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Offer: Rgg cartons (Ocee Park) Gifted - About a dozen. Some are plastic and some are cardboard. Range from 12-24 piece holders. Earliest pickup gets priority, so please state when you can pick up. Thanks! Offer: Vinca plants (Ocee Park) Gifted - Am pulling out of my flowerbed between 10-11 am on Saturday/July 4th. If you would like them, please let me know when between 10-11 am tomorrow you can.come to pick them up. They will be a mixed bunch in size and flower color - shades of pinks, pale purples and white. They transplant and thrive easily if planted soon enough. Please PM me the time and number i can text my address to. Happy 4th! Anupa Offer: Facial wipes (Ocee Park) Gifted - I have at least one partly used but still moist package.Might have a second one too.
Photo of free Facial wipes (Ocee Park)
Request: Garden stakes or wire (Ocee Park) Received - Looking for: - garden stakes (metal or wood) - garden mesh / chicken or rabbit wire - tomato cages - trellis or obelisks Thank you! Request: Metal pressure gate (Ocee Park) Expired - Looking for a metal pressure gate (no screws etc.) like the kind folks use for pets or kids.Should go to at least 6' wide. Will be using outdoors, so wood isn't any good. About 4' tall is ideal. Colour not important. Number of sections not important. Offer: Plastic frisbee (Ocee Park) Gifted - Regular size, plastic, yellow, college printed on it Offer: Dartboard (Ocee Park) Gifted - Magnetic 'darts' Hangs on wall Earliest pick up gets preference Please provide date and time
Photo of free Dartboard (Ocee Park)
Offer: Metric conversion cards (Ocee Park) Gifted - At least 100 of them From NIST Great for teachers to handout First pickup gets preference so please state date and time
Photo of free Metric conversion cards (Ocee Park)
Offer: 4 chip clips & a snack bag of bells (Ocee Park) Gifted - See photo for details Earliest pickup gets preference
Photo of free 4 chip clips & a snack bag of bells (Ocee Park)
Offer: Storm door screen insert (Ocee Park) Gifted - 30.75" wide. White edges Unused. Stored in attic. Earliest pickup given preference. Cross posted
Photo of free Storm door screen insert (Ocee Park)
Request: Beer Cartons (Ocee Park) Expired - Cardboard carry cartons of 6-pack (or 12-pack if they come this way) beer? Microbrews, domestic, imports, any variety. I'd like the carry pack to be intact/un-torn/unblemished. Be glad to pick up within 3-4 miles around Ocee Park in John's Creek Please let me know approximately how many you have! Variety welcome. Thank you. Offer: Egg Cartons (Ocee Park) Expired - 5 plastic egg cartons that can hold 24 eggs and one cardboard one that can hold 18 eggs. Let me know if you are interested in picking up and please let me know when. Offer: Computer Monitor - Ocee Park Expired - I have a 24" computer monitor (Hanns.G) that works intermittently. If you know how to fix it and want it, it's yours. Has the power cord and a cable to connect to a computer.