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Offer: Small-Double Mattress (Paul TR18) Withdrawn - Can anyone make use of a good, clean, small-double mattress? I bought a brand new small-double metal bed frame and mattress on one of Facebook's buy/swap/sell sites back in February of this year, but the bed frame turned out to be rubbish - really rickety - and the plastic 'pockets' that held the wooden slats in place kept breaking because of that, and finally too many of them broke and the mattress fell through earlier last week. I've now got another double bed sorted, but I wondered, rather than taking a good, clean mattress to the tip, if anyone could make use of it? I'm in Newlyn - can't drive so couldn't deliver I'm sorry to say. Do need it gone ASAP though as it's taking up space. Request: double bed (Paul TR18) Withdrawn - Hi, Please please please can anyone help? I'm looking for a good condition double bed with a lovely clean mattress. I had one of those rickety metal framed beds, but the wooden slats kept sliding out underneath and now the plastic supports holding the slats in place have broken, rendering it useless as the mattress falls through. I'm in need of something more solid - a wood base, or divan, preferably with a headboard if possible... just not a metal frame. If anyone has one near me in the Newlyn/Penzance area I'd be extremely grateful as I cannot afford to buy one. Many, many thanks in advance. Request: Small Double fitted bed sheets (Newlyn TR18) Received - I bought my daughter a small double bed but can't find any sheets at home that will fit it (I hadn't realised it would make so much difference). Please would anyone happen to have spare or unwanted fitted sheets that would fit a small double bed? I'm in Newlyn and have no transport other than buses. Thank you very much in advance. Offer: Single Bed (Newlyn TR18) Gifted - Does anyone need or want a solid pine single bed base? It used to be part of a bunk bed, but as my children grew it's been used on its own as a single bed. It's all taken apart now ready to go.... there are a couple of screws missing that could be easily replaced, but it holds together just fine without them as we never bothered replacing them when they got lost in a house move. If it's of use to anyone please could you collect asap as it's currently blocking an upstairs doorway. The mattress wasn't worth keeping so we've got rid of that, but any single mattress would fit.
Request: Firm single mattress in good clean condition (Newlyn TR18) Received - Hello - I'm looking for a firm, deep, single bed mattress (not the bed frame) in good, CLEAN condition please. I have no transport, but would pay petrol money if it could be delivered (I'm in Newlyn). A long shot I know, but if you don't put it out there you'll never find it, will you! Thank you ever so much.