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Offer: Double duvet. (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Old 13.5 tog man made fibre duvet. Suitable for pet bedding. This has been stored for several years. From pet and smoke free home.
Photo of free Double duvet. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Unused kitchen wall cabinet carcase. (Didsbury M20) Gifted - This is a narrow, tall white carcase.28cm X 70cm. Fixtures are included but no door as the garage thieves took everything else!
Photo of free Unused kitchen wall cabinet carcase. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: 2 identical small rugs. (Didsbury M20) Gifted - In used condition, both would benefit from a clean, one is grubbier than the other. 31 X 53 inches. Cream background multicoloured circles.
Photo of free 2 identical small rugs. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Two identical good sized rugs. (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Used and could probably do with a clean. 72 X 54 inches.
Photo of free Two identical good sized rugs. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Hi-Fi unit (Didsbury M20) Withdrawn - Used but in generally good condition. Small damaged area on top. Drawers in working order. 300mm wide, 72mm tall and 28cm deep.
Photo of free Hi-Fi unit (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Season 1 & 2 West Wing VHS (Didsbury M20) Withdrawn - VHS seasons 1&2 .I believe they are in good condition.
Photo of free Season 1 & 2 West Wing VHS (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Kenwood liquidiser (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Kenwood liquidiser in used condition but working.
Photo of free Kenwood liquidiser (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Salt and pepper set (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Stainless steel salt and pepper set. Salt has minor salt staining as per photo. Offer: Two hairdryers (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Two small hairdryers . Both working, blue one is by Braun. White one Hair Design. Take 1 or both.
Photo of free Two hairdryers (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Boots, size 6. (Didsbury M20) Withdrawn - Work style boots in good condition. Suede upper. Quite heavy , I believe they are waterproof.
Photo of free Boots, size 6. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Decorations (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Christmas decorations, mostly tinsel but some baubles.
Photo of free Decorations (Didsbury M20)
Request: Pallets (Didsbury M20) Received - We need to reinforce a fence and would be grateful for any pallets people want to be rid of. We are in M20 but are happy to collect from almost anywhere in the Manchester area. Offer: Shower curtain rings. (Didsbury M20) Withdrawn - 15 plastic shower curtain rings.
Photo of free Shower curtain rings. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Draught proofing strip (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Draught proofing strip for bottom of door. Unused. 102cm /40".
Photo of free Draught proofing strip (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Vintage leather suitcase. (Didsbury M20) Gifted - This suitcase is not in great condition, the lid edges are broken and the handle is missing . The catches work and the leather hinges are there and working. It's about 80 years old, possibly older and is a possible upcycling project!
Photo of free Vintage leather suitcase. (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Several carpet offcuts (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Several pieces of beige/cream good quality carpet. Not new but has never been used. Not all the same carpet type. Pleas add your mobile number if you would like this item.
Photo of free Several carpet offcuts (Didsbury M20)
Offer: Multi language phrase book. (Didsbury M20) Expired - A book designed to help those working with people in urgent need of help who have no English. Offer: A selection of recorder music. (Didsbury M20) Withdrawn - All is used but usable condition. Unfortunately I can't post a photo. If you are interested I can e-mail a photo to you. Offer: Songs for soprano voice (Didsbury M20) Withdrawn - Music and words. Offer: Use of English book (Didsbury M20) Gifted - Very good book would be particularly good for an organisation or individual helping people learn/improve their English grammar and punctuation.
Photo of free Use of English book (Didsbury M20)
Request: 5' fluorescent tube. (Didsbury M20) Received - Our 5ft fluorescent tube has gone, does anyone have one they no longer need that is in working order? Thank you for reading this.