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Request: Bubblewrap (Chelmsford) - Looking for bubblewrap. Request: Bubble Wrap (Chelmsford) - Looking for bubblewrap Request: 4.5 volt & 13.8 volt power supply (Chelmsford) - I recently bought a couple of things that require plugs with 4.5 volts and 13.8 volts. Just wondering if anywhere has a spare for either or both sitting in a drawer unused. Id appreciate it. Request: Bubble wrap (Chelmsford) - Looking for bubble wrap. It is greatly appreciated if you have a bunch and are not using it. Request: Bubble Wrap and stuffing box materi (Chelmsford) - Looking for bubble wrap and box stuffing material. If you have a bunch youre not using but want to get rid of, please let me know. Request: Petsafe Dish that goes with 5 meal (Chelmsford) - I dont think anyone would randomly have this but I recently bought a used pwtsafe 5 meal pet feeder from a thrift store. I should have checked it in the store before buying, but anyways it was missing the inner dish with the tray dividers in it. It isthe white part in the attached photo.Just curious to see if anyone has it by chance.
Request: Box 32" l x 18" w x 16" h (Chelmsford) - Guessing most common size Ive seen that would fit is 36" by 20" by 20". Does anyone have a box this size I could have? I would greatly appreciate it. Please message as soon as possible. Thank you, Dennis Request: Shipping boxes (Chelmsford) - Hi, i am looking for polybags, bubblewrap, and any small and medium shipoing boxes and some smaller large ones for ebay store. Im very small currently and looking to save on shipping until I have more business. Thanks in advance for your help. Thank you.