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Request: Groundwork, demolition, "breaking" type tools for trenches e (Trapp SA19) - Hi folks I've got a tonne of gardening and groundwork to do, including trench digging, drainage, and the like. If anyone has anything that might be useful, please get in touch. I'll definitely be needing sledge hammers, pickaxes, demolition bars, trench spades, shovels, all the kind of stuff... Huge thanks for reading Offer: Russell Hobbs Mini Chopper 22220 - Not Currently Working (Trapp SA19) Expired - A handy little gadget, but currently in a dead state. Perhaps someone would like a go at getting it running again? Or perhaps someone has one and would like the blade and bowls as spares? Please note also there is a little damage to the plastic, as per photo. Many thanks
Photo of free Russell Hobbs Mini Chopper 22220 - Not Currently Working (Trapp SA19)
Photo of free Russell Hobbs Mini Chopper 22220 - Not Currently Working (Trapp SA19)
Offer: x5 VHS Video Tapes / Cassettes (Trapp SA19) Expired - Titles as per photos, but please note that these were not mine and I don't have a player to check them, so I cannot say for sure if the labels will match what's on the tapes!! Many thanks for looking
Photo of free x5 VHS Video Tapes / Cassettes (Trapp SA19)
Offer: A pair of crutches (Trapp SA19) Expired - A little bit worn but perfectly usable. Let me know if you would like to see a photo and I'll get one to you. Ta Offer: Lots of empty DVD cases - various sizes. Includes "artwork" (Trapp SA19) Withdrawn - Hi all Just to confirm, these are all empty. Wasn't sure if the empty cases would be of use to anyone, and or if the booklets/art might be? Plenty of different sizes as some are standard single whilst others are doubles and box sets. Would prefer them to all go in one lot if possible. Thanks for looking
Photo of free Lots of empty DVD cases - various sizes. Includes "artwork" (Trapp SA19)
Offer: 18 Toilet Rolls unused. Lotioned and lightly fragranced (Trapp SA19) Withdrawn - Hi all Bought these in error and found the smell totally overpowering. But then I don't tend to like any fragranced anything, so others might find they're fine? For the more technically minded Freecyclers, here are the specifications: - 18 rolls, 3 ply - 160 sheets per roll - Sheet size 120mm x 105mm - Average roll length 19.2m - Total area 36.28sq. metres That's the extent of my knowledge, so for any further information please contact the manufacturer :) Request: Jerusalem Artichoke tubers for planting; or eating! (Trapp SA19) Expired - Hi Hoping to get a patch of Jerusalem Artichokes going and wondered if anyone has any spare tubers please? A few for the dinner plate would be lovely too if that's not too cheeky and anyone has glut! :) Many thanks Request: Comfrey Bocking 14 the sterile sort cuttings (Trapp SA19) Expired - Hi We have recently moved and had to leave our nice Comfrey patch at the last house :( So wondered if anyone has any that they'd be willing to give us cuttings from? We're after Bocking 14 so that it doesn't spread everywhere! Many thanks Request: Garden compost bin s (Trapp SA19) Expired - Looking for some compost bins, any type. Any condition is fine so long as it is sturdy / usable :) Many thanks Offer: Cardboard Packing Boxes - Large, strong good quality ones (Trapp SA19) Expired - After a recent house move, I've got some large decent quality boxes (the type you get from the removal people). Probably around a dozen or so, maybe more. You're welcome to take as many or as few as you like. They are flat packed and in good condition, but do have writing on them from when we moved. Request: Old Laptop or PC with Windows XP (Trapp SA19) Received - I'm looking for an old laptop or PC with Windows XP... Preferably working, but even if it is not working I might be interested if I know what the fault is (and think I might be able to fix it!) I recently upgraded to Windows 7 but there's some things I still need XP for, which is why I'm looking for another machine. Many thanks Request: One pane of single glazed glass and or putty/glass cutter (Trapp SA19) Expired - Hi all I'm looking for a piece of single glazed glass. The measurement I need is 895cm X 312cm, but if you have larger than this then I can look to get a glass cutter. On the other hand, if anyone has a glass cutter that would be most useful too! And I'll also be looking for a small amount of glazing putty to fit it... Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks for reading :) Request: Bubble wrap and similar packing materials not Jiffy bags (Trapp SA19) Expired - Hi The title says it all really! So just to add - thanks for reading my advert :) All the best Request: Sheet or sheets of WOOD, ply, chipboard, planks - for temp flooring (Trapp SA19) Expired - Hi all I'm looking for any kind of wood that might be useful for flooring... Chipboard and ply, planks etc. Don't need much so any small amount considered. And it's only temporary, so condition and appearance isn't important. That being said, I have got a room that needs permanent floor boards so I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who has any old floor boards they no longer need. Many thanks Request: Stones and rocks for garden - all shapes and sizes (Trapp SA19) Expired - Hi I'm doing various projects in the garden and am looking for any stones and rocks that people might have going spare. They'll be used for walls, planters, boarders, path ways, etc. Anything considered :) Many thanks Request: Xbox 360 games and accessories (Trapp SA19) Received - Hi folks I've recently started work looking after a gentleman who loves his XBox 360. If anyone has any spare games or accessories/peripherals they no longer use, please get in touch. He likes to play children games amongst others, but nothing too adult, violent, or difficult please. Many thanks Offer: Curtains x4. Matching but different sizes. Red, yellow, and patterned (Trapp SA19) Expired - Please see photos and let me know if you need sizes or further details. Please note that these were from a smokers house and will therefore need a good wash to get rid of the smell etc
Photo of free Curtains x4. Matching but different sizes. Red, yellow, and patterned (Trapp SA19)
Request: XBox 360 Controller (Trapp SA19) Received - Hi On the off chance that anyone has an Xbox controller going spare, please get in touch. The chap I'm a carer for loves his Xbox but his current controller has a broken B button. Before getting a new one I thought I'd try here.... Many thanks Request: Bookcase or shelving unit (Trapp SA19) Received - Hi all I'm looking for a book case or shelving unit... Something around 5 - 6 foot tall would be ideal, but I'd be happy to take a look at ANYTHING. Happy to collect at your convenience. Many thanks for reading Request: Loft boards or similar (Trapp SA19) Received - Hi everyone Does anyone have any loft boards or similar going spare? Happy to take a few or many, depending on what you have. Huge thanks Offer: Three seater sofa - red and gold floral (Trapp SA19) Expired - Please see photo. The sofa was from a smokers house. It's been in ours for over a month now so the smell has gone a bit but of still noticeable. There are some stains and marks as well. You'd be welcome to come and have a look... Get in touch if you need dimensions. Unfortunately we cannot transport this. It's large so you'll need a large vehicle, van or trailer. More than happy to help with lifting etc though. Cheers Request: Cordless phone orphones (Trapp SA19) Received - Hi everyone I am in need of a cordless phone. One would be enough, but if there is more than one handset that would be even better! It needs to be able to do "touch tone" - I think that's what it's called ("For Customer Services, Press 1, etc etc"). That kind of thing. I do have a phone but it does not do this and it makes things difficult. I would buy some phones but I am only likely to need them temporarily. Many thanks