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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Kettle (Bath) Expired - It is fully working but as you can see along the hinge edges the plastic is beginning to degrade, so probably best not used for drinks or food.
Photo of free Kettle (Bath)
Offer: Old carpet (Bath) Expired - It’s a large rug, maybe 12’ x 8’, MOTHEATEN, so no good for indoor use but if anyone wants it to suppress weeds or similar it could end its days usefully. Offer: Medical book (Bath) Gifted - It’s a big heavy book from my medical school days, in readable condition, this edition published in 1981. Abut of a long shot but if someone would like it they would be welcome to have it.
Photo of free Medical book (Bath)
Offer: Dusters (Bath) Gifted - Does anyone need more dusters? We seem to have loads, think they’re reproducing in the cupboard. Used but plenty of use still, and clean. Offer: Oil lamp base (Bath) Gifted - It’s a fully working oil lamp base, shown in second picture, unfortunately minus its chimney - these are available to buy online. The first picture gives an idea of what it would look like with its chimney. I’ve offered this before but sadly more than one interested person failed to collect so this is its last chance, metal recycling after this.
Photo of free Oil lamp base (Bath)
Photo of free Oil lamp base (Bath)
Offer: Oilcloth scraps (Bath) Expired - I have a small bagful of oilcloth off cuts, could be used for small zipped makeup cases etc if anyone would like them.
Photo of free Oilcloth scraps (Bath)
Offer: Red velvet (Bath) Gifted - I have a piece of crimson curtain- weight velvet, 120cm wide x 67cm, could make a nice cushion.
Photo of free Red velvet (Bath)
Offer: Curtain lining made up into panels (Bath) Gifted - I have two panels of cream coloured curtain lining fabric,1.5 widths per panel, already hemmed. Width per panel 202cm, length excluding hems 208 cm, if hems undone would be about 217cm. I made them then never used them. Offer: Piping cord (Bath) Gifted - Most of a roll of piping cord, 4mm diameter
Photo of free Piping cord (Bath)
Offer: Roll of domett interlining (Bath) Gifted - Neutral coloured, 140 cm wide, majority of a 50m roll Offer: Compost bins (Bath) Gifted - We have two of this type of compost bin ‘The Compost Machine’) to pass on. They hold 220l. The original lids were nicked but they have worked very well with replacement dustbin lids.
Photo of free Compost bins (Bath)
Request: Christmas tree lights (Bathwick) Received - Our Christmas tree lights 3 sets- have all died on us, no matter what I do I can’t get them to work and our tree is looking rather forlorn! Tried buying some without success. If anyone has a spare set I’d be really grateful - still a week of Christmas to go before 12th night! Offer: Brass oil lamp base (Bathwick) Expired - It’s shown in the first picture. Unfortunately I managed to break the glass but replacement chimney glasses are available online. The base of the chimney should be 6.5cm. With a glass it would look something like the second picture. Request: Polyester stuffing or an old cushion (Bathwick) Received - I am making some Christmas crafts and need some stuffing! Not a huge amount, just a few handfuls. Preferably the polyester wadding type, would be happy with an old wadding-stuffed cushion pad. Happy to wash it myself if necessary. Thank you for reading this. Request: Bike pannier bags (Bathwick) Expired - Has any got a set of unwanted bike pannier bags? I’d be really grateful to have them if so. Offer: Paper shredder (Bathwick) Gifted - It’s in full working order, 15” tall by 12” wide by 6” deep.
Photo of free Paper shredder (Bathwick)
Offer: Leaded light (Bathwick) Gifted - It’s an Edwardian leaded light, 15.5” x 20.75”. It needs some repair work but still lovely.
Photo of free Leaded light (Bathwick)
Offer: Blue velvet lengths (Bathwick) Gifted - Two pieces of mid blue curtain- weight velvet. One is 120cm x 2m, it has been used in the past as a floor cushion cover, now a straight length, needs cleaning, but in reasonable condition. The second piece is unused, so clean, 120cm x 3.5m. I will ‘quarantine’ them for three days before handing over to anyone who’d like them. They come from a smoking- free house.
Photo of free Blue velvet lengths (Bathwick)
Offer: Brass oil lamp base (Bathwick) Expired - It’s shown in the first picture. Unfortunately I managed to break the glass but replacement chimney glasses are available online. The base of the chimney should be 6.5cm. With a glass it would look something like the second picture.
Photo of free Brass oil lamp base (Bathwick)
Photo of free Brass oil lamp base (Bathwick)
Request: Chunky zip (Bathwick) Received - I’m making a toy bag for a friend who hasn’t a lot of spare cash, and I’d like to find a chunky zip to close it with. Minimum 2’ long, any colour. Thank you for reading this, keep well. Offer: Plastic chest (Bathwick) Gifted - It’s a lidded chest, rather battered but still functional. 36x48cm, x 26cm high.
Photo of free Plastic chest (Bathwick)
Offer: Echinops plant (Bathwick) Gifted - I’ve just cut this down but it looked like photo before I did, about 5’ tall. Didn’t suit the spot we had it in, so if anyone else would like it I’ll dig it up for you.
Photo of free Echinops plant (Bathwick)
Offer: Money plant or jade plant. (Bathwick) Gifted - I have one small money plant, also called jade plants, or Crassula ovata, to pass on. House plants, very easy to care for and they’ve survived heat of up to 50 degrees in our conservatory. Promised to two people who failed to collect so available again. Offer: Cake platters (Bathwick) Gifted - I have a pile of cardboard/foil covered cake platters of various sizes, use but still with life in them if anyone is interested.
Photo of free Cake platters (Bathwick)
Offer: Magazine rack (Bathwick) Expired - It has a metal frame with basket/wicker work, damaged on the front by cat scratching it but still usable or could be ‘up cycled’ by someone crafty.
Photo of free Magazine rack (Bathwick)
Offer: Vicks digital thermometer (Bathwick) Expired - Ithink it needs a new battery but can’t work out how to change it! Otherwise looks fine!
Photo of free Vicks digital thermometer (Bathwick)
Offer: Cushion for coccyx pain (Bathwick) Gifted - It’s a square flat cushion made by Putnams, picture taken from internet, with a T shaped cut out for taking pressure off the coccyx. Picture shows underneath, the top is smooth and it has a removable zipped cover.
Photo of free Cushion for coccyx pain (Bathwick)
Offer: Gift boxes (Bathwick) Expired - Does anyone else collect gift boxes that “may come in useful”? I’m trying to cut down my collection so if they would be of use to anyone you are welcome.
Photo of free Gift boxes (Bathwick)
Offer: House plant (Bathwick) Gifted - We have a ficus benjamina that has got too large if anyone would like it. It’s about 15”/38cm tall. I’ve just reported it; the lip of the pot is cracked at the back but the body of the pot is fine.
Photo of free House plant (Bathwick)
Request: Jam jars (Bathwick) Received - We’ve run out of jam jars and need them for chutney-making! If anyone has some spare we’d be really grateful