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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Knee-high tights (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - About 12-14 pairs of light support knee-highs, variety of colours, dark brown, light brown, nearly black. Some packs still sealed, some opened but all pairs offered have not been tried on or worn.
Photo of free Knee-high tights (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Hardback book Bring up the Bodies (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Award winning novel by Hilary Mantel. Hardback book in excellent condition.
Photo of free Hardback book Bring up the Bodies (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Cardboard roll (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Very strong cardboard roll, previously used for carpet storage. 1.82m long, diameter about 11cm. It may have some use for someone, rather than just going straight down to the recycling at the Drayton dump.
Photo of free Cardboard roll (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Clothes rail (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Approx 140cm high, 90cm across. Good condition apart from a tiny spot of rust on the top rail.
Photo of free Clothes rail (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Two wine books (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - A Wine Miscellany by Graham Harding - all sorts of snippets of information about wine Wine Journal - a sort of diary, each page blank for notes on wine/vineyard/region/year/notes etc Both in excellent condition, Wine Journal unused. Probably unwanted Christmas presents..........
Photo of free Two wine books (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Bunk bed ladders (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Take either or both. One is varnished with flat steps and hooks at top, the other is unvarnished, no hooks and round rungs.
Photo of free Bunk bed ladders (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Vinyl offcut (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Unused vinyl offcut. Cushion floor. In one piece, with main section 1.1m x 3.0m, second section (on photo) is 0.9m x 1.9m. The second section is placed almost centrally off the main piece. Has been stored for some time but appears to be in excellent condition Will consider cutting down for ease of transport if necessary.
Photo of free Vinyl offcut (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Bag of pears (fallers) (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Conference pears, now nearly all off the tree. Ripe, won't store long. Some damaged as can be seen from the photo.
Photo of free Bag of pears (fallers) (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Christmas tree stand (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - 41cm diameter, about 20cm high. Very good condition.
Photo of free Christmas tree stand (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Apple storage box (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Before this goes into the recycling bin, was wondering if anyone needs a box to store some of their apple crop. Strong box, tray clean.
Photo of free Apple storage box (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Women's Rohan walking trousers (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Have been worn but are in very good condition. Size M. Described as 100% Polyamide with Dynamic Moisture Control.
Photo of free Women's Rohan walking trousers (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Graphic mystery story (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Drawn and written by Posy Simmonds. Great fun, but perhaps not something for the permanent bookshelf! Fairly recently published. Hardback book in very good condition.
Photo of free Graphic mystery story (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Two bedspreads (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - These could be described as retro - pair single bedspreads bought some 40 years ago but stored for much of the time since. Good clean condition White. Very slight yellowing of the white on one side. Each 176cm x 262 cm excluding fringe. Cotton, washable.
Photo of free Two bedspreads (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Knee highs, medium support (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Approx a dozen knee highs, all medium support, in five packs. Some packs opened but none of the knee highs offered have been used. Mostly fairly dark brown, but a couple of 'nearly black' pairs. 20 denier.
Photo of free Knee highs, medium support (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Bag of pears (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - The storm yesterday, following last week's winds, have brought down a lot more of my conference pears. These are not fully ripe but are excellent if you like a very crisp pear or want to cook with them. Some with minor damage due to fall and the attentions of the wasps who seem to love this fruit.
Photo of free Bag of pears (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: CDs (classical music) (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Mostly selections inc Golden Voices of the 20th Century, Opera for Castaways from Desert Island Discs Kiri te Kanawa sings Handel Glyndebourne excerpts Music inspired by nature and others
Photo of free CDs (classical music) (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: French encyclopedia (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Dictionnaire Hachette encyclopédique. 2002 edition 1848 pages! In very good condition apart from fading on the spine cover.
Photo of free French encyclopedia (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Children's plastic picnic plates,cups,cutlery (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - 2 wrapped packs of 6 plates, 2 loose plates 6 mugs, pack of 'knives', spoons, forks Various bright colours. All believed to be unused. From Asda
Photo of free Children's plastic picnic plates,cups,cutlery (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Verbena Bonariensis seedlings (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Potted up seedlings. When mature, described as 'tall, narrow, sparsely-leafed stems on top of which flattened heads of bright lavender-purple flowers appear in late-summer'. Excellent for structural interest in the garden and attractive to insects.
Photo of free Verbena Bonariensis seedlings (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Desk (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - 5 drawer desk, plus shallow drawer for pens etc 150 cm x 76 cm. About 71 cm high once legs have been put back on, currently stored in one of the drawers. Bodywork in good condition, top could do with a polish.
Photo of free Desk (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Pipe clips (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Bag of approx 70 clips 22mm Bag of approx 90 clips 16mm Surplus from a collection from another Freegler Take either bag or both As new condition
Photo of free Pipe clips (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Locks for wooden windows (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Box of a variety of locks for wooden windows - possible use on sheds, outbuildings? Some in packaging still.
Photo of free Locks for wooden windows (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Bathroom accessories (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Ceramic bathroom accessories, white, good condition. Ideal Standard Loo roll holder, Towel rail approx 70cm long, clear rod with two ceramic holders (rod can't be seen in photo) Towel ring Small shelf approx 25cm x 10cm. Even have most of the screws that held them to the wall. Note that these are quite heavy, being ceramic
Photo of free Bathroom accessories (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Electrical odds and ends (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Batten light sockets, plaster boxes, connector strips, aerial outlet. Oddments left over from a larger box kindly donated by another Freegler.
Photo of free Electrical odds and ends (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Fallen apples (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - These early eating apples will not be ripe for 2-3 weeks but a lot are coming off the tree already. Most are a reasonable size and are being used for cooking, chutney etc. Will likely have some damage - eg bruising and/or birds having had a peck. I could pick up a bag if anyone is interested in these.
Photo of free Fallen apples (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Women's new pyjamas, size M (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - New M&S summer pyjamas, never worn. T-shirt style top, bottoms have shortened legs. Top is pale aqua blue and bottoms are a sort of check blue/white. Unfortunately for me, too complicated to return to M&S.
Photo of free Women's new pyjamas, size M (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Plastic 'greenhouse' (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Plastic cover is sound, apart from one zip sticking near the bottom. Cover is approx. 50cm x 100cm x 150cm high. I think all the supports are there but can't guarantee this as the unit has been stored in the shed for years. Any instructions for assembly have long disappeared and I can't even remember if there were shelves originally!
Photo of free Plastic 'greenhouse' (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Lamp base (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - This is about 20 cm high (excluding the bulb attachment bit) and about 62 cm round.
Photo of free Lamp base (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Terracotta pot (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Has two holes in the back so it can be fixed to a wall/fence. Approx. 15 cm high, 23 cm across. Three holes at front/side can be seen in pic. Only used a few times, good condition although slight staining at front lip can be seen.
Photo of free Terracotta pot (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: 2 Litres frozen milk (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Cravendale milk. Bought and immediately frozen in April. Now unwanted. Does anyone local want this as it should be used fairly soon? Will leave in freezer until collection.
Photo of free 2 Litres frozen milk (Caldecott OX14)