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Offer: Woolies discovery garden - Queanbeyan - Hi freecyclers, I have one of the plastic base things for the woolies discovery garden and 5 of the little plant boxes. All are unused. Full disclosure- a couple have been opened but all contents are intact and they’ve been retaped. If you are interested, I can supply enough extra peat pods to fill the ‘garden’ and some seasonally appropriate easy to grow seeds from my own collection (veggies and/or flowers). Please indicate what you might be interested in when you reply. Thanks, Jess. Offer: Folding floor cushion -Queanbeyan - Hi all, I have a folding floor mat to offer. It’s one of those south-east Asian style ones with a triangular end piece and folds out for a bed. It needs a little bit of hand stitching on one side but is otherwise in good nick. See pics for more detail. Cheers, Jess
Photo of free Folding floor cushion -Queanbeyan
Photo of free Folding floor cushion -Queanbeyan
Request: old board game Expired - My husband and I are looking for a copy of this vintage board game we both played and loved as children. It is called 'the Garden Game'. We would also be interested in 'Garden Rummy', an offshoot of the original. Just hoping someone has one lurking around that they'd be willing to part with - doesn’t matter if it’s missing pieces or damaged. Thanks Request: Organic Gardener magazine Expired - Hi All, Realising this is a huge long shot but I’m looking for a copy of ABC’s organic gardener essential guide to herbs and spices. I had a copy, which went walkabout, and I haven’t been able to buy a back issue. Will collect from anywhere in Canberra or surrounds. Thanks, Jess Offer: Shelves - Queanbeyan Expired - Set of chipboard shelves. Have been used to store tins of paint in the shed for some time. Slightly water damaged at the bottom (see picture) but still solid enough for shed storage. Only moved the paint as I now have a bigger set of shelves.
Photo of free Shelves - Queanbeyan
Photo of free Shelves - Queanbeyan
Offer: model train magazines, Queanbeyan Expired - I have about 45 various model train magazines on offer. Would love them to go as one lot. Can arrange collection from Belconnen, if required Offer: lockers - Queanbeyan Expired - Set of old school lockers. Some doors are bent and don’t close properly but possibly could be fixed. Good to store outdoor toys or tools.
Photo of free lockers - Queanbeyan
Offer: Scanpan frying pan - Queanbeyan Expired - Hi folks, I have a 28cm (I think) scanpan frying pan to offer. The interior finish is intact but the outside is peeling a bit. It used to have a glass lid which I broke but you can get replacements quite easily, I believe. There is nothing functionally wrong with it but I have a larger one, more suited to our family size, so I no longer need it. It is a good quality pan which I’d love to see go to someone who’ll appreciate it - they come with a 25 year warranty and this one would still be around a decade under that, I believe (although I don’t have proof of purchase). Cheers, Jess
Photo of free Scanpan frying pan - Queanbeyan
Photo of free Scanpan frying pan - Queanbeyan
Offer: oyster plant etc - Queanbeyan Expired - I have some recently dug root cuttings from this shade loving plant. While they look wilted, this plant will bounce back strongly. Looks a bit like a giant green rhubarb (not edible though) and gets big white/mauve flower spikes. Beware, once planted, it is difficult to get rid of! I am also happy to dig up some lemon balm or mint for anyone interested - they are taking over my garden and are otherwise headed for the compost heap! Cheers, Jess Request: flexible ducting Expired - Hi All, I need to repair the duct from my range hood extractor but I only need a short length (30-50cm). Rather than buying 5m, just thought I’d check if anyone has a piece rolling around. Thanks, Jess Offer: couch - Queanbeyan Expired - 3 seater couch, very comfortable but my husband hates it! Smoke free home Offer: armchairs - Queanbeyan Expired - 2 cream armchairs with wooden arms in excellent condition. High back and very comfortable. Unfortunately we have no room for them. It isn’t a great photo as we’re in the middle of renovating but they are unstained and from a smoke free home (except if I burn the toast).
Photo of free armchairs - Queanbeyan
Offer: Sanding belts and disks - Queanbeyan Expired - Hey folks, We have some sanding stuff leftover from a floor refurbishing project. 6 unused sanding disks to fit edgers available for hire at Bunnings 40 grit x 4, 80 grit x 1, 120grit x 2). 4 used sanding belts that still have plenty of life left in them (1 each of 24, 40, 80, 120 grit). These suit Bunnings drum sanders. To go as one lot Offer: sanding disks - Queanbeyan Expired - Also have 2 x 24 sanding disks (unused) Request: pots, cypress floorboard Expired - Hi Freecyclers, I’ve gone a bit plant propagating crazy and I’ve run out of pots! I’m looking for smallish plastic pots - around the size of the hardware shop ‘potted colour’ (about 10cm) or a bit smaller. Can also use punnets or seed trays if you have any unwanted ones. I’m also looking for a length of old cypress pine floorboard. I’m patching up a (close to) 100 year old floor and one board is too damaged to salvage. I need about 3m but can use multiple shorter pieces. I realise this may be a stretch but I thought I’d check before I bought a new piece. Thanks folks! Jess Offer: Pillar candles - Queanbeyan Expired - I have a box full of lightly used pillar candles of varying heights. Were originally used as wedding centrepieces (about 15 years ago) and have sat in shed since. Take 1, some or all. Please bring your own receptacle, as I’d like to keep the box.
