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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Bed sheets (Braintree CM7) - A selection of bed sheets and pillow cases. Some are usable, others good for dust sheets. Offer: Shoe grips XL (Braintree CM7) - shoe grips for walking on the ice. Black rubber. Never used. just a bit dusty. Offer: Ice towel (Braintree CM7) - 'Cool touch ice towel' never used. size 100cm x 30cm. Pink. "cools instantly when wet" Offer: Sports water bottlepink (Braintree CM7) - Slazenger sports water bottle. 1 litre Offer: Candlemaking kit (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Candlemaking beginner's kit. never used. Offer: Bag of hats (Braintree CM7) - All sorts of unusual/old fashioned styles. Probably suit amdram or the like. A bit dusty from being in the loft. Offer: Roll of orange material (Braintree CM7) - I have a roll of quick thick orange material needing a home. Request: Extendable curtain pole (Braintree CM7) - Looking for an extendable curtain pole so that I don't need to drill holes etc. To fit 91cm length please. Offer: AA battery charger (Braintree CM7) - I have a Duracell plug in battery charger for 4 rechargeable batteries. (Still to find the batteries that go with it but might work for other types) Request: Dehumidifier (Braintree CM7) - Does anyone have a dehumidifier they no longer need please? Request: Kitchen bin (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Does anyone have a clean kitchen bin please? About 12l size. Thanks Offer: 30 new tea lights (Rayne CM7) Gifted - I have a pack of unused tea lights, Rosemary and wildflower, Sainsbury's TU brand, wanting a home. Offer: Readers Digest magazines (Braintree CM7) - I have a handful to give away. A few years old. Request: Bicycle rack for hatchback (Braintree CM7) Received - Does anyone have a bicycle rack that goes on the back of car please? I can't manage on my own getting it in my car Request: Cotton wool rounds holder (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Does anyone have one of those old fashioned freestanding plastic/glass holder s for round cotton wool pads please Request: Waffle Maker (Braintree CM7) - Does anyone have a waffle maker they no longer use please. Thanks for reading Request: Salad spinner (Braintree CM7) Received - Hi. Does anyone have a salad spinner they no longer need? Thanks for reading Request: Belly dancing hip scarf (Braintree CM7) - Does anyone have a belly dancing hip scarf they don't use please Offer: 2/3seater sofa (Braintree CM7) - 2 seater sofa needing a home. Mainly blue with cream squares. Dimensions173 wide, 88cm deep and 96 high. All cushions available. Have just photographed one side.
Offer: Shoe polish set (Braintree CM7) Gifted - One of those 'boxed gift' types. With polish and brushes included.
Offer: Colour pencils (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Pack of 12. Used slightly Offer: Foot bath fizz (Braintree CM7) - Superdrug cleansing foot fizz powder Offer: Body wax strips (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Brazilian Spa clay body wax strips. Unused. Offer: Rubix cube (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Its a bit old but should clean up ok Offer: Budget recipe book (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Reader's digest 'Amazing Meals' recipe book for less than £2-50 per person(it is an old book though). With nice coloured pictures!! Offer: 'Pumping iron' dvd (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Arnold Swarznegger dvd. Offer: Car liquid wax (Braintree CM7) Gifted - Meguiars Goldclass Premium Liquid Wax. Unused. Old box
Offer: Spice pots (Braintree CM7) Gifted - I have several empty spice pots with lids if anyone needs them. Mainly supermarket own brand.