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Offer: Expired Freezer Meat for Pet Food Makers Expired - I have some old/expired freezer meat that I'd rather donate to someone who makes their own pet food vs throw in the trash. The meat has remained continually frozen with no power outages, but it is beyond use/freeze by dates. I've donated to people in the past, but lost their contact info. I will not deliver this - it must be picked up. I can put it in my front porch for pick-up on the desired date. Request: Lawn Mower Expired - Mine has died, again. Had it fixed once, but am now told it's shot. Anyone have an old one to get rid of? I'll promptly pick it up. Thanks! Request: a TV for an Xmas Present? Free WORKING TV, Converter Box and Antenna Expired - Old Skool TV (not HD but it is 27inches) Rabbit Ears Antenna Converter box (local channels - I get about 12-15 on a good day - weather-wise) Both Remotes too. I'm not gonna lie, the TV works, but is big and heavy. Once in a while, it glitches out to only a line, but then recovers and works fine for a long time. (Sometimes you can just give it a smack on the side and it's back to normal for months) The converter box is perfect. The Rabbit Ears antenna sits nicely on top and gets in about 15 channels depending on your location and weather... Including KDLH, KBJR, WDIO, PBS, Fox and a buncha PBS/Wdio Channels, plus Antenna and the like. The Converter box remote: is perfect. Batteries work too. The TV remote: the TV/Video button works fine to swap for various programming (Roku, Video Games, DVDs), the power button works fine, and the volume button works fine. Channels change with the converter remote. The rest of the buttons on the TV remote are hit or miss or dead. You may need to purchase a universal remote - but that's cheap as at Walmart or Best Buy or where ever. Also, this TV has front and back hook ups for gaming devices. I'll even throw in the cable with the red, white and yellow connectors! Just wanting some family who has no TV to have one, without having to pay for cable. Roku hooks up nicely too, if you have or can afford that. I will not split up the set, as surely there is someone or family out there with nothing. Additionally, only message me if you are a family in need where this would be a gift to you. That's all I am hoping for to help out. If you are a reseller or something - don't be a Dick, it's Xmas. I was gifted with a new/used TV and want to pay it forward to some family with nothing. It works fine. Again it is heavy, so you'll need to come with someone who can lift or a dolly - and careful cuz it's icy or wait til the weather is better. Message me for a photo.