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Offer: Sofa (Dubuque,Iowa) - Floral Sofa comfortable were moving cant keep thanks
Offer: Misc Free Stuff (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - Were moving lots of Free Stuff glasses dishware beauty products small table garden stuff and lots more Offer: Misc Stuff (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - 2 small tables cookie jar cheese and cracker plate plastic hangers fog machine plastic gas can metal tub 2 large plastic tubs tin for fireplace ashes dishware
Offer: Swing camping stuff tools etc (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - I have a swing, flat screen tv ladder ,box of tools, Coleman grill weed eater etc Its currently sitting out by our garage if you want to come look most likely being left out for trash pickup if not picked up by this Thursday.Thanks
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Offer: 50 inch Vizio Plasma TV (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - We have a 50 inch Vizio Plasma TV that we believe needs a power module.Won't turn on.It had a great picture when working. Offer: Jr Hamburger Buns (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - I have a least 10 packages of 12 count Jr Hamburger buns from a wedding reception.I don't want them to go to waste.Best if used by June 29 Thanks Offer: Jr Buns (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - I have at least 10 packages of Jr Buns from a wedding reception best if used by June 29 Offer: Couch (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - I have a free couch floral pattern good condition would like it picked up by Friday 6/21 early morning if possible.Thanks Offer: Box of Candles misc (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - Hello I have a box of several candles incense, scented oils and misc items thank you Request: Outdoor wicker furniture and queene (Dubuque,Iowa) - Hello I'm looking for some wicker outdoor furniture(chairs,loveseat etc) if it needs some work that's fine. Also I'm looking for a queen size bedframe and head board.Thank you. Offer: Fisher stereo reciever (Dubuque,Iowa) - Bought this new in the 80's not working but might be a easy fix like fuses. Offer: Misc stuff (Dubuque,Iowa) - Fisher amp from the 80's turns on but I think it needs fuses,record player/am fm player needs cleaning,extra large dog bed and toys,2-3 garbage bags full of Iowa returnable cans,container of patching compound,lighted Christmas reindeer Offer: Mis stuff (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - Halloween costumes,beauty products, bag of hangers, and a box of misc wall hanging gaming stuff for wii and game boy etc. misc game pieces guitar strings and more please take the containers too thank you Offer: several house hold items (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - dvds and vhs movies,grey paint, varnish remover,glass bird feeder,suet bird feed,metal magazine and paper rack with drawer,long piece of wood molding,plastic container with lid,strands of garden lights large bulbs,bag of beauty products,garden sheers, garmet bag and reusable bag tj max,motion light. Offer: Sirrius boombox (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - Sirrius boombox (2) Offer: lattice, fencing and misc. (Dubuque,Iowa) Gifted - large piece of lattice, metal garden fencing and misc.stuff from garage toolbox