Photo of free Pillar candles - Queanbeyan
Offer: games, kids stuff, craft - Queanbeyan Expired - Assorted drink bottles and plastic cups/containers Plastic fabric bibs and smocks Kids threading shapes (missing laces but easily replaced) Desktop tennis game The news game Moulded cups for bra/dress/top inserts Family calendar stickers Happy to split
Photo of free games, kids stuff, craft - Queanbeyan
Offer: assorted household - Queanbeyan Expired - 2 craft kits with pastels, paints and textas etc 3 magazines - country homes, country style, country home ideas Great ideas for bathrooms book 30 day get fit fat burner workout card set 3 disposable puppy training pads 2 pull down car window shades 1 plate holder Magnetic reward chart Dora the explorer checkers ‘Calm before the storm’ kids action card game Hard shell briefcase/suitcase Happy to split
Photo of free assorted household - Queanbeyan
Offer: printer and stationary - Queanbeyan Expired - HP photo smart wireless printer with touch pad (can scan an copy and print photos). Has been a little buggy but has hardly been used in the last couple of years. I’m confident anyone with some technological interest could get it working well - it’s not worth our time as we barely use it. -Spare magenta ink cartridge -Various photo papers: matt, magnetic, photo-sized, A4 Other stationary -blank CD-R and DVD-R, blank paper sleeves for Disks -CD travel case -various folders including clipboard, Manila folders, plastic sleeves etc Happy to split. See photo
Photo of free printer and stationary - Queanbeyan
Offer: Queen sized mattress - Queanbeyan Expired - Queen-sized mattress with pillow top. Very comfortable. This mattress has only been lightly used as a spare mattress, and then by a 12 year-old for a few months. It has always had a mattress protector on it and is from a non-smoking household. It’s a shame to be rid of it but we have nowhere to store it. Would be a waste for it to go to the tip. Offer: Air hockey table - Queanbeyan Gifted - This is a smaller-sized one. Air compressor still working and includes relevant accessories. Trim needs a bit of regluing (see picture) and puck catchers need to be screwed back on but it is still playable in current condition. Legs come off if needed for transport. Cheers, Jess
Photo of free Air hockey table - Queanbeyan
Photo of free Air hockey table - Queanbeyan
Offer: various -Queanbeyan Expired - Hi Freecyclers I have a few items as a result of shed clean out - A 3 wheeled jogging pram - tires need attention but otherwise in good working order and very sturdy with a long sunshade and storage pockets (photo on request) - 2 heaters. 1 is a small blow heater with pull cord, suitable for wall mounting in a bathroom, the other is unused in its box - a Skope wall heater, also intended for use in a bathroom. Not sure if it needs to be hardwired by electrician? - kids hat hanging tree with 2 small branches snapped off. Arrived in the post like this, I have the pieces - old (30+ years) rocking horse, needs some TLC - plastic cups, bowls, plates -Camping lantern. Needs new batteries Happy to separate. Cheers, Jess Offer: various - Queanbeyan Expired - I have the following items available. Happy to separate. Some are a bit dusty but all in good nick. Contact me if you’d like photos. 1 puppy training plate - has a maze-like pattern to help your dog learn not to gulp down his food 1 medium sized dog harness - back fastening, turquoise colour with reflective strips. Barely used as our dog grew too fast 1 BBQ cover - black (but a bit dirty), suits 4 burner hooded BBQ with side shelves and reasonably weather proof Plastic picnic set - has 4 each of mugs, bowls and large plates, 1 each in white, pink, yellow and blue with a ‘frosted’ finish. Breville icecream maker - I’ve never actually used it but I believe it works, has a small crack in the cover. I contacted breville and was emailed the user manual but I’m sure it could also be broken down for parts Jess Request: Shadecloth Expired - Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any shade cloth scraps (hail damaged is fine) or leftover sarking or flashing. I only need small bits, so don’t want to buy a huge roll if people have scrappy leftovers I can put to use. Thanks, Jess Offer: assorted household items, Queanbeyan Expired - I have a random assortment of things to be rehomed. Happy to split them -Double air bed - no holes when last used -4 man dome tent, one pole has a bent metal joining bracket but could be easily fixed. Otherwise in good nick -2 Round style kids folding camp chairs (not the umbrella type), one red, one blue. Bit dusty but otherwise in good order -Cup holder for stroller or pram -Umbrella stroller with sunshade (cheap type but in good condition) -2 plug in TV aerials, one is bunny ear type, the other is bunny eared plus a fancy extra bit, both working -Retro wooden wardrobe, finish needs some love and needs new handles but otherwise in good condition. Has shelves down one side and pull out hanging section on the other side. Working lock with key -Plastic mini drawers (2 stacked). Good for crafts, small tools etc. Black and translucent colour -Kids folding tricycle, suits toddlers, yellow (a bit dusty but otherwise great) Message me for photos Offer: Bionicles and kid’s play table, Queanbeyan Expired - I have a decent-sized mixed bag of bionicle parts - fair warning, there’s some other random stuff mixed in with it. When it was given to my kids, it came that way. They’ve enjoyed it but it’s time to share the love. To go in one lot. I also have a low table that came as a base for those wooden train track sets you can get. It has a little water damage stain on one end but otherwise perfectly fine and has been in recent use. Measures about 640x1225 and is 400high. The table has a lip to contain all the small parts, so it’s great as a lego/toy car table (contains the mess). Comes apart easily for transport. Jess Sent from my iPhone Offer: trampoline, Queanbeyan Gifted - Old school rectangular trampoline about 1650x2600. All the stitching and springs are intact and there are no holes in the mat. It’s a bit dusty, but perfectly useable. My kids have used it as recently as school hols. No longer have room in the garden for it (plants taking over)! Request: purple/mauve lilac suckers Expired - I am in Queanbeyan, but happy to collect from anywhere, and to dig them myself (if you prefer). I have white lilac suckers that I am willing to part with, also Offer: Wireless Notebook Adapter - Queanbeyan Expired - I have a wireless N adapter (Linksys brand) on offer. Complete with box and installation CD Jess