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Offer: Matchbox Red Arrows model kit (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Described further as a Hawk T.Mk1/51. Box opened but kit inside believed to be complete apart from the 'Free glue tube' which has disappeared.
Offer: Poster (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Beautiful poster for an exhibition of illuminated manuscripts, shown in Geneva back in the 1970s. About 67cm wide and 95cm long. In excellent condition. Has been stored for many years, will have to reluctantly put it in the paper recycling bin unless anyone is interested in giving it a new home.
Offer: Travel Scrabble (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Original plastic box with the tiles and board in very good condition, as is the instruction booklet but the racks for the tiles have disappeared.
Offer: Old blankets/duvets (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Not offered for personal use, but before these go to the dump/recycled, does anyone have any need for them as animal bedding? They are all clean, just elderly and worn. Offer: Small kettle (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Previously used as a travel kettle. 0.75 litre capacity.
Offer: Felt pieces (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - About 60 pieces of felt - many colours. Some part used. Sizes vary between about 50cm by 50cm to little pieces about 10cm by 10cm.
Offer: Craft items (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Box of sundry craft items, samples shown in photo. Bag of felt squares, some part used. Tub of dried flowers. 4 patchwork templates. 2 crochet hooks. 5 bottles of acrylic paint. Bag of wax sticks used for brass rubbing. Not that anyone brass- rubs now, but there may be another use.
Offer: Rolls of detail paper (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Very similar to tracing paper but often used for engineering drawings. Approx 75cm wide, approx 11m long. Plus another part roll, same width but haven't measured amount left. Has been stored for some time but condition seems fine.
Offer: Doll's cot (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - 34cm high, 27cm wide, 46cm long. Paint somewhat worn on edges. Has been in the loft for over 30 years, so rather dated now!
Offer: Large suitcase (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Delsey suitcase with wheels. Rigid, very strong but also heavy. Storage perhaps? 71cm wide, 24cm deep, 55 cm high
Offer: DVDs (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Number of DVDs - case is in French but soundtrack can be French or English (some have Italian etc soundtracks also). Films are US Marshals, 3000 miles to Graceland, Tequila Sunrise, Body heat, Witches of Eastwick, Mulholland Falls, The getaway, Disclosure, The killing fields, Presumed innocent, Absolute power, Sudden impact. Take all or some. Offer: Small plastic dishes (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I believe these may have been saved from purchased desserts - I have 15 in total. Clean, sturdy plastic, no damage. 16cm diameter, 3.5cm high. Thought I should see if anyone is interested before I have to put them into the land-fill bin.
Offer: Two in-line shower/bathroom fans (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - One black, unused. Silavent. Made specifically for shower cubicles. Complete with instructions, white grille and ducting. Other white, used. Was over a shower. Also complete with white grille and ducting.
Offer: Mini kettle (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Travel kettle, slightly larger than some of more recent manufacture.18cm high. In original box but cups that came with it have disappeared. Clean, little used. It works, of course!
Offer: Hair dryer (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Found at the back of a cupboard, where it has been since the 1980s, judging by the hair styles of the people on the box. It works, however. Posting this in case anyone is interested and in the hope of avoiding more landfill.
Offer: Tradescantia plant (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - This has outgrown its welcome - now about 25cm long and taking up too much room. Any interest to anyone or is it for the compost heap?
Offer: 5 Jigsaws (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - 5 500 piece jigsaws, believed to be complete but cannot be guaranteed! Boxed. Subjects - The Schoolhouse, The Fishing Harbour, Thatched Cottage, Anif Castle in Saltzburg, The Crown and Trumpet (looks like a Cotswold pub) Offer: Egg boxes (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - I have about 15 egg boxes, all strong cardboard ones in good clean condition. 6-egg size. I had answers to another egg box offer made some months ago, but these responses and the post have now disappeared from the freegle site. Offer: Apples fallers (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Early apples, believed to be Laxton Superbs. I can't guarantee that they are all fully ripe, some could have been brought down by the wind. Excellent eating when ripe, fine to eat if nearly ripe tho' of course slightly sharp. Fine for cooking or jam making if pips are still white. Offer: Plant pot (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Outdoor plant pot made of resin-type material ie is very light but sturdy. As can be seen in the photo, wants to look like a wooden one with bark exterior. 22cm high and 26cm across. Dusty as has been stored but unused.
Offer: Solar garden lights (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Not used for some time, but tested and 7 out of the 8 are working. 8th one may do so if a new battery used. Two have never been used at all.
Offer: Wicker bike basket (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - As can be seen in the photo, one corner is slightly damaged. If no use as a bike basket, perhaps could be used to display plants?
Offer: Floor tile grout (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Almost full bag in a colour called Lichen, a pale silvery-green, bought from Topps Tiles earlier this year. We liked this very much, it is just that we found that our tiles looked better with a darker colour. We can show anyone interested a sample (a couple of trial tiles grouted to a board), but really no point trying to put a pic on line as it just doesn't show clearly. Offer: More sunflower plants (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I have surplus of 7 or 8 sunflower plants, average 30 cm high. Potted up, but now really do need go into the ground. Mature plants are multi-headed in shades of bronze and gold. Offer: Grow bag supports (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Offered a few weeks ago, but was then unclear about what these are . They are supports for use with grow bags. Metal covered in black plastic. Unused.
Offer: Sunflower seedlings (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I have a few surplus sunflower seedlings, now about 15 cm high. Offer: Plant frames (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Found in the shed. I recall that these three objects were bought as plant frames years ago but I can't remember why or how to use them. If anyone has a better idea than me, you will be welcome to take them, otherwise they are for the dump. Black plastic covered metal. Each 48cm high and 25 wide. Possibly bought as some sort of frame for a grow bag.
Offer: Bike Basket (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Woven wicker bike basket. 35 cm wide, 28 cm front to back, 24 cm deep. One strap of the three straps is missing and there is some damage to corner where it was, but probably can be mended. Otherwise in reasonable condition. Offer: Washingpods (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I have a small (422g) box of Bold washing pods, camomile and lavender. I used one pod but do not like the scent. Offered to someone who does! Offer: Eggboxes (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I have about 15 cardboard egg boxes (6 egg size), all in good condition. I could put these in the recycling bin but wondered if anyone had use for them.