which was no longer stable, but would attach to existing framework or flexibly make your own. Also attachment for double seated swing (facing each other into the middle.
Photo of free 2.5m slide (Eastfield)
Offer: Scart leads &TV ariel cable (Eastfield) Gifted - A bag of scart leads & plugs; and some longish lengths of TV ariel Offer: 2 Reels of paper-tape (Eastfield) Expired - 2 reels of paper-tape 22mm wide, 10s of metres long, one black, one white. Good for craft project of some sort. Offer: 4 VW hubcaps (Eastfield) Gifted - Used, but good condition
Photo of free 4 VW hubcaps (Eastfield)
Offer: Collection of various old candles (Eastfield) Gifted - 30-40 candles of various colours sizes & shapes Offer: 250GB hard-drive, 12v (Eastfield) Gifted - External 250GB hard-drive using mini-USB cable. Has 12V transformer. Offer: Lava lamp, blue (Eastfield) Gifted - Blue shade lava lamp . Heated by small bulb underneath, makes lovely changing patterns as waxy materialwarms & rises. NB it needs a new bulb Request: Baby car seat (Eastfield PE1) Received - Forward facing car-seat for 22month old Offer: Large loudspeaker for seeing how it works (Eastfield) Gifted - Loudspeaker, unused, not in case, really solid with cone, magnets connections etc all clearly visible. Good for demonstrating how it works. Cone 22cm x 35cm. Offer: Bag of audio cables, various connections & lengths (Eastfield) Gifted - Collected from various sources over time. Can anyone use them, or must they be recycled..... Offer: 500ml spray bottle of fabric freshener (Eastfield) Expired - Unused; suitable forlightweight fabrics & clothes. Offer: 2 unused 36exp colour films for 135 camera (Eastfield) Expired - Truprint films suitable for 135 cameras. 36 exposures Offer: Potting compound for electronic components (Eastfield) Gifted - Unused Bag of resin and hardener for potting compound 552-668, for electronic components. Mixes in 1 minute. Workable for 60mins. Instructions included. Offer: 2 Transparency slide boxes (Eastfield) Gifted - One with snap-shut clips. 38 x 23 cm size like little brief case with handle. Held 6 straight carosels for putting slides in a projector, but could be useful for storing anything..... (carosels also available) Other had held 100 slides, but could take slideholder structure out and use for anything. Attractive green folding lid. 27 x 16 cms. Offer: Unopened bag of Evergreen lawn treatment (Eastfield) Gifted - Covers 400m2. 4 actions - against moss & weeds, feeds and encourages thicker growth Offer: 8 section herb container (Eastfield) Gifted - Solid wood with 8 labelled compartments for herbs - chives, mint, rosemary, sage, basil, parsley etc Good for somone with limited growing area. Offer: Type-writer lift-off tape (Eastfield) Expired - Jarrold 5 lift-off tapes for use with typewriters Fullmark dry lift off tape for use with daisy-wheel typewriters Offer: 30-35 jam-jars with lids (Eastfield) Gifted - Various sizes. Clean & dry. Some suitable for chutney Offer: Silica gel sachets lots (Eastfield) Gifted - Box of silica gel sachets. Some brand-new others looking for 2nd home. Various sizes Offer: Box of AA battery holders (Eastfield) Gifted - containers to hold between 2 and 6 AA batteries with connections. Offer: TP swing frame & 2 swings (Eastfield) Expired - Top horizontal pole of TP Swing frame with attachments for 2 swings, and with ropes & swing seats as well. But you will need to have a structure for attaching this to. Climbing frame been demolished but this part undamaged & seems a shame to take to tip. Offer: 5 metal-frame windows with glass (Eastfield) Expired - About 3' x 2' , but varying sizes. Would make good tops for cold frames Offer: Egg boxes (Eastfield) Gifted - Pile of egg -boxes, mostly 6s, but also a few 12s and 15s Offer: Jam jars with lids (Eastfield) Gifted - 2 boxes of clean jamjars with lids - variety of sizes Request: child car seat, forward facing age 1-3 (Eastfield) Expired - Looking for child car-seat for small 18month old. Forward facing up to 20kg or so. For visiting granddaughter. Offer: 8 empty potato sacks (Eastfield) Expired - Different sizes. Some with clear stripe down one side Offer: 10 large plastic 'fertilizer' sacks (Eastfield) Expired - 10 large tough plastic sacks that had held various things - sand, compost, fertilizer, grass-seed etc Useful for wood, compost, manure, rubble etc etc Offer: box of desiccant silica gel sachets (Eastfield) Expired - Probably about 100 items; original box had 50 10g sachets, but many others added Offer: Fabreze Fabric Freshener 500ml (Eastfield) Expired - Unused spray-action container of Fabreze Fabric freshener