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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Comics (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - 6 Simpsons and 31 rather tatty mix of Beanos and Dandys.They mostly date from around 2003 - 2006.
Photo of free Comics (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Electrical wire (Painswick GL6) Gifted - 2 core plus earth. Grey. 1.5mm. Full reel was 50m and I guess more than half still there.
Photo of free Electrical wire (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Toilet roll holder (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Metal. Holds 3 rolls.
Photo of free Toilet roll holder (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Bathroom shelf plus fittings (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Glass shelf plus matching tooth brush holder soap holder etc
Photo of free Bathroom shelf plus fittings (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Mirrored bathroom cabinet (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - 2 door with various compartments inside.
Photo of free Mirrored bathroom cabinet (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Glass lamp shades (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - Each 10 to 15 cms across.
Photo of free Glass lamp shades (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Wall lights (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - 2 wall lights 30cm across by 15cm .
Photo of free Wall lights (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Projector screen (Painswick GL6) Gifted - With stand and case.
Photo of free Projector screen (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Bathroom light (Painswick GL6) Gifted - With shaver socket.
Photo of free Bathroom light (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Kitchen cabinet fittings (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - Door hinges and lots of screws etc from a dismantled set of kitchen units.
Photo of free Kitchen cabinet fittings (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Taps (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Unopened box of 2 basin taps.
Photo of free Taps (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Hamper (Painswick GL6) Gifted - 53cm by 35cm by 32 cm wicker hamper with Fortnum and Masons stamp on side. Fill it with goodies and give someone a real treat this Christmas!
Photo of free Hamper (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Brief case (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - Hard case. Samsonite, bit scuffed inside.
Photo of free Brief case (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Toy soldiers (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Does anyone still play with toy soldiers? I have a box full of these - about 2 inches high in grey plastic that can be painted ( a few of them have been). Napoleon's old guard.
Photo of free Toy soldiers (Painswick GL6)
Request: Porch light (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - We need to remove ourvpirch light to change the bulb and think we will only be able to do this by destroying it as the screw heads are worn off . So anything the does the same job would be great! Ie exterior and designed to go on horizontal surface.
Photo of Porch light (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Chair (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Suitable for upcycling. The strut between the two back legs needs repair.
Photo of free Chair (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Chair - woven seat needs repair (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - This would make a lovely upcycling project for someone skilled at weaving chair seats. The chair itself needs a coat of paint but is sound.
Photo of free Chair - woven seat needs repair (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Table (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Table 1m diameter. It has been left out in the rain so needs revarnishing. Edges of table gently warped. The legs unscrew for transport but you will need to be able to transport the top 1m x 1m.
Photo of free Table (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Wine rack (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - Holds 10 bottles. Can go eon its end or its side. Wood with metal.
Photo of free Wine rack (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Car / toy tidy (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - A net that originally came with a Ford mondeo. Suitable for keeping toys tidy. (Teddy not included in the offer).
Photo of free Car / toy tidy (Painswick GL6)
Photo of free Car / toy tidy (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Photo frame 60cm x 80cm (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Red frame, clix corners.
Photo of free Photo frame 60cm x 80cm (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Photo frame 63cm x 83 cm (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Dark blue frame. Glass has a small part missing in one corner.
Photo of free Photo frame 63cm x 83 cm (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Wine making kit (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Plain demijohn, bored demijohn, 6 plastic bottle tops, hydrometer, airlock, part used pack of sterilising tablet, pack of Camden tablets, Syphon tube.
Photo of free Wine making kit (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Cowled robe suitable for Halloween (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - We bought this in Morocco when my son was eight and it did him for just about every Halloween and fancy dress party for 5 years or so. Felted material with hood.
Photo of free Cowled robe suitable for Halloween (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Lego mixed (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Large box of miscellaneous Lego peices . About 45cm x 30cm x 20cm.
Photo of free Lego mixed (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Long green cloak (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Immitation velvet lined with cream with a long lined hood. Made floor length for someone 5ft 8". This was originally for a grown up bridesmaid at a dramatic wedding but would be ideal for an adult halloween or fancy dress costume.
Photo of free Long green cloak (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Rope 2 (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Very roughly 13 to 14m of rope about 3.5cm diameter.
Photo of free Rope 2 (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Rope (Painswick GL6) Gifted - Approximately 10.5m robe 2.5cm diameter.
Photo of free Rope (Painswick GL6)
Offer: A4 ring binders (Painswick GL6) Gifted - About 15 in all Some lever archer and some ring.
Photo of free A4 ring binders (Painswick GL6)
Photo of free A4 ring binders (Painswick GL6)
Offer: Binders for reference magazines (Painswick GL6) Withdrawn - I have 6 of these binders designed to store magazines that you reference. The thin metal wires hold the magazines in place. Originally used for law reports and they have the law firm logo on the back. Each one holds 10 magazines.
Photo of free Binders for reference magazines (Painswick GL6)
Photo of free Binders for reference magazines (Painswick GL6)