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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Big metal tray (Downers Grove) Gifted - Blue and white
Photo of free Big metal tray (Downers Grove)
Free: Heavy vase (Downers Grove) Gifted - Pink ceramic
Photo of free Heavy vase (Downers Grove)
Free: Med to Tall Glass Vase (Downers Grove) Gifted - Glass
Photo of free Med to Tall Glass Vase (Downers Grove)
Free: Glass spaghetti jar (Downers Grove) Gifted - You'll need Bolt cutters to get this lock off because I forgot the combination.
Photo of free Glass spaghetti jar (Downers Grove)
Free: Metal tin (Downers Grove) - 5x5? Dark Red
Photo of free Metal tin (Downers Grove)
Free: Gold chest (Downers Grove) Gifted - Wire
Photo of free Gold chest (Downers Grove)
Free: Pick fake flowers (Downers Grove) Gifted - In plastic teal colored vase
Photo of free Pick fake flowers (Downers Grove)
Free: Gold fabric bottom of box? (Downers Grove) Promised - 5x5?
Photo of free Gold fabric bottom of box? (Downers Grove)
Free: Big vase (Downers Grove) Gifted - 5" diameter?
Photo of free Big vase (Downers Grove)
Free: Tiles (Downers Grove) - Have a lot more downstairs Grey squares and others.
Photo of free Tiles (Downers Grove)
Free: Wood chair (Downers Grove) Gifted - One
Photo of free Wood chair (Downers Grove)
Free: Solid wood chair (Downers Grove) - With cushion
Photo of free Solid wood chair (Downers Grove)
Free: Metal rose (Downers Grove) Gifted - Handmade I think
Photo of free Metal rose (Downers Grove)
Free: Wooden tray (Downers Grove) Gifted - 1x1.5?
Photo of free Wooden tray (Downers Grove)
Free: Beveled smoky glass (Downers Grove) - 1x3?
Photo of free Beveled smoky glass (Downers Grove)
Free: Fake purple flowers (Downers Grove) Gifted - In basket
Photo of free Fake purple flowers (Downers Grove)
Free: Fake roses (Downers Grove) Gifted - In glass vase
Photo of free Fake roses (Downers Grove)
Free: Gallery wrapped original (Downers Grove) Gifted - By Kim Wilcox 4x4
Photo of free Gallery wrapped original (Downers Grove)
Free: Acrylic on canvas gallery wrapped (Downers Grove) - 4x4
Photo of free Acrylic on canvas gallery wrapped (Downers Grove)
Photo of free Acrylic on canvas gallery wrapped (Downers Grove)
Free: 4x6 original art (Downers Grove) Gifted - BY Kim Wilcox
Photo of free 4x6 original art (Downers Grove)
Free: Paper holder (Downers Grove) - Legal size
Photo of free Paper holder (Downers Grove)
Free: Paper shredder (Downers Grove) Gifted - Small simple kind
Photo of free Paper shredder (Downers Grove)
Free: Wallpaper stripper (Downers Grove) - Liquid
Photo of free Wallpaper stripper (Downers Grove)
Free: Waterproof mats (Downers Grove) - A bit dirty and torn but still very useful
Photo of free Waterproof mats (Downers Grove)
Free: Boot mats (Downers Grove) Gifted - 2
Photo of free Boot mats (Downers Grove)
Free: Pot hangers (Downers Grove) - Slide on wood piece that broke and no longer have.
Photo of free Pot hangers (Downers Grove)
Free: Trim pieces (Downers Grove) - Random
Photo of free Trim pieces (Downers Grove)
Free: Grabber (Downers Grove) - Doesn't close all the way
Photo of free Grabber (Downers Grove)
Free: Snow scraper (Downers Grove) Gifted - 2-3feet long
Photo of free Snow scraper (Downers Grove)
Free: Water colors (Downers Grove) Gifted - No brushes
Photo of free Water colors (Downers Grove)