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Offer: Dried flowers (Caldecott OX14) - Dried flowers in various russets, golds, pinks. Craft project, perhaps?
Photo of free Dried flowers (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Plastic bags! (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I feel that this is an odd thing to be offering but we have a pile of unwanted plastic shopping bags. Since first lockdown we have been having home deliveries and everything comes in plastic bags - the shops don't want them back, we have no use for them but I am reluctant to put them in the non-recycling bin. About 3 dozen, mostly Waitrose, some Tesco. Does anyone have any use for these?
Photo of free Plastic bags! (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Square Pillows (Caldecott OX14) - Have been used as cushions. 65cm square. Reasonable condition, can see only one small mark on one. Use again as cushions? Spare pillows? Animal bedding?
Photo of free Square Pillows (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Jelly strainer from Lakeland (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Stand assembled in three parts, plus jelly bag. Bag has been used a couple of times to make blackberry jelly, so is slightly stained as can be seen from the picture. Otherwise in sound condition.
Photo of free Jelly strainer from Lakeland (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Egg boxes (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I have about dozen or so 6-egg boxes. All clean and undamaged.
Photo of free Egg boxes (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Frog garden ornament (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - In good condition. About 15cm high. It has been outside for a few years, so will be frostproof.
Photo of free Frog garden ornament (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Coir pots (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Five coir pots, unused. 12cm diameter, 9 cm high.
Photo of free Coir pots (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Wooden bowl with lid (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Lid has illustration of rabbits. About 10 cm across and 5 cm deep. Red felt on bottom a bit worn but otherwise in reasonable condition.
Photo of free Wooden bowl with lid (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Dish with coloured stones (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Dish, 15 cm across, with coloured stones, think these are plastic. Grey paint layer between stones a bit worn in places.
Photo of free Dish with coloured stones (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Spirograph (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Spirograph, probably bought in the 1980s. In reasonable condition. Photo shows one element missing, which was probably the original pens/crayons.
Photo of free Spirograph (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Mirror (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Mirror 120cm by 36cm in good condition. There are no fixing points - it was attached to a bedroom wall many years ago but we can't now remember how this was done. We think it was attached by clips. Stored for a long time in our loft in strong cardboard wrapping - if anyone wants the mirror, we would be pleased to pass it on with the cardboard for safer transport.
Photo of free Mirror (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Courgette plant (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - One courgette plant, no room for this one in our garden. Healthy with flowers forming but needs going into the ground asap.
Photo of free Courgette plant (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Wallflower seedlings (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - These need now to be pricked out so they can grow on before planting in their final flowering position towards the autumn. I've grown too many and have no space now for this final pot. Healthy seedlings, about 15 in the pot, about 10cm high. Regret I can't remember which variety of wallflowers they are.
Photo of free Wallflower seedlings (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Climbing plant frame (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Approx 95cm high, 25cm at widest point. Never used, so good condition generally although a few spots of rust as has been stored in a shed.
Photo of free Climbing plant frame (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Small kettle (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Originally used as a travel kettle, but could be used as a back-up kettle at home. Good, clean condition.
Photo of free Small kettle (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Doll's cot bedding (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Mattress size 23 cm x 42 cm. One sheet, two blankets and one mattress topper. Elderly but clean.
Photo of free Doll's cot bedding (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Mistletoe (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - We will be cutting back some of the clumps of mistletoe on our apple trees soon. Too late for Christmas but would anyone with apple trees like to have some of the berried cuttings to see if a new growth can be struck? Berries need to be rubbed onto branches, ideally older growth. Just like the birds cleaning their beaks after eating and leaving seeds behind. Offer: Egg boxes (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - A dozen 6-egg boxes. Clean and undamaged.
Photo of free Egg boxes (Caldecott OX14)
Request: Commode (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Does anyone have an unwanted commode in their shed or garage that they can pass to a friend of mine? She has an injury which is making it very difficult for her to get to her toilet. She may be able to hire a commode from the Red Cross next week, but the need is today! Many thanks. Offer: Travel kettle (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Good condition, although cups that originally came with it have disappeared. Made by Pifco. Capacity 0.75 litre.
Photo of free Travel kettle (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Small tradescantia plants (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - I took a number of cuttings from a large tradescantia plant last year. All are growing well and I have more than I want. These are about 20cm high now. Take one or both.
Photo of free Small tradescantia plants (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Bird feeder (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Peanut feeder. Has been stored for a few years, so could do with a scrub before re-filling with nuts, but otherwise in good condition.
Photo of free Bird feeder (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Aveena Moisturising lotion (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Description on bottle says 'Helps heal very dry skin'. Unwanted purchase. Has been opened but tried once only, so almost full.
Photo of free Aveena Moisturising lotion (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Bird feeder brush (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - About 42cm long in total, brush diameter approx 5cm. Only used once, too big for my little feeders.
Photo of free Bird feeder brush (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Dried flowers (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Possible use for a craft project?
Photo of free Dried flowers (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Unworn bra (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Triumph 34B (75 EU). Lightly padded. Bought ages ago but never worn. Now does not fit!
Photo of free Unworn bra (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Wallpaper (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - 3 rolls. Described as 'Botanist Stripe Purple', from John Lewis. Broad stripes are a greyish-beige, narrower stripes are white, darker beige and purple. Spongeable.
Photo of free Wallpaper (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Clogs small (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Must have been bought as a souvenir in Holland. About 20cm long.
Photo of free Clogs small (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Matchbox Red Arrows model kit (Caldecott OX14) Withdrawn - Described further as a Hawk T.Mk1/51. Box opened but kit inside believed to be complete apart from the 'Free glue tube' which has disappeared.
Photo of free Matchbox Red Arrows model kit (Caldecott OX14)
Offer: Poster (Caldecott OX14) Gifted - Beautiful poster for an exhibition of illuminated manuscripts, shown in Geneva back in the 1970s. About 67cm wide and 95cm long. In excellent condition. Has been stored for many years, will have to reluctantly put it in the paper recycling bin unless anyone is interested in giving it a new home.
Photo of free Poster (Caldecott OX14)