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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Small Boy's Bike. (Chineham RG24) - 18 - 20 inch, for a boy 5- to 9 years old. Will collect. Request: petrol hedgetrimmer (Chineham RG24) - Any condition. Will collect. Request: Electric pencil sharpener (Chineham RG24) - To sharpen many colouring pencils for school. Request: Vacuum Cleaners (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - Mains powered. Any make and model. Working or not. Must include at least the hose and any attachments. Will collect. Request: Chainsaw. (Chineham RG24) Received - Petrol or electric, any condition. Will collect. Offer: A Small Bag Of Oyster Shells. (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Roughly 2 dozen half shells. Can be used for garden or art decorations or material. Collection only. Request: Portable air compressor. (Chineham RG24) - For mechanical DIY Request: Vacuum Cleaners (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - Mains powered. Any make, model (Excluding Dysons), working or not, with hose and any attachments. Will collect. Offer: Internet Router/Modem (Chineham RG24) Gifted - As shown, Technicolor brand. Wi-Fi, and Ethernet ports This was an unused duplicate kit sent by Utility Warehouse when we signed up for their IPS. I offered to send it back, but they said to "keep it". We don't need two so if it is of some use to anyone, you are welcome to it. Collection only.
Offer: Helium Gas For Party Balloons (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Half used, but enough left for a few more balloons. Instructions included. Collection only. Sadly non-refillable, but happily completely recycleable when empty.
Offer: Unheated Seedling Propagator (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Has two trays that fit inside a bigger tray that has a hard plastic cover with adjustable vents that fits on top. Hard clear plastic cover has had a bit of an accident which has been repaired with glue some years ago. It's now surplus to requirement. Collection only.
Offer: LG 42" LCD Flat Screen TV. (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Pros: Works fine with a good picture still. Comes with the wall mount and screws. HDMI and USB ports as welL as RGB, RF, and 2 scart ports. Mains cable and plug. Cons: 2008 build. A bit heavy so must be mounted to a concrete or stone block wall. Missing its remote (couldn't find it anywhere, but all control buttons are on the side. Universal remotes available from all good online shops. ^_^) No table stand. Not a smart TV therefore no connection for the internet for direct streaming, except through a set-top box (Sky, BT, Virgin) hence reason it is replaced by newer model. Can deliver inside 5 miles of Basingstoke area, but all else must collect.
Request: Electric Bike. (Chineham RG24) - Any adult size and condition. Will collect. Offer: Car Carrier Cycle Clamp (Chineham RG24) Withdrawn - Fits on the bike for securing it to a roof mounted carrier. Surplus to requirement. Collection only
Offer: Light Dimming Wall Switches (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Dimmer switches, for dimming lights in a room. Collection only
Offer: Mirrored bathroom cabinet with shelves (Chineham RG24) Gifted - An American design with spring loaded poles to keep it in place. Slightly aged, but good as new. Fully adjustable. Good for positioning over a toilet or side wall. Shipped over when we moved back from my foreign job posting 30 years ago, just rediscovered still in its shipping wrappings whilst having an attic inventory. Sadly it won't fit in our bathroom due to it's layout, and I'd hate to have to send it to the tip. (cloths shown not included ^_^) Collection only.
Offer: Large Organic Marrow (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Grown in my brother-in-law's allotments and freshly harvested, this is surplus to requirements. use for soups, stews, curry, and Vegan meals, or just as an ornament. Can be frozen when processed. Waste no food.
Offer: Wooden Hut For Cat, or Small Animal. (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Dimensions: 90cm Long, 52cm Wide, Box 39cm Tall From ground 59cm Tall Comes with a SureFlap electronic flap that can be used with either chipped, or non-chipped animals. Full instructions included in the package. This was completely ignored by our rather fussy and spoiled feline, but apparently loved by the neighbours' cats annoyingly. Sadly it has to go as it's taking up valuable space. Please adopt it before it's off to the tip. Collection only.
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Offer: New Water Supply Hose (Chineham RG24) Gifted - For a washing machine, or dishwasher. Came with our new John Lewis washer and has a water filter system built on. However surplus to requirement and still in its bubble wrap. Collection only.
Request: Calor Propane Tank (Chineham RG24) Received - Anyone got an un-wanted/needed tank? I can collect it. Offer: "Vandal Resistant" Bulkhead Lamps X 2 (Chineham RG24) Gifted - NOS. Purchased years ago on impulse from a marked down sale with good intentions, but found they needed a roundtoit, which I never got. ^_^ Collect only.
Offer: Mark 4 Ford Escort Cruise Control unit. (Chineham RG24) Gifted - This is a genuine OEM Ford after sale cruise control I imported from the US way back in 1989 and installed on my F reg Escort 1.6 lit petrol estate I had bought new back then. Installation was easier than I thought and worked like it said on the box until I uninstalled it before selling the car in 1993 for a Pug 405 diesel thinking I could use it on that, but alass I was undone as it would not work on diesels. It sat in my garage since until I rediscovered it during my clean out recently. All parts are there even the installation instruction manual. It will only work on Fords with carberators not injectors. A shame to send it to the skip, but if no one wants it that's its destiny. Collection only.
Request: Small Beer/Drinks Fridge (Chineham RG24) Received - To keep the drinks cold in summer without taking up valuable space in the family fridge. Offer: Desktop PC Electronic Parts. (Chineham RG24) Gifted - One dead Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PV REV-1 Motherboard for Intel core processor, also a still good PSU (Power Supply Unit) by FSP Group Model: FSP350-60HCC. Both from a NavaTech PC. Motherboard is good for parts, or if you can troubleshoot and repair it. It just died on me one night. Originally had an i5 core. I've since rebuilt the PC which is working a treat. Collect only.
Request: pull rings (Chineham RG24) Received - From any aluminium drinks cans please. To be used for an art project. Offer: Original 1961 Kodak Brownie 8mm f2.7 Movie Film Camera (Chineham RG24) Gifted - No Batteries needed. Runs of windup clock works which still work good. Standard 8mm film and processing still available on-line. No instructions included, but there is an active instructive video on Youtube. A simple camera made before compact video cameras were invented. For a budding film director, or a collector of old cameras. Note: Does [NOT] record sound. Collection only
Request: Paper shredder (Chineham RG24) Received - For shredding old expired paper documents taking valuable file space. My old Fellows recently packed up. Offer: Car Ignition DC Timing Strobe Light (Chineham RG24) Gifted - For adjust the spark timing of older pre-computer petrol engines. it still works. instructions included.
Request: Exercise bike (Chineham RG24) Received - Needed for cardiovascular exercise. Offer: SLR Camera Case (Chineham RG24) Gifted - Slightly used.