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Free: Cordless phone with answering machine (Shotover OX3) Gifted - I no longer have a landline subscription, so no longer need this phone. It works perfectly and comes with phone cable and power supply.
Photo of free Cordless phone with answering machine (Shotover OX3)
Request: Portable typewriter (Shotover OX3) Received - If anyone has an old classic typewriter gathering dust in their garage or loft, I am very keen to give it a new home and put it back into service. Many thanks in advance for any offers or pointers. Request: Used carpet (Shotover OX3) Expired - I recently insulated and boarded my loft and would like to lay carpet on the loft boards to make it easier to slide stuff around up there. If anyone has an old carpet or carpet offcuts gathering dust, I'd gladly take it over. Many thanks in advance. Request: 14 inch wheel trims (hub caps) (Shotover OX3) Expired - Any brand would be fine. I have lost a few recently so would appreciate any that anyone my have lying around. Quite often they're thrown away when people upgrade to alloy wheels. Request: Kombucha scooby starter (Shotover OX3) Received - Anyone with a surplus? Request: Camping stove (Shotover OX3) Expired - We're hoping to go camping in Wales next week and have just realised that we left our camping stove in France. Does anyone have one that is gathering dust? I don't mind if it's gas or paraffin or petrol, just as long as it can boil water for a morning coffee! Request: Garden bench (Shotover OX3) Expired - Any type of garden bench to enable me to get outside and enjoy the summer. Request: 10 inch trailer wheel or tyre (Shotover OX3) Expired - Hi I'm in need of a 10 inch wheel to use as a spare wheel for my trailer. I'd also be interested in just the tyre, as I still have the old rim and a new tube. Ideally 145 R 10. If you have an old trailer wheel, or even a wheel from a classic mini lying around gathering dust, I'll gladly put it to use. Thanks in advance. Request: Wooden work bench for shed (Shotover OX3) Received - I'm in need of a good old fashioned wooden work bench for my shed. If anyone has one lying around that they would be willing to part with, I can assure you it would be put to a lot of use right away. Request: Fax machine (Wood Farm OX3) Received - I'll be needing to send a few faxes in the next few years. (One would have thought and hoped that these became obsolete many years ago, but clearly some institutions still require them!) If anyone has a fax machine gathering dust, I will certainly be able to put it back into use over the next few years. Request: Work bench (Wood Farm OX3) Expired - Hi I'm looking for a good solid workbench for my shed. Does anyone have one that needs a new home where it will be used pretty much every day? Thanks in advance. Regards Roger Free: Bosch dishwasher (Wood Farm OX3) Gifted - Has been in storage for the last year. Was working last time it was used. Good condition, just surplus to requirements.
Photo of free Bosch dishwasher (Wood Farm OX3)
Photo of free Bosch dishwasher (Wood Farm OX3)