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Offer: 27" monitor (St Pancras N1) Gifted - Acer 27" monitor model 271HT. I used it with wall mount and no longer have the desk mount. You could porbably buy that separately online using the model number
Photo of free 27" monitor (St Pancras N1)
Offer: computer keyboard and mouse USB (St Pancras N1) Gifted - brand new ,unused came with my HP desktop but I use a radio keybaord and mouse.
Photo of free computer keyboard and mouse USB (St Pancras N1)
Request: Zender piano (St Pancras N1) Withdrawn - For a young beginner pianist . Can be 6 octave. We will collect. Offer: Headphones (St Pancras N1) Gifted - Sennheiser headphones. The minijack was faulty so I got a new one and tried unsuccessfully to fix it. It is needs someone with experience soldering minjacks to fix it. I hate to chuck a thing of beauty! Offer: document boxes (St Pancras N1) Gifted - 3 document boxes from UK Office Direct presently folded Offer: twinslot brackets (St Pancras N1) Expired - an assortment, see photo
Photo of free twinslot brackets (St Pancras N1)
Offer: long arm stapler (St Pancras N1) Gifted - made by is good for stapling wide pieces of paper by placing the staple between 15 and 30 cm from the paper edge
Photo of free long arm stapler (St Pancras N1)
Photo of free long arm stapler (St Pancras N1)
Offer: Baby High Chair (St Pancras N1) Gifted - with table , harness and padded seat , made by Cosatto Offer: Sony Bravia 17" TV (St Pancras N1) Gifted - with remote Offer: foam mattress with cover 190x125x13cm (St Pancras N1) Gifted - generally good condition: small (luckily) cigarette burn on oneside. of the cover not reaching the mattress itself Offer: comphor wood chest (St Pancras N1) Gifted - dark wood sculpted with scenes from oriental folklore. 68 cm length x 36 height x depth. missing front lock.
Photo of free comphor wood chest (St Pancras N1)
Offer: futon (St Pancras N1) Gifted - futon matress measuring approximately 188x 136x10cm Offer: Pedal Bin (St Pancras N1) Expired - tal 63 cm silver lid , creme body. Showing signs of wear but functioning well Offer: remote computer keyboard (St Pancras N1) Expired - full size keyboard with numberic pad. Put in batteries , plug the little USB transmitter and away you go. no wires! Offer: Dog cage (St Pancras N1) Gifted - The cage measures length 76 cm , depth 48cm and height 55 cm. It collapses flat for storage or transport.
Photo of free Dog cage (St Pancras N1)
Offer: folding ramp (St Pancras N1) Gifted - ramp extends to make a 1.5 meter walk way that is 34cm wide.There is a meter rule in the photo to help you get the scale. We got it to help our dog get into the hatch back of the car. It worked for a while but now the arthritis has taken over, poor thing!
Photo of free folding ramp (St Pancras N1)
Offer: HP Cartridges (St Pancras N1) Expired - 932 Black, 933 all colours Offer: Printer cartridges (St Pancras N1) Expired - HP 932 and 933 cartidges My printer packed up and I got a new model. I have 7 partly used cartidges left. Probably quite a bit of milage in them that could save you a few quid.