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Request: B32, TENS machine (Lapal B32) - Does any one have TENS machine that I could have. Thanks. Request: Dynamic microphone With XLR (Lapal B32) - Any one disposing of old Microphone with XLR TO 6.35 pin cable. Thanks Offer: Microwave glass turntable (Lapal B32) Gifted - Glass turntable of Samsung microwave. Request: Landline or DECT phone (Lapal B32) Received - If anyone has a landline or a cordless for me to connect the landline kindly help. Request: Pipe for securing garden electrics. B32 (Lapal B32) Withdrawn - I am looking for corrugated pipe to secure some normal electric wire which I had to put under emergency circumstances and realised it had to be armoured. I only need around one metre of it. I hope some DIY professional would have some other idea too. Request: Anvil or strimmer for garden (California B32) Expired - Looking for anvil or anything that would help me clear out over grown garden and cut few metal stringers. Offer: Sky Box B32 (California B32) Withdrawn - It is old sky remote working
Photo of free Sky Box B32 (California B32)
Request: small monitor or tv (Lapal B32) Expired - Required a working tv with HDMI connection small size most welcome. Doesn't need remote Request: old kitchen wall units (Lapal B32) Expired - If you are having a new kitchen fitted and getting rid if wall units kindly consider me. I only need wall units thanks. Request: PVC trunking. (Lapal B32) Received - Wanted PVC trunking any off cuts of Please. I need very small piece to hide CCTV wires. Thanks. b32 Offer: Give away Wardrobe good condition B32 (Lapal B32) Gifted - Wardrobe light grey colour. Photos attached 1000mm X 2222mm
Photo of free Give away Wardrobe good condition B32 (Lapal B32)
Offer: Hob along with oven and grill. (Lapal B32) Gifted - Oven and grill along with hob. Hob is not attached to oven or grill, it is separate. This was lying in the house I bought bought, I have not used personally. Hope it works
Photo of free Hob along with oven and grill. (Lapal B32)
Offer: Offer Oven and grill along with cooker b32 (Lapal B32) Gifted - Oven and grill along with cooker. Coockeris not attached to oven or grill separate. I bought house it was there never used it. Hope it works.